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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Payment of Minimum Wages: Area wise Rates of Minimum Wages for Scheduled Employments in the Central Sphere

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Labour & Employment
05-August-2013 17:46 IST
Payment of Minimum Wages
Under the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (M W Act) both the Central and State Governments are the appropriate Governments to fix and revise the minimum wages in the scheduled employments under their respective jurisdiction.

Rates fixed in the Central sphere are applicable to establishments under Central Government/CPSUs in various States including Delhi. A copy of the Minimum rates of wages applicable in different scheduled employments under Central Sphere w.e.f.1.4.2013 is enclosed(Annexure-I).

To compensate the effect of soaring prices, the concept of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) was introduced on the basis of recommendations of the Labour Ministers’ Conference held in 1988. Accordingly, VDA is revised periodically twice a year effective on April and October.

Workers under various Delhi Government institutions/corporations fall under the jurisdiction of Labour Department, NCT of Delhi. The Ministry of Labour and Employment has not received any complaint for non-payment of minimum wages, insurance facilities, health facilities etc. in Delhi Government.

The implementation of Minimum Wages Act (M W Act) is carried out by the Centre as well as the States in respect of their respective jurisdictions. In the Central Sphere, the enforcement is carried out through the inspecting officers of the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) commonly designated as Central Industrial Relations Machinery (CIRM).The compliance in the State sphere is ensured through the State Enforcement Machinery. The inspecting officers conduct regular inspections and in the event of detection of any case of non-payment or under-payment of minimum wages, they advise the employers to make payment of the shortfall of wages. In case of non-compliance, penal provisions against the defaulting employers are invoked. 

Section 12 under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 prevents the employers from paying the employees any rate lesser than the prescribed minimum wage and also stipulates that the wages shall be without any deduction except as authorized.

This information was given by Minister of State for Labour & Employment Shri  Kodikunnil Suresh in the Lok  Sabha today in reply to a written question on the details of remuneration paid by the Union Government to the skilled/unskilled labourers in various States including Delhi presently at monthly/daily minimum wages basis keeping in view the soaring prices; whether workers under various Delhi Government institutions/ corporations are not being provided minimum wages, insurance facilities, health facilities etc.; the details of the mechanism put in place by the Government to check the proper payment of minimum wages in the states; and the directions given to companies/factories etc. to check the exploitation of labourers particularly with regard to payment of wages.
 Area wise Rates of Minimum Wages for Scheduled Employments in the Central Sphere
 As on 01.04.2013
Name of Scheduled Employment Category of Worker Rates of wages including V.D.A per day (in Rs.)
Area A Area B Area C
1. Agriculture Unskilled 195.00 177.00 175.00
Semi-Skilled Supervisory 213.00 197.00 180.00
Skilled/Clerical 232.00 213.00 196.00
Highly Skilled 258.00 238.00 213.00
2. Workers engaged in Stone Mines for Stone Breaking and Stone Crushing 1. Excavation & removal of over burden with 50 meters lead/1.5 meters lift:
(a) Soft Soil 198.11
(b) Soft Soil with Rock 299.63
(c) Rock 397.26
2. Removal and Staking of rejected stones with 50 metres lead 1.5 metres lift 158.10
Stone breaking or Stone Crushing for the stone size
(a) 1.0 inch to 1.5 inches 1232.87
(b) Above 1.5 Inches to 3.0 Inches 1053.41
(c) Above 3.0 Inches to 5 Inches 615.89
(d) Above 5.0 Inches 505.66
3. Sweeping and Cleaning Unskilled 297.00 246.00 198.00
4. Watch and Ward Without Arms 328.00 279.00 231.00
With arms 361.00 328.00 279.00
5. Loading and Unloading Unskilled 297.00 246.00 198.00
6. Construction Unskilled 297.00 246.00 198.00
Semi-Skilled Supervisory 328.00 279.00 231.00
Skilled/Clerical 361.00 328.00 279.00
Highly Skilled 393.00 361.00 328.00
7. Non-Coal Mines Above Ground Below Ground
Unskilled 198.00 246.00
Semi-Skilled Supervisory 246.00 297.00
Skilled/Clerical 297.00 345.00
Highly Skilled 345.00 393.00
Name of Scheduled Employment Nomenclature
1. Agriculture Agriculture
2. Workers engaged in Stone Mines for Stone Breaking and Stone Crushing Workers engaged in Stone Mines for Stone Breaking and Stone Crushing
3. Sweeping and Cleaning Employment of Sweeping and Cleaning excluding Activities prohibited under the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993
4. Watch and Ward Employment of Watch and Ward
5. Loading and Unloading Employment in Loading and Unloading in (i) Goods Sheds, Parcel Offices of Railways; (ii) Other Goodssheds, Godowns, Warehouses etc. and;  (iii) Docks and Ports
6. Construction Construction or maintenance of Roads or Runways or in Building Operations including laying down Underground Electric, Wireless, Radio, Television, Telephone, Telegraph and Overseas Communication Cables and similar other Underground Cabling Work, Electric Lines, Water Supply Lines and Sewerage Pipe Lines
7. Non-Coal Mines Employees engaged in the employment of  Gypsum, Barytes, Bauxite, Manganese, China Clay, Kyanite, Copper,Clay, Magnesite, White Clay, Stone, Steatite (including the mines producing Soap Stones and Talc), Orchre, Asbestos, Fire Clay, Chromite, Quartzite, Quartz, Silica, Graphite, Felspar, Laterite, Dolomite, Red Oxide, Wolfram, Iron Ore, Granite, Rock Phosphate, Hematite, Marble and Calcite, Uranium, Mica, Lignite, Grave, Slate and Magnetite Mines

AREA – “A”
Ahmedabad (UA) Hyderabad (UA) Faridabad complex
Bangaluru (UA) Kanpur (UA) Ghaziabad (UA)
Kolkata (UA) Lucknow (UA) Gurgaon
Delhi (UA) Chennai (UA) Noida
Greater Mumbai (UA) Nagpur (UA) Secunderabad
Navi Mumbai (UA)
AREA – “B”
Agra (UA) Jodhpur Jabalpur (UA)
Ajmer Kochi (UA) Jaipur (UA)
Aligarh Kolhapur (UA) Jalandhar (UA)
Allahabad (UA) Kozhikode (UA) Jamshedpur (UA)
Amravati Kota Puducherry (UA)
Aurangabad (UA) Ludhiana Jalandhar-cantt. (UA)
Bareilly (UA) Madurai (UA) Dhanbad (UA)
Bhavnagar (UA) Meerut (UA) Dehradun (UA)
Bikaner Moradabad (UA) Durg-Bhilai Nagar (UA)
Bhopal (UA) Mysore (UA) Jammu (UA)
Bhubaneshwar (UA) Nasik (UA) Jamnagar (UA)
Amritsar (UA) Pune (UA) Vijayawada (UA)
Chandigarh (UA) Patna (UA) Vishakhapatnam (UA)
Coimbatore (UA) Raipur (UA) Warangal
Cuttack (UA) Rajkot Mangalore (UA)
Durgapur (UA) Ranchi (UA) Salem (UA)
Gorakhpur (UA) Sholapur (UA) Tiruppur (UA)
Guwahati (UA) Srinagar (UA) Tiruchirappalli (UA)
Guntur Surat (UA) Asansol (UA)
Gwalior (UA) Thiruvananthapuram (UA) Belgaum (UA)
Indore (UA) Vadodara (UA) Bhiwandi (UA)
Hubli-Dharwad Varanasi (UA)
Area ‘C’ will comprise all areas not mentioned in this list. NB: U.A. stands for Urban Agglomeration.

Source: PIB
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