Minutes of PNM Meetings between Railway Board and NFIR held on 8th & 9th October, 2015

Minutes of PNM Meetings between Railway Board and NFIR held on 8th & 9th October, 2015:-



The PNM Meeting


Railway Board

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
ON 8th & 9th OCTOBER, 2015




1. Pradeep Kumar, Member Staff
2. Dr. Anil Kumar, DG(RHS)
3. M. Akhtar, AM(Staff)
4. Krishna Kumar, AM(Tele)
5. S.S.Narayanan, AM(CE)
6. R.P. Nibariya,AM(Elect)
7. P.K. Agarwal, AM(ME)
8. S.C. Jethi, AM(Comml.)
9. P.V. Vaidyalingam, Adv(Finance)
10. Alok Ranjan, Adv.(L&A)
11. B.N. Mohapatra, Adv. (Accounts)
12. K. Swaminathan, Adviser/EnHM
13. Ragini Yechury, EDE(IR)
14. B. Prashanth, EDPM
15. Amitava Dutta, EDH(G)
16. Vivek Kumar, EDME(Tr.)
17. TanveerAhmed, EDF(E)
18. Sanjay Lavania, EDF(X)I
19. Rashmi Chowdhary, EDE(GC)
20. Dhruv Singh, EDPC-I
21. Neera Khuntia, EDPC-II
22. Arvind Kumar, EDE(N)
23. Amitabha Khare, EDE(RRB)
24. Rajiv Kishore, ED(ERP)
25. K. Mal, EDE(Res)
26. R.P. Thakur, ED(T&C)
27. Manoj Pande, ED(T&MPP)
28. D.V. Rao, DE(LL)
29. Rajaram, DIG(P&TS)
30. S. Pal, JDE(G)
31. Shailender Modi, DDE(D&A)
32. Debashis Mallik, DE(IR)
33. Naveen Kumar, DDE(LR)I
34. Nirmala U. Tirkey, DDE(LR)II

1. Guman Singh, President
2. Dr. M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary
3. Dr. R. P. Bhatnagar
4. R.K. Sinha
5. J.G. Mahurkar 6. K.S. Murty
7. B.C. Sharma
8. T.K. Chatterjee
9. R.P. Singh
10. P.S. Suryaprakasam
11. Vinod Mehta
12. Munindra Saikia
13. Binod Sharma
14. C.P. Singh
15. Ashok Kumar Sharma
16. R.G. Kabar
17. Praveen Kumar
18. R.C. Sahoo
19. Praveen Bajpai
20. Similal Singh
21. Rajni Sharma
22. V. Gopalakrishnan
23. PrabhakarAndrew
24. Sharif Khan Pathan
25. Ramesh Mishra
26. P.S. Chaturvedi
27. R. Gurunathan


SECTION -A: Introduction

Member (Staff) as chairman of the meeting addressed the gathering as under:
Shri Guman Singh, President/NFIR, Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/NFIR, other representatives of the Federation and my colleagues in the Railway Board, I extend a hearty welcome to all of you to this meeting. This PNM is being held after about 6 months, but in the meanwhile we have met the President and General Secretary of the Federation many times to discuss important issues.
2. Your Federation has been playing an important role in maintaining harmonious Industrial Relations over Indian Railways and hope that the spirit of solving the problems through mutual consultation, dialogue and discussions will continue.
3. I have always felt that there has to be a system of getting feedback of about functioning of Railway system whether it is through formal channel or informal channel and I find Federations have played a very active role in this regard. A positive feedback helps us in overcoming our shortcomings and improving the system that we have, so that we are able to have a satisfied lot of workers who can deliver their best.
4. I briefly touch upon the performance of Indian Railways during the last 5 months. As far as performance of the Indian Railways is concerned, during April to August 2015, we have carried freight traffic of 452.24 million tones which is 6.51 million tones i.e.1.46% higher compared to the same period of last year. However, during the same period, Railways have witnessed a downward trend in number of passengers. Till August 2015, Railways carried 3427.84 million passengers which is 147.46 millions i.e. (-)4.12% lower in comparison to number of passenger booked over the same period of last year.
5. As far as total approximate earnings of Indian Railways are concerned, till the month of August during 2015-16, our earnings stood at `66,663.94 crore showing an increase of `5,953.66 crore(i.e. 9.81%) in comparison to corresponding period of last year. However, these earnings were lower than the budgeted target by approximately `6,173 crore. As far as our ordinary working expenses are concerned, during April to August 2015, it is `47,854.71 crore (3.84% more) against `46,083.76 crore during the corresponding period of previous year.
6. On the safety front, a broad look reveals that during the current year 2015-16 from 1st April 2015 to 20th September 2015, total number of consequential accidents has decreased to 56 from 77 during the same period of last year. Concerned efforts by all needs to be made to minimize the failure of Railway Staff and for improving the work culture. Innovative approach to minimize human dependence and Railway Staff’s failure needs to be further explored.
7. I would like to share with you some of the recent developments/ initiatives taken place over the railway system:
  • First in-house 16 slice CT Scan commissioned at B.R. Singh Hospital, Eastern Railway in July 2015.
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) & SMS based communication of Pathological Investigation Report has been commissioned at Eastern, North Central Railway by July 2015.
  • Uniform drug procurement policy issued to the Zonal Railways.
  • Uniform policy for outsourcing of Pathological and other investigations within the power of General Managers of the Zones only.
  • FSO(Food Safety Officer) posting at every Division of Railways for better surveillance of FSSA Act. 
  • Powers have been delegated to General Managers to recognize CGHS empanelled hospitals at Zonal Level vide letter dated 05.10.2015. 
  • The Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu inaugurated newly converted North Lakhimpur-Murkongselek and Balipara-Bhalukpong Sections into Broad Gauge by flagging off new train services on 10th August 2015 via video conferencing. 
  • Ministry of Railways and Odisha Government signed an MoU for cost sharing in the implementation of Dasappla-Bolangir Railway line on 20th July 2015. 
  • A day-long seminar was organized on the theme “Corrosion in coaches – Problems & Remedies” at SER Headquarters, Garden Reach, on 30th July 2015. 
  • The Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabahakar Prabhu inaugurated the one-day Seminar on “Solar Energy – opportunities in Rail Sector” on 4th August 2015 at New Delhi. 
  • Ministry of Railways has started SMS based Alert Service for Cancelled Trains on pilot basis. 
  • Railway Employee Shri Ashwani Kumar has been felicitated for his alertness and courage in detecting the bomb and saving the lives of hundred of passengers in Punjab. He has been given an award of `50,000. 
  • On the occasion of Independence Day, 2015 the President of India has awarded President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services and Police Medal for Meritorious Service to RPF and RPSF personnel. 
  • Child protection – Good work done by Railway. RPF has been awarded on 07.10.2015.
  • In the 20th USIC Tennis (World Railways) Championship 2015 held at Nuremberg, Germany from 31 May – 6 June 2015, Indian Railways Team defeated France by a margin of 3-1 in the final and won the championship.
  • Indian Railway Volleyball team won Gold Medal in USIC (World Railway) Volleyball Championship held at Gomal (Belarus) from 10th to 17th June, 2015.
  • Ms. Sakshi Malik and Ms. Lalita won Bronze Medal in Senior Asian Wrestling Championship held at Doha (Qatar) from 5th to 10th May, 2015.
  • Ms. Tintu Luka and Ms. Lalita Babar won Gold Medal in 800 metre and 300 metre Steeple Chase events respectively, in Asian Athletics Championship held at Wuhan (China) from 3rd to 7th June, 2015. In addition, Indian Railway Athletes won two Silver and two Bronze Medals. 
  • Shri Mangal Singh Champia won Silver Medal in mixed double event in World Cup Archery Championship held at Wroclaw (Poland) from 9th to 17th August, 2015. 
  • Shri Arghdip Das won Silver Medal in Commonwealth Chess Championship held at New Delhi from 22nd to 30th June, 2015. 
  • Ms. Manpreet Kaur, DMW, Athlete has created a New National Record in Shot Put event during the 55th National Open Athletics Championship held at Kolkata from 16th to 19th September 2015 & qualify for Rio - Olympic 2016. 
  • On the basis of their performance during different championships few Railway players have qualified for representing the country Olympic 2016. 

9. With this, I wish all the best and I hope this august body will deliberate in this meeting on important aspects which focus on employees welfare as well as which are in the interest of organization.

Shri Guman Singh, President/NFIR

President, NFIR thanked the Hon'ble Minister for Railways and the Railway Board for their important role in granting 78 days Productivity Linked Bonus to the Railway employees for the year 2014-15. He expressed gratitude for conveying message by Sh. Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways to General Secretary NFIR, immediately after approval of government for payment of Bonus to the Railwaymen.

He stressed that the demand of NFIR for calculation of Bonus on actual pay remains unresolved. The present pay for calculation of Bonus is misleading as message has gone to all the countrymen that the Railway employees got 78 days wages against Bonus, whereas the fact remains that maximum amount of Bonus is equivalent to 15 days wages for new comers and not even 5 days for senior employees of Group 'C'. He stated that the government must consider this genuine demand as the present pay for calculation of bonus is not only unjustified but also gives misleading message to the society.

He thanked the Member Staff for giving important information about current performance of Indian Railways in respect of freight, fare, earnings, safety etc. He congratulated all the sports personnel who won the Medals by their excellent performance. Similarly, he congratulated the RPF personnel for their good performance which has been appreciated by the government.

At the occasion of formal meeting, the PNM with the Railway Board, he conveyed the resentment prevailing amongst the Railway employees against the decision of government for opening 100% Foreign Direct Investments in the Indian Railways.

The report of High Level Railway Restructuring Committee headed by Dr. Bibek Debroy has added fuel in the fire. He felt necessary to mention that Railway employees will not be able to tolerate any action which snatches their work and given to any other outside agency.

Time & again, the NFIR had raised that the Railway employees should be exempted from new pension scheme like Indian Army as the work of railway employees is difficult & hazardous in nature and they have to work during their entire service on conditions which Army faces during war. In response to the representation of NFIR, the then Railways Minister was convinced and supported the demand through a letter to government. He requested that the Railway Ministry must take all necessary action in support of this justified demand.

He expressed his happiness on sanction of 'One Rank One Pension' to Army personnel by the government as they deserve. While appreciating the government decision the NFIR wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of India and the Ministry of Railways for grant of similar treatment to Railway employees who work round the clock against odd situations for running the Indian Railways.

The Railwaymen felt very happy on the statement of Hon'ble Minister for Railways on 3rd of October 2015 that he would protect the interest of Railway employees. In view of this announcement the Railway employees expect that the Hon'ble Minister will protect the Railway employees by ensuring the following demands:-

1. Railway employees may be exempted from New Pension Scheme.

2. Railway employees may also be granted One Rank One pension.

3. Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus may be calculated on actual pay.

4. The work of Railway employees may not go to private agencies.

The NFIR has always played a very important role in pointing out the violations of rules and procedures by Railway Board with a request to take corrective action but unfortunately the response of Railway Board remains unsatisfactory with the result the issues, which are to be resolved immediately, are prolonged causing not only hardship to the Railway employees but also to the system. Out of many, he mentioned two illustrations:-

a) Meeting with Member Mechanical was held on NFIR PNM item on 20.07.2015 for restoring the promotional opportunities of Artisan staff working in Diesel & Electric Loco Sheds and EMU Car Sheds like Artisans of other department. A record note of discussion of this meeting was circulated after more than two months and there is no decision in the matter with the result those who were matriculate ITI but got appointment as Khalasi remains Khalasi even after more than 10-12 years service due to unjustified curtailment of their promotional opportunities.

b) After merger of pay scales the percentage of direct recruit candidates should have been revised so that the number of bodies of direct recruits remain the same, but in spite of repeated reminders and raising issue in the PNM meeting the issue remains unresolved with the result induction of direct recruits is excess which spontaneously curtails the promotional opportunities of rankers.

He drew attention of Member Staff about the incorrect action of North Western Railway for stopping payment of Hospital Patient Care Allowance to Pharmacists whose services are utilized in Medical Stores to procure and dispense of medicines. Although the Pharmacists working in medical stores are eligible according to the Railway Board policy letter dated 09.01.2008 as they fulfill the criteria laid down by the Railway Board but erroneously they have been treated as exclusive Stores Pharmacist and not involving in dispensing medicines which is totally wrong as after procurement of medicines they do dispensing of medicines.

The following staff matters were raised by the NFIR in their previous PNM meetings also with the expectations that Railway Board will take effective action in resolving the problems but unfortunately positions remain as it were:-
  • - Condition of Railway Quarters remains deplorable. 
  • - Filling up of vacancies - About 2 lacs vacancies are existing. 
  • - Shortage of doctors etc. 

Dr. M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/NFIR

The General Secretary thanked the Member Staff and the Chairman of the PNM meeting for highlighting various developments more particularly relating to Indian Railways’performance, I.R’s concerted efforts to minimize accidents and seminar held on “prevention of corrosion in coaches”, award given to Track Maintainer Shri Ashwani Kumar of Northern Railway in recognition of his exemplary devotion in preventing accident.

He expressed his gratitude to the Hon’ble MR for his gesture in telephonically conveying the Cabinet’s decision, approving 78 days wages (notional calculation at Rs. 3500/- p.m.) towards PL Bonus. He also thanked the Member Staff for making out a case for payment of 78 days wages as in the past towards PL Bonus. He specially thanked the Member Staff for expressing happiness over harmonious industrial relations on Indian Railways. He joined Member Staff in complimenting RPF Personnel who bagged President’s award and also Volley Ball team who got Gold Medal.

General Secretary, NFIR stated that the NFIR has a track record of its constructive and praise worthy role for the growth of Nation and Indian Railways. He said that NFIR has always been strengthening Indian Railways by providing efficient services to the customer. He also said that without loss of a single man day during the past over four decades, Indian Railways has been performing and serving the Nation. He however expressed that the Railway Ministry and Government should take necessary steps to provide greater motivation and encouragement to Railway employees to enable them to work for enhancing quality and productivity. In this context, Dr. M. Raghavaiah brought out the following:-

1. Certain recommendations of Bibek Debroy Committee are not aimed for real growth of Indian Railways and on the other hand, if these recommendations are implemented, the Railways will suffer very badly, consequently, nation will suffer. He expressed concern and disappointment that the views placed by NFIR have not been incorporated in the report presented by Bibek Debroy, therefore it cannot be accepted as a real report. The General Secretary also brought to the notice of the MS that all the Federations/Associations have lodged protest jointly in writing and urged urged upon the Hon’ble MR to intervene. He said that during a separate meeting held between the Hon’ble MR and the Federations on 06th August 2015, the NFIR has conveyed to the Hon’ble MR, the negative recommendations of Bibek Debroy Committee as well as several staff grievances remained unresolved inspite of discussions. He requested the Member Staff to take note of those issues raised already, for finding satisfactory settlement in order to preserve healthy industrial relations in Railways.

2. The General Secretary said that delay in submission of 7th CPC report has caused disappointment and anger among Central Government employees in general and Railway employees in particular. Employees feel that the Government has engineered delay in submission of VII CPC report deliberately by extending the period for four months contrary to the terms of reference, he said. Mr. Raghavaiah said that report should have been at the hands of the Government by 28th August 2015. While the Pay Commission Report is delayed, the demand for DA merger and grant of Interim Relief continued to be ignored, he mentioned. These developments are compelling the employees to pursue the path of agitation and JCM Staff Side had also decided for launching Indefinite Struggle, the General Secretary said.

3. While thanking the CRB, FC & MS for meeting the Federations on 1st October 2015 on important issues, the General Secretary has requested that those 8 issues should be settled favourably at the earliest. Dr Raghavaiah further invited attention of MS to the meetings held on 23rd August 2013 and 7th February 2014 at the level of CRB/MS etc. He expressed his serious disappointment and unhappiness over non-implementation of agreements and at the same time pursuing cases in the Court against staff and as well against agreement. He cited the case of Loco Inspectors stepping up of Pay which was agreed in the meeting held on 7th February 2014. He requested the Member Staff to see that Railway Board respects the agreements and takes action for their implementation. He also reminded the MS relating the communication sent by the Federation duly enclosing copy of DoP&T’s Addendum wherein classification of posts from Group ‘C’ to ‘B’can be decided in house by the Ministry of Railways. He requested that the proposal for up-gradation of 3335 posts to Group `B’ Gazetted be got approved soon and the said upgraded posts be filled by the Senior-most Supervisory Officials as per the original agreement.

4. The General Secretary, NFIR has brought to the notice of MS, the 5 page note sent by the Federation, containing inputs justifying exemption of New Pension Scheme (NPS) in Railways. He requested the MS to take special initiative so that that the Hon’ble MR sends proposal to the Government seeking exemption of Railway employees from the New Pension Scheme (NPS).

5. Touching the subject pertaining to implementation of cadre restructuring effective from 01/11/2013, General Secretary said that the restructuring orders are yet to be implemented fully on some Zones and Production Units. He cited as an example -Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka, Rail Coach Factory, Raebareli. He also stated that the spread effect benefit as a result of merger of Sr. P. Way Supervisor with JE/P. Way w.e.f. 13/07/2013 has not been extended to the eligible staff – example South Western Railway. He also said that the ratio of 6 : 12 : 22 : 60 in GP 2800, 2400, 1900 & 1800 respectively in the category of Track Maintainers has not been implemented as yet. He expressed his disappointment over lack of progress on the conclusions reached in the Fast Track Committee Meetings. In this context, he cited a specific case of Stenographers and requested the Member Staff to see that Board’s instructions are implemented by the Zonal Railways without further delay. The General Secretary also mentioned that Running Staff issues which are before the Joint Committee constituted by the Railway Board have not been resolved, leading to resentment among running staff. He requested the MS to see that the Board takes action for settling Running Staff issues through discussions in the joint committee already constituted.

6. General Secretary, NFIR has also brought to the notice of MS, the case of some Running Staff who got three promotions during the period 01/01/2006 and September 2008 on S.C. Railway etc. These Running Staff deserve to be given opportunity of re-option to enable them to opt and get the benefit of pay re-fixation. He requested the Member Staff to be more positive and responsive to these types of cases as staff are not very conversant with the rules and they do not find time to read the rules/provisions.

7. With regard to the admissions in Railway schools and colleges, the General Secretary requested that the wards of outsiders may also be granted admission duly levying the fee etc., being charged by private institutions there by the institutions can sustain themselves and at the same time serve the needs of the children of railway employees (serving/retired).

8. General Secretary has brought to the notice of MS that the Southern Railway Co-operative Society has been allowed to operate on South Central Railway which is causing overlapping situation and resulting staff landing into debts consequently affecting the quality of services. He further said that while one Society only is in operation in Southern Railway jurisdiction, how come about, the administration allowed second one in South Central Railway. He requested that in order to discourage wrong doings necessary investigation be ordered for course correction.

9. General Secretary brought to the notice of MS, the proposal for construction of Library-cum-Meeting Hall at NFIR’s office premises (3, Chelmsford Road) and expressed his disappointment over callous approach towards NFIR’s request and urged his intervention.
General Secretary also expressed disappointment over non-allotment of Office accommodation to SCRES – IRISET Branch at IRISET. He requested equal treatment for maintaining healthy industrial relations.

10.The General Secretary, NFIR mentioned the problems of N.F. Railway more particularly SBF Assistance to the family members of employees suffering from cancer and grant of technical education scholarship liberally duly removing the ceiling limit. He also said that on N.F. Railway those employees intending to pursue distance education (Law course), are not being granted permission. He further said that on N.F. Railway the settlement dues of the employees retiring under NPS Scheme are not cleared on the plea that there are no clear instructions on the subject.

11.The General Secretary also brought to the notice of MS that on West Central Railway, the FA & CAO has declined to forward the proposals to Railway Board for creation of new posts for new assets when no matching money value is available in the vacancy bank of the Zonal Railway. The General Secretary felt that it is incorrect on the part of FA & CAO to take such a negative stand.

12.General Secretary has brought to the notice of MS that ICF, Perambur has completed its 60 years glorious service to the Nation. He said that Railway employees are aspiring for special award in the form of Gold Coin (2 gms), additional passes, increment etc. He requested the Railway Board to consider granting these incentives to staff as a special case.

While complimenting the IR Directorate of the Railway Board for its initiative in ensuring constant dialogue with the Federation for sorting out staff issues, the General Secretary pointed out that replies to NFIR’s letters are not forthcoming from different Directorates of Railway Board inspite of Board’s advice that replies be sent promptly. He requested MS to see that replies are sent to Federation’s letters promptly.

While concluding, the General Secretary assured the Member Staff that NFIR’s positive cooperation shall continue for making the Railways a vibrant infrastructure. He equally hoped that the Railway Board would respond to the issues raised by the Federation promptly and positively so that the present healthy industrial relations can be further improved paving way for enhancement of productivity and efficiency at all levels.

Shri R.P. Bhatnagar

1. He mentioned about large number of vacancies in S&T Cadre as well as heavy shortage of staff because of non creation as per Yard Stick. The staff are made to work in the morning and also during nights because of failures. They are not permitted to leave Head Quarters. These are creating unsafe conditions in the S&T maintenance

2. There are also many vacancies in the Engg. Track Maintenance cadres. These are contributing unsafe condition in the track maintenance.

3. Expressed serious concern over the poor maintenance of railway quarters and colonies wherein maintenance staff have been reduced drastically and even funds for maintenance are not given adequately, and on the other hand reduced year by year. Consequently, the staff are mentally disturbed and discontented.

4. Medical/services to the staff and their families are becoming bad to worse because of acute shortage of Doctors, Paramedical staff, non-supply of medicines.

5. The facility of 20 Mobile Medical vans assured by the Railway Minister in Parliament in year 2010-11 has not been ensured.

Shri R.K. Sinha

The working class is deeply disappointed over the negative policies of the Government and railway employees are no exception.

At this stage, if some positive decisions are taken at apex negotiation forum of Railway Ministry, the railway employees may get some relief and may also feel that their genuine issues are being solved. But unfortunately, the agreed decisions at different forums of negotiations are not being implemented promptly. It would therefore be necessary to see that the sanctity of negotiating forum is maintained for ensuring cordial industrial relations in this vital organization, Indian Railways.

Shri K.S. Murty

1. Drew attention to the cases of denial of compassionate appointment to the wards/widows on East Coast & South Eastern Railways where the Authorities have been rejecting the cases indiscriminately without following rules on some flimsy grounds. He cited following letters sent by NFIR to the Railway Board:-

  • a) Letter No. II/1-A/Part 19 dated 29/07/2015 addressed to Secretary (E), Railway Board citing three cases of Waltair Division of East Coast Railway.
  • b) Letter No. II/1-A/Part 20 dated 28/09/2015 addressed to Secretary (E), Railway Board wherein a list of 20 cases including a case of death on duty of Trackman (run over on 21/03/2010 while performing duties) have been rejected by the DRM ignoring extant instructions and the compassion involve. Requested the intervention of the Member Staff to issue suitable instructions to the Zonal Railways to consider cases and offer appointment to the wards/widows of the former Railway employees. 
2. Another case of unjustified denial of financial up-gradation under MACPS to the serving Graduate Clerks inducted against LDCE Quota through RRB on Waltair Division of East Coast Railway was raised. Drew attention to NFIR’s letter No. IV/MACPS/09/Part 9 dated 07/07/2015 followed by reminder dated 28/09/2015 to the Railway Board on the subject. Requested to expedite decision.

3. Application for mutual transfers and direct transfer which already under the process of consideration prior to the issuance of orders imposing five years restriction.
4. Hard duty allowance to trackmen. Trackmen are performing arduous duties during inclement weather. But they are not getting any Hard Duty Allowance like Operating staff accompanying coal pilots.

Shri J.G. Mahurkar

1. Shortage of 627 Guards and 347 Assistant Loco Pilots on Western Railway is causing serious problems in operations and running of trains – one-time special dispensation to hold selection from eligible erstwhile Group D and Group C staff be granted. 
The size of the shortage has compelled the railway administration to compromise the safety standards and utilize the Platform Porters, Junior Pointsmen etc., as Guards to manage the running of Goods trains. WRMS has discussed the issue with General Manager in the PNM meeting held on 30th September, 2015 and a reference has been made by GM to Railway Board to grant one-time special dispensation to hold selection to fill up 627 vacancies of Guards. 
Similarly there are 347 vacancies of Assistant Loco Pilots resulting into severe shortage for managing the running of trains. WRMS feel that unless the Railway Board grants dispensation and permits Western Railway to hold a special selection from among employees working in Diesel Sheds, Electric Loco Sheds, Car Sheds, Workshops and Electrical General Services, vacancies will not get filled. The staff of Western Railway is working under stress and the quality of their life is getting deterioration.

2. Acute shortage of JEs and SEs in Mechanical Electrical, P.Way, TMC and Tele in Grade Pay of Rs.4200 and 4600 on all Divisions of Western Railway 
Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bhopal RRBs are not complying indents placed by Western Railway in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. Western Railway is facing a critical situation because the RRB/BCT has not supplied panels of JEs and SSEs. The total indent pending with RRB/BCT is 348 which includes JEs and SEs. Similarly RRB/ADI is not complying indents placed for 207 JEs and 89 SEs = Total 296. The indents were placed in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Shri B.C. Sharma

1. Of late, the Administration has started transferring Office-Bearers of recognized Union ignoring extant instructions that notice proposing such transfer should first be sent to its General Secretary and representation against proposed transfer should be considered. He requested that the extant instructions be re-iterated by the Railway Board for adherence without deviation.

2. Though some new posts of Ticket Checking Staff have been sanctioned by the Railway Board during the previous year, there is however acute shortage and therefore the Railway Board may take action to augment the existing strength.

3. The Federation has been demanding since long for payment of washing allowance to all those staff supplied with Uniforms. Unfortunately, there has been no positive response.

4. In order to upgrade the skills of workforce, training needs be reviewed and quality training is ensured which may contribute for high productivity.

5. Course Completed Act Apprentices should be engaged against safety vacancies which would facilitate improvement of efficiency. Quality is suffering on account of heavy vacancy position.

Shri T.K. Chatterjee

He said that category-wise unrecognized associations are entertained on S.E.C. Railway which may lead to an unhealthy situation in future. Railway Board is requested to look into this and advise S.E.C. Railway suitably. Other issues:-

1. Shortage of railway accommodation particularly for staff working in TMO (Track Machine Organization). Earmarking of separate pool is required.

2. Brajrajnagar (BRJN) is very important location in Bilaspur Division in terms of freight (Coal) loading is concerned. Every day 31 rakes of coal is loaded which is why SECR could achieve its loading targets. More than 1300 railway staff is posted there. There is no medical facility available and residential accommodation facility is very poor while the rental charges are very high at BRJN and equally difficult to get a rental accommodation from outside.

3. There is acute shortage of Doctors in the Central Hospital, Bilaspur. Action may be taken to provide Doctors.

4. Shortage of teachers in the Railway School.

5. Old type quarters having Asbestos roof is unhygienic to living. The WHO clearly noted that such Asbestos roof that too in hot region is one of reasons for increase in Cancer cases. All such type of quarters be modified into concreted flat roof duly providing special funds.

6. Construction of rest houses at Byculla (Mumbai) and Perambur/Chennai for attendants escorting patients referred may be approved.

Shri R.P. Singh

1. The additional benefits to the former employees or to their families, covered under New Pension System, acquiring disability or death, permitted by the DoP&PW vide O.M. dated 05th May 2009 and circulated by Railway Board under letter No. 2008/AC-II/21/19 dated 29/05/2009 are not being extended on the North Central Railway causing serious resentment. Instructions need to be reiterated to the General Manager, N.C. Railway early.

2. The tuition fees of the wards of Railway employees receiving education from 1st to 12th class is required to be reimbursed as per extant instructions of Railway Board. The present system of education under CBSE and ICSE Boards prevailing throughout the country provides for 2 to 3 years education in upper KG and Lower KG before admission of the Child to the 1st class. The extant instructions permit reimbursement of tuition fees for 2 years period only is allowed whereas in case of wards who receive 3 years education prior to admission to class 1, reimbursement is denied for the 3rd year. He requested that reimbursement is allowed for 3 years education also before class 1.

3. Railway Board have issued instructions vide letter No. E(NG)I-2015/CR/3 dated 24/06/2015 (RBE No. 68/2015) for “maintenance and preparation of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports” that all entries recorded in the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) should be communicated to all the Railway employees without fail. These instructions are however being followed on N.C. Railway.

4. The instructions issued by the Railway Board vide letter No. F(E)III/2008/PN1/12 dated 11/12/2013 based on DOP&T O.M. No. F. No. 38/37/08 P&PW(A) dated 28/01/2013 for issuing revised PPOs in favour of Railway employees retired prior to 01/01/2006 have not been implemented on North Central Railway. This is causing disappointment among the retired railway employees. Necessary steps be taken for issuing revised PPOs to all retirees/family pensioners.

5. On North Central Railway, the Group `C’ employees whose minimum pay is Rs. 19,540/- p.m. are allowed Private Ward for their medical treatment and treatment of their family members. But when these staff retire on superannuation, their eligibility is changed and they are not allowed the facility of ‘Private Ward.’ In this connection it is brought to the notice of the Board that the Apex Court has ordered that the eligibility of the employee for receiving medical treatment after retirement should not be changed. It is requested to take action in the matter.

Shri Suriyaprakasam

Despite repeated highlights in the PNM meetings at Board level good number of commercial staff are continuously working in the same seat/station for more than 2 to 3 decades. Example - Chennai Central Station. Though periodical transfer orders were issued, they are continuing in the same seat/station. 

Drinking water facility Toilets at Gate lodges and wayside working places are not provided, resulting hardship to staff. Many Gate lodges are in very bad shape due to leakage of roof and cracked walls causing safety hazards. Many Gate lodges are not provided electricity. 

The Track Maintainers are not supplied with safety jackets (luminent vests) on Southern Railway. The Uniforms supplied are of sub standard. The Track Maintainers are also not supplied wrist watch.
Although Railway Board have issued instructions vide letter dated 18/04/2012, the staff room facilities for changing the uniform, keeping their belongings & taking food etc., are yet to be provided. Woman employees in particular are suffering badly. 

Though the entire system has been computerized on the ‘e’ concept, heavy money spent on Computerization and Railnet, the seniority lists, promotion orders, periodical transfer orders, request transfer registration, quarters registration, selection panel results etc have not been immediately made available in the Railnet / Computerized system. This needs to be addressed.

Shri R.G. Kabar

1. On account of introducing new trains, extension of trains, increasing frequency of trains etc, the workload of manning reserved coaches have been increased on some of the divisions of western railway. Due to dis-proportionate deployment of ticket checking staff by division, the staff are not able to man reserved coaches properly, resulting inconvenience to the bonafide passengers besides complaints against on duty staff. On other hand divisions are deploying more and more staff in the squads.

Intervention for deployment of ticket checking staff are laid down in Board's letter No. 2010/TG-V/10/Committee dated 15.12.2010.Unfortunately the above provision is not being followed more particularly on Bhavanagar Division. He requested issue of suitable instructions.

2. Suspension of Annual Cadre Review

Railway Board while issuing the Cadre Restructuring of certain Group `C’ cadres vide letter dated 08.10.2013, has mentioned in para 13 that the next Annual Cadre review will be under taken from 01.04.2015 taking into the account the cadre strength as on 01.04.2015.

It is needless to mention that some of the zonal railways have still not implemented the cadre restructuring order on account of non availability of matching saving, so it is not desirable to undertake the cadre review on the basis of cadre strength on 01.04.2015. It is therefore requested to suspend the annual review still further.

3. Non implementing Railway Board’s instructions by Western Railway to provide part time Lady Doctor in health units over western Railway

Yardstick for manpower planning of medical department on Indian Railways has been laid down vide letter No. 2013/H/14/5/1/Policy dated 11.03.2013. It has been laid down in the said letter that in specific situation, there may be need to engage staff and doctors invariance of the yardstick, Railways may send their proposal with detailed justification and with concurrence of Associate Finance & approval of General Manager of respective zone.

It has been mentioned in the para B, 3.1 (C) that there is constant demand of recognized unions and others to make one lady doctor available in the health unit to attend lady patients, accordingly lady doctor on part-time basis for 2 to 4 hours per day may be engaged in health unit.

Western Railway Mazdoor Sangh an affiliate of NFIR has raised this issue at the zonal level vide PNM Item No.57/2015 to engage one lady doctor locally on part time basis for 02 to 04 hours per day in the all the health units of western railway to mitigate the difficulties being faced by the staff and their family members. Unfortunately, zonal railway administration did not agree on the demand raised by WRMS saying that the said instructions are not exhaustive because the same are not addressed to the General Managers.

Suitable clarificatory instructions to the General Manager may be issued to implement Railway Board’s instructions.

Shri Vinod Mehta

Condition of various Rest Houses of Ticket Checking Staff at stations on North Western Railway is far from satisfactory and most of the Rest Houses lack basic amenities like Beds, cooking facilities, fans not functioning and absence of adequate lighting. UPRMS an affiliate of NFIR has brought these deficiencies to the notice of the authorities on the Zone, but unfortunately Zonal Railway has not been able to take adequate action with the result staff continue to suffer.

The condition of railway quarters at road stations has gone from bad to worse due to no maintenance. The railway authorities have failed to maintain the quarters due to shortage of funds and non-availability of man-power in the works branch of Engineering Department. He requested to see that adequate funds are allocated.

Para 574 of IRMM is being quoted wrongly with regard to re-deployment of medically decategorized staff. Problems are being faced on N.W. on this account. Extant policy may be reviewed and those medically decategorized staff are declared unfit for all categories.

While raising the issue of ‘request transfer’ cases of NW Railway he urged to lift the ban imposed by the Railway Board to help out the employees facing genuine difficulties.

Quoting the instructions contained in para 1012 of IREM, he stated that staff on NW Railway are not being paid arrears accrued as a result of change in the rates of TA. He requested to issue suitable instructions to the GM/NW Railway.

Shri C.P. Singh

i. Maintenance of assets/infrastructure of workshops including Stores Depot, CB and AMV /Lucknow was entrusted to Civil Engineering Department as per JPO, circulated by Railway Board vide No. 2000/1/MCW/814/17/TT/RSRC dated 06/12/2012, but however the postings of DEN, ADEN have not been ensured. Necessary action may be taken to provide DEN, ADEN and staff. Board’s attention is also invited to MOU dated 18/09/2015 signed by CWM/C&W/Workshop, CWM/Loco Workshop and Sr. DEN (Co-Ord.), Lucknow for taking necessary steps for implementation of MOU.

ii. Merger of Typists with clerical cadre: The Railway Board had issued orders, decades back for merger of Typists with ministerial cadre. On Northern Railway in Lucknow Division there has been no progress towards merger. He requested to see that Northern Railway is advised suitably for merging the cadres.

iii. Schedule of powers (SOP): The schedule of powers needs to be reviewed for empowering Civil Engineering Department Engineers with more financial powers considering market price for executing works speedily and efficiently. Similarly CWMs of Workshops be given more financial powers for procurement of equipments, tools and plants, non-stocked items purchase of spares etc., promptly for ensuring efficiency.

Shri Praveen C. Bajpai

(a) Citing the issue of poor maintenance of Railway Quarters, drew attention to the fact that Corporate Welfare Plan of the Railway Board is not being followed on Central Railway. This is causing serious hardship particularly to the staff of Running and Safety categories living in the Railway Quarters. He requested that suitable measures be taken to rectify the situation.

(b) Speaking on the issue of excessive actions of the Vigilance Officials causing demoralization among dedicated and upright Ticket Checking and Public Image category staff, raised by the Federation under PNM Item No.4/2015, he mentioned that the Vigilance Inspectors have been indulging in searching the pockets and body of the Ticket Checking officials causing humiliation. He stated that the action taken by the Railway Board pursuant to the meeting held with the Federation on 15/06/2015 is not adequate. The matter requires to be gone into once again in order to remove the discontentment among the dedicated Staff.

Shri Munindra Saikia

1. Sanitary cleaners in the railways are the back bone for maintenance of health and hygiene in the railway colonies. The railway colonies are to exist for ever. 
Therefore the categories of S-cleaner and artisans in the Engineering Department are needed to be deleted from the list of diminishing categories circulated by the Railway Board/Zones from time to time. Necessary instructions may be issued.

2. At present 25% of the posts of Accounts Clerk (AC) is filled by selection from the existing staff working in GP RS. 1800/- and further 8⅓% by selection from the existing matriculate working in GP Rs. 1800/- (Para 171 of IREM Vol-I). Due to indiscriminate surrender of posts, the cadre strength has reduced considerably with the result presently sufficient posts in the promotion quota are not available. On the other hand there has been no recruitment from the open market for the posts of AC.
It was requested to allow the DR quota posts of AC being filled from existing departmental employees as one time exception.

3. The Inter Divisional transfer of staff on Vigilance recommendation is causing adverse effect to the entire cadre. An employee transferred on administrative ground on Vigilance recommendation on his joining in the new division against a higher grade post, the senior employee aspiring promotion is deprived of the benefit. Also if an employee is transferred with post, a higher grade post is taken away from one division and sent to another division, disturbing the pro rata distribution of posts as well as affecting promotional opportunities of those in the cadre.
It is therefore, requested, that Inter Divisional transfer should be stopped and instead the employee be shifted to another place on the same division.

4. Railway patients are referred for medical treatment by the railway medical authorities to non railway hospitals. In such cases medical reimbursement is admissible if the employee or his family member or the RELHS beneficiary reaches the empanelled hospital, after following due procedure. Unfortunately the reimbursement of the medical expenses is not allowed on the NF Railway as per bill of the non railway hospital. Rather, the reimbursement is done as per CGHS rate with the result justice is denied to the employees or RELHS members. In many cases it has been noticed that the patient has been reimbursed only with 20% or 25% of the actual amount of expenditure incurred.
It is therefore strongly demanded that the system should be reviewed so that the railway patient gets the full cost of re-imbursement.

5. At present the patrolmen are paid only Rs.96 per month for purchasing four (4) no’s of dry cell batteries. This is grossly insufficient to cover night patrolling during the whole month and is causing inconvenience to the Patrolmen. It is therefore requested to sanction adequate amount to meet with the expenses for the above purpose.

Shri R.C. Sahoo

1. The Divisional Traffic Inspectors (DTI’s) of KUR Division are working in the same section/post for more than 8 to 10 years. As the nature of duties of DTIs are like other Supervisory Officials, it is requested that they should be rotated/shifted periodically.

2. Some of Neutral Control Staff of IRCA are working in CRW/MCS since last 20 years. Because of long standing at same place they are contributing for bad work culture resulting compromise on safety. Necessary action may be taken to replace them.

Shri Binod Sharma

Decisions taken at this forum are either not properly honoured or not implemented at Zonal level even at Divisional level. Employees working on 12 hours duty roster are denied two days rest/off. Track Maintainers are being utilized as Gateman on and off but they are denied special Allowance. Long pending issues such as proper accommodation for the Train escorting staff of Commercial, Electrical and C&W is still not finalized. Although decision was given that Track Maintainers can sign attendance, the same is not implemented on a few zones. Female Track Maintainers are being inducted without providing basic amenities. The uniform for female track maintainers is yet to be decided satisfactorily.

Shri V. Gopalakrishnan

1. Revision of kilometerage allowances w.e.f. 01/01/2006 and thereon – NFIR’s demand (Item No. 2 of Joint Committee of Running Staff issues) needs to be settled at the earliest.

2. Fixation of pay of Running Staff on Medical decategorisation while fixing in alternate posts (NFIR’s PNM Item No. 17/2012) – in this connection, attention is invited to NFIR’s letter dated 23/06/2011 and action to be initiated to protect not only the pay but also status of Running Staff. This Item is also figuring in the Joint Committee of Running Staff issues.

3. The office memorandum reference in regard to pay element sent by Railway Board to 7th CPC has to be officially withdrawn in the light of NFIR’s letters to Railway Board vide dated 15/04/2015 & 16/07/2015. Also refer PNM Item No. 08/2013.

4. In Chennai Division of Southern Railway large number of vacancies of Running Staff in higher grades are lying unfilled for the past 1½ years. Moreover, the post of LP (Shunting) for which orders issued vide O.O. No. LRG/34/2015 dated 28/04/2015 has been kept pending for the past 6 months leading to resentment among Running Staff. Southern Railway needs to be suitably advised in this regard.

Ms Similal Singh

1. Flexi Timing for Women Employees particularly above 50 years of age needs to be introduced atleast on trial measure.

2. Inter Divisional/Inter Railway Transfer of employees on spouse account should be given top priority.

3. Relief for female Track Maintainers – refer NFIR PNM subject 23/2015 and constitution of committee thereon.

4. In RE/MTP/CN construction organization of Southern Railway nearly 10 female employees out of total 25 have passed the trade test and waiting for promotion. They are suffering without promotion for the past 25 years. In view of their retirement stage, it is requested that they may be given promotion to Group C status.

5. In order to comply with Railway Board orders, Sr.Divisional Commercial Manager/Chennai Division/Southern Railway has issued orders withdrawing Ticket Examiners working in Squads. Even though orders were issued in the year 2011, the same have not been implemented till 2015. Now, with a view to transfer on periodical ground, steps have been taken to implement the said orders, but many of them have been permitted to continue in squads upto March 2016 thereby denying opportunity to those who registered their names for transfer to various squads from Sleeper Depots and stations. Same is the case of Commercial Clerks & ECRCs who despite being transferred, have been retained upto March 2015 by the S. Railway Headquarters Administration due to pressure tactics from vested interests, thereby doing undue favouritism.

6. In order to protect the women employees from harassment at Workshops and to give them dignity, sexual harassment committee must be given empowerment to deal and finalize the cases within a stipulated period on fast track.

Ms Rajani Sharma

1. She explained the need for timely promotion of staff for increasing staff satisfaction level which would help in improving the efficiency & productivity on the system. 
2. Requested abolition of NPS on Indian Railways.

Shri Ramesh Mishra

1. On N.E. Railway, Traffic Gatemen are not paid special allowance while Gatekeepers manning Civil Engineering Level crossings are paid despite the fact that both have been performing similar duties.

2. Safaiwalas working in the Railway Hospitals on N.E. Railway are not being made eligible for promotion as Ward Boy, Dresser Lab Technician etc. Suitable avenue of promotion needs to be provided for these staff.

3. The Category of Sr. Section Engineer (P.Way) has been classified as ‘Safety’ Duties and responsibilities of the SSE (P.Way) include maintenance of railway tracks as per safety standards, arrange procurement supply of material for the purpose. The nature of duties involve round the clock working. Unfortunately, the category has been classified “Excluded” under HOER with the result these supervisors are not given weekly rest, which is not justified particularly for those who are allotted section of 100 kms and above. This is adversely affecting the health of these staff who are over-burdened. 
In order to improve efficiency and quality, the SSE (P.Way) need to be given weekly rest and support staff like DSK for handling stores be provided.

4. The railway employees, their families and RELHS beneficiaries receiving medical treatment as “Out Patient” are referred for clinical tests through the empanelled labs for clinics and to get medicines prescribed by the Railway Medical Officer. The expenses incurred by the employees/RELHS beneficiaries received from the empanelled clinics/labs and the cost of medicines prescribed are not being reimbursed on the plea that provision does not exist in the IRMM. This is not only unjustified but is also illogical. Necessary amendment be made in the relevant para of IRMM.

Shri P.S. Chaturvedi

a) Cadre restructuring of ticket checking cadre in Danapur Division of E.C. Railway has not yet been done. This may kindly be got done soon. 
b) As per the norms laid down by the Railway Board, additional posts are required at TRS Shed/GMO due to multiple increase in Loco Holding. Matter was previously raised in the PNM meeting but till date no action has been taken.

Shri R. Gurunathan

1. Grant of suitable reward to the employees of ICF on the eve of 60 years glorious service - Requested grant of suitable rewards to the staff in recognition of their services.

2. Creation of additional posts for LHB unit/enhanced production capacity - It is requested to treat the LHB Project as ICF second unit and accord sanction for creation of additional posts for the new infrastructure without resorting to out sourcing and re distribution of posts.

3. Mass surrender of posts : When the annual production target has been increasing, the sanctioned staff strength of ICF is being curtailed continuously. Consequent to implementation of cadre restructuring/up-gradation, about 700 posts were required to be surrendered to meet the financial implications.
Over and above, the ICF administration has surrendered about 800 Gr ‘C’ and erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts including higher and promotion grade posts viz SSEs, Senior Technicians, Tech Gr I, Senior clerk, etc in various cadres on the plea that those posts are vacant during the year 2014-2015.

4. Outsourcing:
ICF Administration is resorting to indiscriminate outsourcing without minding the utilization of existing infrastructure & man power.
(a) The Roof Assembly which is one of the major assemblies in coach production has been outsourced, underutilizing the available in-house capacity.
(b) This year out of 2054 coaches, only 991 roof assemblies are planned to manufacture in ICF, rest are planned to purchase from outside. This massive outsourcing of roof assembly will result reduction of 200 direct men. ICF Administration is going one step further in doing the permanent damage by removing the existing rotary Jig & Fixture of roof assembly.
(c) Due to 100% outsourcing of Bogie Frame around 80 direct workers belonging to shop 11 rendered surplus and following high cost (value approximately 17 Crores) sophisticated machines are going to remain ideal in Shop-11. In Shop-23 which has the capability to manufacture all types of Bogie Frames, the existing 131 employees will be surplus .

5. Purchase policy of Machinery and Plant:- 
New technological machineries and plant are required for improving the process and the quality of product. Whereas in ICF, many new machineries and plant are purchased irrespective of the requirement by COFMOW. Some machines are required but they are under breakdown right from the date of commissioning, some machines are not at all required but purchased and kept idle, there by crores of rupees are wasted on procuring such machines and increase in coach cost. 
6. ICF Trained Act Apprentices and their appointment as 308 substitute helpers: 
These trained man power possessing technical skills pertaining to railway functioning, are an asset to the organization. They may be engaged as substitutes. Those 308 substitute helpers appointed during the year 2009-10 may be regularized.

7. Huge investment on materials and declaration of surplus/scrap:- 
The extant procedure was that whenever a new build is taken for manufacturing, a prototype or small quantity of batch order will be turned out and after that a bulk order will be taken. But, nowadays batch orders of large quantity are already released ie 100/200 coaches. Purchase of items are made not only for total batch order quantity but also for total annual requirement. After manufacturing of 10 or 20 coaches that batch order is being stopped due to revised production programme or design changes advised. However, it is pertinent to highlight that the Production programme has been revised more than 20 times, thereby the purchased materials etc., for the remaining coaches will be lying in stores or in stacking area for some time and these items will be declared surplus and scrap. This has become a regular practice resulting huge amount of money locked in and wasted in inventory. Especially items purchased for the LHB hybrid and MRVC coaches dumped from 2005 were disposed as scrap. These are required to be reviewed. 

SECTION - B: Minutes


25/2012: P eriodical Medical Examination - Relaxation for Loco Pilots and Guards declared with TYPE-II Diabetes Reg.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Official Side advised that keeping in view the views of user Department viz. Electrical, Mechanical & Safety, the proposal has not been agreed to. Federation stated that they are unable to appreciate the rationale behind objections raised by user departments and requested for a separate meeting with Board(MM & ML), which was agreed to.

44 / 2012 : Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme (RELHS) - 97) - Extension of scope to those retiring with less than 20 years service

Instructions have been issued vide Board's letter No. 2013/H/PNM/NFIR dated 08.09.2015. 


7/2014: Recognition of corporate hospitals for referral facility for treatment of railway employees.


22/2015: Recognition of Corporate Hospitals for the purpose of referring the cases for medical treatment- delegation of powers to General Managers reg.

Official Side stated that the General Managers are being empowered to recognise hospitals already empanelled under CGHS. 


12/2015: Maintenance of cleanliness on trains and at stations etc. - implementation of Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 in Railways.

A separate meeting to be held associating Adv.(EnHM). It was also agreed by Federation that a new FSO cadre should be formed in Railways. 

Federation expressed disappointment over the deterioration of cleanliness on trains and at stations etc. due to failure of contract cleaning policy. Federation would give suggestion in the separate meeting to be held with Adviser(EnHM). 

27/2015: Augmentation of Indian Railway Cancer Institute, Varanasi- reg.

Official Side stated that the following steps have already been taken to augment facilities at CRI Varanasi: 
(i) Indent for four specialist medical officers at DMO level and one Radiation-cum-Physicist has been placed to UPSC. UPSC has advertised the vacancy. 
(ii) An indent for procurement of Linear Accelator has been submitted to COFMOW. Matter is being followed. 
(iii) N.E. Railway has also been instructed to place indent to COFMOW for procurement of Bracheytherapy, C.T. Simulator etc. 
(iv) For Cobalt Source, North Eastern Railway has been instructed to procure the same through revenue or M&P. 
40/2015: Cashless f acilities t o the RELHS beneficiaries on t he I ndian Railways reg.

The detailed proposal with policy guideline has been sent to Finance Dte. for concurrence.


13/2011: Provision o f cooking facilities at Rest Rooms meant f or Ticket Checking Staff

Federation expressed unhappiness over non-implementation of Board's instructions in regard to facilities in TTEs' Rest Rooms. They also handed over a status report of TTEs' Rest Rooms on Northern Railway as prepared by them to the Official Side.

It was decided to call for the status report ofTTEs' Rest Rooms from all Zonal Railways.

5/2015: Arbitrary decision revising norms for manning of Coaches by the Ticket Checking Staff -reg.

A Board Memorandum for seeking approval of Board for reverting back to the old norms has been put up. The Federation requested the Official Side to expedite the matter.

13/2015: Adverse effects of Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra(YTSK)-Abolition urged

Federation stated that the facts given in its agenda prove that YTSK Scheme is aimed at allowing the outsiders to exploit the Rail passengers at the cost of Railways and demanded that the Scheme should be withdrawn.

Official Side stated that YTSK are additional facilities in cities and beneficial to the public, besides generating some additional revenue for the Railways. Federation, however, stated thatYTSK scheme is a failure and wanted that the scheme be reviewed.
37/2015: Simultaneous creation of posts of Ticket Checking Staff w hen new trains are introduced or runs extended-reg.

At the request of the Federation, it was decided to hold a separate meeting of the Federation with Board(MT).

59/2015: T icket Checking staff grievances redressal urged.

On the sub-items (i) & (iii), instructions have been issued on 27.07.2015 and 11.9.2015 respectively. So far as (ii) is concerned, instructions already exist vide letter No.2001/TG-I/13/P dated 03.10.2002 for earmarking of berth No. 5 in A-1 coach for conductor manning IAC/AC2 Tier/First Class coaches.

Federation however insisted that on some Zonal Railways the instructions are not complied with. Federation was requested to bring to the notice of the Official Side specific trains, if any, where the TTEs manning trains are not allotted berths in AC coach when deputed for manning AC coaches.


6/2011: Incentive Bonus under Group Incentive Scheme to the Chemical and Metallurgical Superintendent (Grade Pay Rs.4600/-) in Rail Wheel Factory (RWF), Yelahanka.

Official Side stated that recovery of Incentive Bonus has been held in abeyance pending receipt of consolidated proposal from RWF,Yelahanka.

Federation stated that CPO/RWF has sent a communication to Railway Board on 15th July 2015 seeking approval for waiver of amount yet to be recovered from 17 employees. In this connection, Federation has sent a letter to Railway Board dated 28th July 2015 to accord approval for waiver of the total amount.

After discussion it was agreed to take action for waiving the amount. Case has been sent to Finance.

38/2012: Hard working conditions and excessive duty hours - Loco Inspectors category

The item was taken up in the discussions held by Board (MM & ML) with the Federation on 20.07.2015 and the issues raised in the item were resolved. Letter No.2014/M(L)/467/3 Pt. dated 20.07.2015 was written to Railways to fill up the vacancies of L.I.s.


6/2013: Need for air-conditioning Running Rooms a nd Loco Cabs.

Official Side stated that Board has not agreed for air-conditioning of Running Rooms. As regards air-conditioning of Loco Cabs, ACs have been fitted in 104 Locos. Further, 250 Locos turned out by DLWevery year would also be fitted with ACs.

Federation insisted that its demand for air-conditioning of Running Rooms at places where the temperature is abnormally high and goes upto 48% and also in coastal areas is justified. Federation also suggested for Central Air Cooling to be done on selective basis wherever needed.

24/2014: Payment of Incentive Bonus to t he Supervisors ( SSEs) of Road Transport Shop in Carriage & Wagon Repair Workshop, Perambur on Southern Railway-reg.

Official side advised that incentive bonus is not admissible to SSEs of Road Transport Shop at C&W Repair Workshop, Perambur. Federation handed over a copy of their letter dated 28.9.2015 on the subject. This will be further examined.

9/2015: Supply of subsidized meal/food to the running staff upward revision urged.

Federation wanted to know the basis for working out the subsidy at the rate of Rs.41 per meal. They also stated that the present subsidy is grossly inadequate. It was agreed to show the calculations for arriving at the figure to the Federation.

Federation however invited attention of Railway Board to its letter dated 5th October 2015 conveying that based on the figures of CPI(IW) as on 1st July 2015, the rate of DA has reached 119% of pay while the rate of subsidy now fixed is very much inadequate.

24/2015: Extension of Incentive Scheme in left out shops/sections in Railway Workshops/ Production Units reg.

Official side explained that North Western Railway has reported that existing workload at Diesel POH Shop,Ajmer is 44.5 Units and not 47.5 Units. The present arisings of workload is insufficient to support introduction of incentive scheme at Diesel POH Shop, Ajmer. As and when the workload increases, incentive scheme would be introduced.


48/2015: Conversion of 43 Non-Incentive posts into “Incentive posts” Carriage Repair Shop, TPTY South Central Railway.

The sanction for operation of 43 additional posts under Incentive at Tirupati Workshop has been accorded vide Railway Board's letter No.2010/M(W)/814/3 dated 31.08.2015.

52/2015: Revision of Incentive Rates Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

Railway Board have approved extension of existing rate (w.e.f. 01.04.2014) upto 31st July, 2016. RWF has already processed for carrying out a review of the Incentive Scheme through an external agency. Meanwhile, RWF is conducting an internal review of the plant capacity duly considering the inputs in Machinery & Plant and Staff in the last few years and will make a reference to the Board for further necessary action.

Federation however expressed its disappointment over non-adherence of para2(a) of Board's letter dated 17.04.2014 and demanded restoration of incentive at the rates existed prior to 01.04.2014.

25/2011: Problems encountered by A.C. Escorting staff due to deterioration i n working conditions.

A copy of the Record Note of Discussions held by Board (MM & ML) with the Federations (AIRF & NFIR) on 20.07.2015 has been forwarded to all Zonal Railways & ICF, Chennai & RCF, Kapurthala for information and necessary action. Further action to be taken accordingly.

24/2013: Urgent need for construction of a new Running Room at Mumbai Central Western Railway.

Western Railway has informed that WR is initiating a proposal for construction of new Running Room at Mumbai Central for submission to Railway Board for including the same in Works Programme 2016-17. Further action will be taken in this direction.

Federation insisted that this item should be dealt on priority in view of sufferings of Running Staff due to non-availability of beds, facilities etc.


14/2010: Upgradation of posts commensurating w ith t he increased w ork load and responsibilities ESM Category S&T Department.

It was agreed to hold a separate meeting of the Federation withAM(Signal).


1 1/2014: Entitlement o f various types of residential accommodation based on t he revised Pay Scales recommended by 6th CPC

Official Side stated that as per entitlement of Government accommodation applicable to Central Government employees as notified by Ministry of Urban Development, the entitlement of employees having grade pay Rs.1800/- is also a Type-I quarter. Modification of the entitlement of employees in grade pay 1800 from Type-I to Type-II is not in the conformity with MOUD's notification on the matter.

Federation demanded that if any any location Type II quarter is vacant and there is no waiting list for Type II quarter at that station then the same be allotted to employees with Grade Pay Rs.1800/- It was agreed that this will be examined.


41/2015: Appendix - 3 I REM Examination-Change of pattern Clarification on exemption-reg.

Official side explained that with a view to provide benefit of exemption available in the two part examination pattern to the candidates who have passed Part I exam earlier in 2010 and 2012 exams, it has been decided to grant them one-time exemption from appearing in the compulsory paper(Advanced Book Keeping and General Rules & Procedures) in the ensuing exam being held in August-September, 2015. In future, with restoration of earlier pattern of examination, corresponding provision of exemption is also restored.


28/2015 : Simplification of procedure to receive terminal benefits by the railway employees or their families at the time of retirement/death dispensation of “Payee's letter of Authority” - reg.

The position regarding Payee's Letter of Authority has already been explained to the Federation during the last meeting that Letter of Authority (Form A-1978) obtained by HOD from the employees for remittance of money on account of GIS/PF/Leave Salary/gratuity/salary arrears/PLB is a part of booklet containing pension forms being furnished by the employee(s) at the time of their retirement and insistence of this letter by banks for arranging payment of pensioner benefits does not arise. Official side further stated that no instance of any bank(s) insisting on payees' LOA by banks has been brought to the notice of Southern Railway administration so far. Therefore, no action is required for the present. The instances, if any, advised by Federation will be taken up for appropriate action.



4/2011: Denial of TA/DA to the Staff Car Drivers in the Railways

Instructions have been issued vide Board's letter No.F(E)I/2009/AL-28/21 dated 25.8.2015. Federation, however, objected to linking the issue of Overtime Allowance with the matter. This will be further examined.

Federation also requested to refer its letter dated 5th October 2015 wherein relevant provisions under the rules are cited for modifying the instructions.

4/2013: Emoluments to be reckoned for grant of retirement/death benefits of staff working in Construction Organisations etc., on Indian Railways

Separate meetings with EDF(E) were held on 11.6.2015 and 29.9.2015. Action to be taken as per Record Notes of Discussion.

18/2013: Implementation of A p ex Court decision - Counting of t he service rendered by Commission Bearers/Vendors absorbed in Railways for pensionary benefits from the date of engagement as Commission Bearers/Vendors, till date of absorption in Railways Southern Railway.

Since the Establishment Directorate, after consultation with Central Agency Section(CAS) of the Ministry of Law and Justice, has already conveyed to Southern Railway that the case has not been found fit for filing Special Leave Petition(SLP), the matter is being pursued regarding the present status of the issue and subsequent action taken by Southern Railway. Federation wanted copies of the correspondence taken place between the Railway Board and Southern Railway.

19/2012 : New Catering Policy Departmental Catering Services Job security and regularization of Commission Vendors and Helpers.

Position explained to the Federation vide letter No.2015/E(LR)I/NM1-11 dated 29.9.2015. Federation agreed to close the item.



39/2012: Enhancement of Income Tax exemption limit in case of Running Staff reckoning of Running Allowance as pay for the purpose of deduction of Income Tax.

A copy of the reply received from the Ministry of Finance given to the Federation to enable them to study and get back, if felt necessary. Federation stated that they will send its reply shortly.


18/2004: Revision of special allowance to the Accounts staff for passing Appendix II and III examination with effect from 1.1.96.
9/2012: Qualification pay to Accounts staff on passing Appendix III (IREM) Examination Rectification of anomaly.

In accordance with the minutes of the separate meeting held on 15.07.2015 to discuss the left over items, the matter was examined in consultation with Finance Directorate who did not agree for in-house decision.Accordingly, reference has been made to MOF. MOF sought certain clarifications which has been replied on 06.10.2015.

1/2011: Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACPS to the staff who are in the same Grade Pay for more than 20 Years.

A meeting was held with MS & FC on 19.05.2015. Subsequently, it has been decided that the issues be first deliberated by concerned Executive Directorates with the Federations. Accordingly, a meeting of the Federations with concerned Executive Directors held on 12.10.2015.

5/2011: Categories exempted from the period of officiating Revision of Daily Officiating Allowance.

Matter is under consideration.

8/2011: Reckoning of Additional Allowance as pay for all purposes including computation of Retirement Benefits - Running Staff.

Federation desired that issue be referred to the Joint Committee for Running Staff.

9/2011: Application of Safety Related Retirement Scheme (LARSGESS) to the Loco Pilots drafted to w ork as Crew Controllers.

In accordance with the minutes of the meeting held on 15.07.2015 to discuss the left over items, the issue was again put up to Board (MS) and the demand was not found feasible of acceptance as Crew Controller is not a safety category and the duties of Crew Controllers are not as critical as that of Loco Pilots. Further, extending the benefit of Scheme to Crew Controllers may also encourage Loco Pilots to opt out which would be contrary to the entire Scheme of incentivizing running staff (and hence running of trains) in the extant Running Allowance Rules 1981. Further, at present the scheme itself has been challenged in various courts and hence no liberalisation will be possible.

Federation contended that firstly no designation of “Crew Controller” existing on the Indian Railways. Secondly in terms of Board's orders dated 09th January 1998, all those posts were made part of Loco Pilot category. Thirdly the Loco Pilot is drafted to perform the duties of “Crew Controller” while he continues as Loco Pilot and on completion of tenure period, the competent authority directs him back for foot plate working.

In view of these facts, it would be improper to deny Federation's demand. Federation at the same time urges that a meeting with the CRB may be arranged early.

16/2011: Abolition of Pay Scale and Introduction of upgraded Pay Scale with revised designation Senior Section Engineers (Drawing) Clarification on entry Grade Pay.
17/2013: Grant of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme Wrongful clarification issued by the Railway Board.

A meeting was held with MS & FC on 19.05.2015. Subsequently, it has been decided that the issues be first deliberated by concerned Executive Directorates with the Federations. Accordingly, a meeting of the Federations with concerned Executive Directors held on 12.10.2015.

22/2011: Grant of Transport Allowance to the employees availing the facility of Workmen Trains.

Federation replied vide Board’s letter No.PC-V/2008/A/TA/2 dated 10.09.2015. Federation requested for a Joint Meeting involving the other Federation also.

1-B/2012: VI t h CPC Recommendation Allowances to staff.

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare's advice in respect of doubling of rates of Special Allowance in respect of Nursing Personnel working in ICU/OTs has yet not been received. They were reminded in the matter on 15.07.2015.

7/2012: Payment of Allowance to the Running Staff working Duronto Express Trains.

Coaching Directorate has submitted file to Board for consideration.

22/2012: Grant of Incentive to the Accounts Stock Verifiers who have been posted from the cadre of Junior Accounts Assistant on passing Appendix IV- A (IREM) Examination.

Separate meeting with Adviser (Accounts) to be fixed shortly.

40/2012: Admissibility of House Rent Allowance in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of Railway residential accommodation.

As decided in the earlier meeting, a clarification in the matter is being issued. Federation wanted the draft letter to Railways to be shown to them, which was agreed by the Official Side.

56/2012: Counting of service of D-2 khalasis in CLW for extending benefits of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme reg.

Detailed position will be given to the Federation.

Federation has pointed out that in the wake of cancellation of appointment order consequent upon Hon'ble Court's decision, the GM had continued the staff as 'Substitutes', thus their services from the date of initial appointment is required to be treated as 'Substitute' service. Federation further stated that the substitutes are entitled for temporary status from the date subsequent to the date of completion of 120 days and as such their Substitute service from the initial date of appointment should be counted fully for granting of MACP.

Federation also invited Board's attention to the minutes recorded earlier wherein it was decided that separate discussion in association with CPO/CLW will be arranged. Action is therefore required to be taken accordingly.

58/2012: Grant of PCO Allowance to the Drawing staff (Jig & Tool) working in Parel Workshop/Western Railway.

Railway has informed that Drawing Staff of the Parel Workshop are not working on the Shop Floor, as such under the Incentive Scheme they are not entitled for Incentive Bonus/PCOAllowance. Federation has since been replied vide letter dated 23.09.2015.


National Holiday Allowance-Upward revision of r ate-urged.

On receipt of a reference from Federation, they have been advised on 9.07.2015 that VII CPC is examining the issue in respect of rate of NHA along with rates of other allowances. It is not an appropriate time to consider any kind of revision or deviation from the existing rate of NHA. In the circumstances the final report/recommendations of VII CPC may be awaited.


8/2013: Committee to determine the quantum of pay element in Running Allowance –Withdrawal of Railway Board’s arbitrary decision.
8/2015: Denial of Allowance in lieu of kilometreage to the medically decategorized drivers d rafted to perform duties of P ower/Crew Controller reg.

The issue is being discussed in the Committee constituted to deliberate on running staff issues.

The last meeting of the Committee held on 24.06.2015. Minutes of that meeting has been seen by NFIR on 17.09.2015. However, AIRF’s reply is awaited.

15/2013: Rectification o f MACPS anomalies Stepping up of P ay of Senior incumbents at par with Juniors item No.8 of the minutes of meeting held on 27/07/2012 at North Block, New Delhi.

It was explained by the Official Side that there is no anomaly, as in case of MACPS, pay drawn by an employee is personal to him.

Federation has however not agreed with the views expressed by the Official Side and requested separate meeting between NFIR & MS/FC.


16/2013: Non-grant of benefit under MACP Scheme t o t he S tock Verifiers working in Zonal Railways/Production Units.

A meeting was held with MS & FC on 19.05.2015. Subsequently, it has been decided that the issues be first deliberated by concerned Executive Directorates with the Federations. Accordingly, a meeting of the Federations with concerned Executive Directors held on 12.10.2015. Federation has also been replied on 21.09.2015.

Federation wanted Railway Board to respect its own decision that the posting of Accounts Assistant as Stock Verifier is not to be treated as promotion. Federation also stated that a copy of the speaking order dated 7th June 2001 was already given to Board.


15/2008: Railway Service (Revised P ay) Rules, 1986 exercising option for fixation of p ay with effect from 1.1.1986

Federation was advised that position has been re-checked from N.W.Railway. They have informed that there was no case in N.W.Railway in which fixation of pay in terms of Board’s letter No. PC-IV/87/Increment/2 dated.5.5.1995 was permitted beyond the stipulated time period for submission of options.

Federation stated that they will give the details of cases of N.W.Railway.

2/2011: Career growth of Chemical And Metallurgical Assistant Gr.I & II recruited through RRB with the Qualification of M.Sc.(Chemistry) B.Tech. (Met. & Chemical) Allotment of G rade Pay Rs.4600/- in PB-2 Rs.9300-34800

The issue stands referred to 7th Central Pay Commission for their consideration. The Commission is expected to submit its report soon.

Federation however expressed its disappointment over unjustified denial of GP Rs. 4600/- to the staff whose entry qualification is M.Sc. (Chem.)/B.Tech (Met. & Chem.).


23/2011: Grade Pay of staff in the Inspection wing of Production Control Organizations.

Detailed reply was given to the Federation vide Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2011/IR-N/7 dated 19.2.2015. During discussion Federation handed over Railway Board’s letter No.E(P&A) 1/-71/FE-2/C/DC dated. 9.2.1979. It was agreed to examine.

21/2012: Implementation of VIth CPC Pay Structure Merger o f pre-revised P ay Scales w.e.f. 01.01.2006 Promotion of staff to the same Grade P ay of Rs.1800/- A.C. Coach Attendant’s category.

The official side explained that consequent upon implementation of 6th CPC, regular Group ‘D’employees (in pre-revised scales Rs.2550-3200, Rs.2610-4000, Rs.2650-4000) on roll as on 01.01.2006 are placed in PB 1 with grade pay Rs.1800/- (corresponding to pre-revised scales Rs.2750-4400) w.e.f. 01.01.2006 subject to possession of prescribed qualification/retraining. In terms of Railway Board’s of September, 2008, these posts (as also posts where already existing in pre-revised Rs.2750-4400 in the cadre/category) stand merged along with functions. Moreover, this situation is not restricted to the category of AC Coach Attendants but is applicable in various other categories/departments. Federation requested to do a realistic review in this matter.

Federation also pointed out that the duties and responsibilities of staff in the pre-revised pay scales were different and higher in nature. It would therefore be incorrect to deny the benefit when they are promoted to same Grade Pay. Federation also stated that the Board have not held consultations with the Federations with regard duties and responsibilities pursuant of merger of higher pay scale with GP 1800. Federation contended that the staff are rightly entitled for fixation benefit.

28/2012: Grant of upgradation t o P .Way Supervisors in the P ay Scale o f R s.5000-8000/- ( pre-revised ) w.e.f 01.11.2003

As per the minutes of the last PNM meeting, the issue of grant of upgradation to P.Way Supervisors in the pre-revised scale Rs.5000-8000 (now GP Rs.4200) w.e.f 01.11.2003 was reviewed and keeping in view various factors/implications, this was not found feasible for acceptance. Further, the matter is sub-judice.

Federation however stated that the Board should await for final outcome of the Court case.

Fixation of pay under rule 13 to those promoted to identical pay band/grade pay shouldering higher responsibilities.

Based on the report of the Committee set up by Board, the category of Track Man/keymen etc is now being operated in four Grade unified structure and in such a pay structure benefit is already available on promotion from one Grade Pay to another and there is no issue of non admissibility of fixation of pay on promotion.

Federation did not agree with the above perception and contended that till 17th August 2012 the designations and responsibilities were distinct and therefore those who got promoted to the same grade pay after 01.01.2006 are entitled for pay fixation benefit under Rule S-13.

3/2014: Counting upgraded Group D’ posts in scale R s.3050-4590/- GP Rs.1900 (PB-1) in Diesel/Electric Loco/EMU Sheds-for cadre restructuring

The issue will be discussed separately with NFIR by EDPC-II.

The Federation while appreciating the response of Official Side requested to see that issue is resolved through consensus. Federation also stated that discontentment is prevailing among staff of Diesal/Electric Loco/EMU Sheds.

4/2014: Restructuring of certain Group C’ cadres –promotion benefit to the staff against vacancies existed as on 1.11.2013.

It was explained to the Federation that “keeping in view in-ordinate delay (2 to 3 years) in implementation of last cadre restructuring owing to certain conditions that were introduced for the first time, and as some of the existing vacancies were also lying unfilled since August, 1999 & January 2001, as a special case (one time dispensation), proforma fixation w.e.f 01.11.2003 was allowed to the staff promoted against normal vacancies existed on 01.11.2003 and it was clearly mentioned in Board’s order dated 17.02.2006 that is a special dispensation and must not be construed as a precedent for any other cases arising in future either out of restructuring or otherwise.

As per feedback received from Railways/Units, current cadre restructuring of Group ‘C’ staff has already been implemented on all the Railways/Units except one or two where this exercise is also near to completion. Since, there are no special mitigating circumstances in the current cadre restructuring of Group ‘C’ staff, demand raised by the Federation for allowing proforma fixation w.e.f.01.11.2013 to the staff promoted against normal vacancies existed on 01.11.2013 is not feasible for acceptance.

Federation however did not agree with the views expressed by the Official Side and contended that the vacancies of the years 2012 and 2013 (pre 01.11.2013) have not been filled due to administrative failure. The Federation therefore wanted that against these vacancies the incumbents who were promoted should atleast be granted proforma benefit w.e.f. 01.11.2013 as was done in the past when similar situation had arisen in 2006.
Federation also wanted the Railway Board to appreciate the growing frustation among staff who have not been granted promotion against pre-November 2013 vacancies. Federation further said that post-November 2013 vacancies also are yet to be filled on many zonal railways.

15/2014:Extension of date or exercising option b y the staff f or pay fixation under rule S13 on promotion w here feeder and promotional posts are in identical p ay band and grade pay.

The position has been ascertained from Western Railway. It has been found that Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2011/IC/1 dated 12.09.2013 was circulated by Western Railway on 17.10.2013 and uploaded on Railnet on the very day. Although the letter was circulated in Bhavnagar Division on 22.01.2014, Bhavnagar Division has stated that there is no case pending for acceptance of options submitted after the target date. Federation, however, stated that there were certain cases in Bhavnagar Division where employees could not submit options in time. Federation will provide the details.

16/2014: Upgradation of the posts o f R s.6500-10500/Vth CPC t o R s.7450-11500 ( Vth CPC) with appropriate pay fixation and merger of the same for placement in GP 4600/- (PB-2)- Implementation of Government’s decision.

The issue is presently sub-judice before various courts. Details of pending court cases were apprised to the Federation.

Federation however wanted to keep the issue under consideration and await for final outcome of the Court case.

18/2014: Denial Of Additional Increments To The Nursing Staff  Possessing B .Sc., Degree, North Western Railway

A draft letter has been sent to Finance Directorate for approval so that necessary clarification can be issued to the N.W.Railway.

Federation however requested to expedite issuance of clarification.

22/2014: Placement of erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff in PB-I+GP Rs.1800

The matter is still under examination in consultation with Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Finance had asked for certain clarifications which have since been replied by Ministry of Railways vide letter No. PC-VI/2008/1/3/1 dated 03.09.2015. Reply is awaited from Ministry of Finance.

28/2014: Incorrect denial benefit of placement as of S r . P .Way supervisor to those expired/medically de-categorised between the period from date of order to the actual date of implementation of Railway Board’s order .

Instructions issued vide Board’s letter No.PC-III/2014/FE-II/1 dated 21.09.2015.


1/2015: Career Progression of Track Maintainers in Railways Implementation of the report of the Joint Committee reg.

The matter had been examined and it is stated that Board’s orders dated 17.08.2012 & 01.04.2014 are still not fully implemented on some Railways. Further improvement in cadre structure of Track Maintainers may be reviewed after full implementation of Board’s above mentioned orders on all the Railways and after completion of reasonable residency period.

19/2015: Allotment of revised pay structure for Official Lnaguage Staff on Indian Railways reg.

Official side advised that six years’ condition is laid down by MOF. Hence, cannot be reduced to three years.

Federation however requested the Board to give copies of the relevant communications issued by the Ministry of Finance in this regard.

55/2015: Non-implementation of percentage ratio with effect from 01/01/2006 for Pointsman category in Operating Department resulting deprival of promotion to staff.
Official Side advised that clarification is being issued. closed. Thereafter, the item may be


Restructuring of Group ’C’Cadres Western Railway-reg.

The matter has been examined in consultation with Establishment Directorate and it is stated that as staff had refused promotion on or after 31.10.2013 i.e. after issue of Board’s Orders dated 08.10.2013, as such they cannot be considered for promotion under cadre restructuring as per instructions contained in para 11 of Board’s letter dated 08.10.2013. Hence demand raised by the Federation is not feasible for acceptance.

However, the Federation re-iterated that the Western Railway had taken wrong decision and the same should be rectified. After discussion, the Official Side agreed to review.


35/2004: Inadequate promotion opportunities for Technical Supervisors in railway printing presses

Official side stated that various options suggested by the Federation for providing better avenue of promotion to Technical Supervisors of Printing and Stationery Department have been examined at length but not found feasible. Federation, however, requested for details of the options which have been examined. Factual position would be provided to the Federation for appreciation and sending reaction, if any.

1/2006: Selection for promotion from Group C’ t o B’ posts-unilateral order o f Railway Board

Position explained.

12/2006: Regularisation of promotion ofAsstt. Nursing Officers on Indian Railways

( C L OS E D )

14/2011: A venue of Promotion f or Junior Lecturers to the posts of Lecturers in Railway Degree College, Secunderabad.

Federation wanted the Board to investigate into the background of the cadre and avenue of promotion existed which was discontinued later on. Federation also urged that the promotion avenue should be restored and those who fulfilled qualification condition be considered for promotion to the posts of Degree College Lecturers.

On the insistence of the Federation, Official Side stated that the matter would be re-examined to see if the post can be reclassified from Group 'A'.

12/2013: Selection for promotion to the Group ‘B’ Gazetted post of A.P.O eligibility criteria

As discussed during the last PNM/NFIR meeting, a clarification has been issued to N.W. Rly. vide Board's letter No.E(GP)2013/2/22 dated 23.09.2015 that instructions contained in Board's letter No.E(GP)99/2/22 dated 29.03.2010 laying down the eligibility criteria for promotion to Group 'B' posts including to Group 'B' posts of APO is to be read in conjunction with Recruitment Rules and various administrative instructions issued on the subject from time to time including the provisions contained in Para 203.2 of IREM Vol.I also incorporated as a note under column 11 of RRs. This provision stipulates that if a junior employee is considered for 70% selection by virtue of his satisfying the relevant minimum service conditions, all persons senior to him shall be held to be eligible, notwithstanding the position that they do not fulfill the requisite minimum service conditions.



Medically decategorized Asstt. Loco Pilots Grant of Alternative post in appropriate grade pay
17/2012: Fixation of pay of running staff on medical decategorization in alternative posts in new Pay Structure.

Meeting of Joint Committee on Running Staff under ED(T&MPP) to be fixed.

Federation, however, stated that the last meeting was held on 24th June 2015 and thereafter there has been no progress on the discussion held.

20/2011: Redeployment of medically decategorised staff jeopardizing safe working of t he system and depriving promotions of staff of the cadres

Official Side clarified that one year's training was given to the medically de-categorised staff and they have also been kept in separate seniority block. Acopy of CPO Southern Railway's letter was given to the Federation. Federation will check- up the ground situation and revert back for further discussion.

27/2011: Applicability of Rule No. 31 of Railway Service (Pension) Rules, 1993 for counting of service period paid from contingencies for calculation of gratuity on retirement

Official Side stated that it has been ascertained from RWF, Bangalore that no erstwhile project casual labour was paid from contingency. Federation wanted that half the TS service should be counted for pension as per rules. RWF can be advised accordingly.

30/2011: Stagnation of staff in Group D posts in Accounts Department on Southern Railway One time relaxation for promotion against DR quota vacancies of Accounts Clerks

A copy of Southern Railway's reply was given to the Federation for further examination at their end.
Federation however not agreed to the view taken by the Official Side and requested to arrange a meeting with FC. Federation also mentioned that in the previous meeting held in April 2015 also it was suggested to arrange meeting with the FC.

5/2012: Educational Qualification for recruitment to the post of physiotherapist Amendment to IREM provision

Instructions have been issued vide RBE No. 49/2015, prescribing the revised minimum qualification for various posts in Medical Department on the Railways. However, in view of the recent Gazette notification by Ministry of Health, the issue will be re-examined.

Federation, however, invited Railway Board's attention to its letter dated 3rd August 2015 wherein the copy of the Gazette notification was made available to the Board.
27/2012: Regularization of Substitute Teachers in t he Railways Implementation of Board’s orders

Federation stated that Board's orders are for screening of substitute teachers associating RRB and not selection by RRB as has been done by the Zonal Railway. They also wanted to know whether these teachers were not placed on the panel due to lack of vacancies or failure to get minimum qualifying marks. Matter would be examined further.

Federation also stated that the provisions exist for screening and absorption of substitutes and further requested that they may be screened and absorbed in any part of Indian Railways against the post of Teacher or in any Group 'C' post considering their long years of service and post graduation qualification.

32/2012: Lack of career growth-points Man category of Operating Department in the Railways

The issue is under examination under the heading "change in the staffing pattern of different categories of Traffic and Commercial Department" in the Commercial Department. Both the Federations have been asked to offer their comments vide Board's letter dated 15.07.2015. Reply received from Federations and file has been put up to Board on 16.09.2015.

42/2012: Denial of proper pay scales (Vth CPC) to the Senior Typists on Railways

Official Side stated that the issue is pending before 7th CPC whose recommendations may be awaited.

45-B/2012: Recognition of educational qualification &

26/2013: Implementation of LARSGESS recognition of educational qualification

Official side stated that the Railway would be asked to ascertain the factual position from Jamia Urdu regarding its recognition.

47/2012: Provision of entry qualification of Assistant Loco Pilot and allotment of higher grade pay to Loco Running Staff Recommendation of High Level Safety Review Committee

The case is being put up to Board(MM). Federation wanted a separate meeting with Board(MM).

3/2013: Counting of full service rendered by the casual labour after attaining temporary status till regularization for pensionary and retirement benefits

The issue is under examination in consultation with DOP&T.

Federation requested the Board to make special efforts for obtaining DOP&T's approval as the temporary status CL who got absorbed subsequently are facing lot of financial hardship.

27/2013: Retrenched Substitutes on East Central Railway their induction against vacancies

No proposal/ reference has been received from General Manager, East Central Railway on the issue.

28/2013: Placement of employees in GP 1800 in PB-I in Metro Railway, Kolkata

The issue has been considered by the Board but the same has not been agreed to. The same has been advised to GM(P)/Metro Railway, Kolkata vide Board's letter dated 26.08.2015. Federation, however, did not agree with the Official Side and requested the Board to give due consideration to the long years of experience.

5/2014: Technician III posts in Diesel/Electric Loco/EMU Sheds on Indian Railways increase of promotion quota percentage –reg.

The matter was discussed in a separate meeting with Board (ML & MM) held on 20.07.2015. Record Note of Discussions issued on 23.09.2015. However, Federation again explained the matter in detail. Case will be put to Board (ML& MM).

10/2014: Appointment on compassionate grounds to the wards/spouse of medically decategorized Railway employees
14/2015: Replacement of terminology “Medical decategorisation” a s “Alternate Employment on Medical Ground” in Chapter XIII IREM, Vol-I, Revised Edition 1989, first Reprint Edition 2009 Arbitrary decision of Health Directorate in gross violation of D C/JCM agreement - reg.

The matter is under examination with reference to the examples referred by the Federation through its letter dated 12th August, 2015.

12/2014 : Promotion of Pointsmen ( GP 1900 - P B - I ) to the post of Guard (Goods) Relaxation of 2 years Residency period -reg

South Central Railway has informed that due to acute shortage of Goods Guards affecting the train operations, a decision was taken with the approval of the General Manager that the pointsmen in G.P. Rs. 1900 be promoted on ad-hoc basis and regularised on the dates of
completion of two years service.

From the averments made by South Central Railway it is clear that Pointsmen in question are benefited by the decision of the General Manager and got their legitimate right also when completed the residency period. Since residency period has to be fulfilled before being promoted to the next post, no relaxation in the same is warranted, else it will set a wrong precedence.

20/2014: ( i) F our increments as incentives for counting for retirement purposes not being granted

Official Side stated that the matter is under submission to the competent authority.

Federation however insisted that the commitment given to the staff should be respected.

23/2014: Filling up the posts of Dresser Gr. III/OTA Gr.III in PB-I GP 1900/-

Official Side stated that the matter is under examination. Federation requested for early resolution of the issue.

27/2014: Promotion of serving Diploma Holders as JE/Elect. Against D R quota Metro Railway, Kolkata -reg

Metro Railway has not agreed to the transfer of DR quota to LDCE. Federation wanted to know for how long Metro has not held the examination for LDCE and for what reasons. Necessary information will be obtained from Metro.

Federation also stated that the failure of Metro Railway in regularly conducting LDCE has resulted serious resentment among Diploma Holder employees as they became ineligible due to their age crossed 45/47 years. As such age relaxation as one time dispensation be granted diverting Direct recruitment quota vacancies to be filled through LDCE.
6/2015: Percentage distribution of non-gazetted posts in various modes of consequent to the implementation of the recruitment after merger of grades recommendations of 6th CPC.

Federation stated that they have already provided relevant data. This would be connected and processed further.

17/2015 : Revision of remuneration rates of para - medical staff in Group C employed on contract basis-reg.

The recommendation of 7th CPC is expected shortly.

21/2015: Trade test for promotion in artisan categories reg.

The matter is under examination in consultation with Railway.

Federation insisted that the Manual's provision should be respected as Master Circular is not the authority.

23/2015: Recruitment policy for induction in Group C ( erstwhile Group ‘D’) posts in GP 1800+PB-1 through RRCs-review urged.

A committee has been constituted comprising EDE(IR), Convenor and EDCE(G) and EDE(N) as Members to examine various issues pertaining to Female Track Maintainers and submit recommendations thereon. Meeting of the Committee is to be held associating the Federation.

30/2015: Grant of compassionate appointment to the widows/wards of deceased IRCA staff- reg

Matter has been referred to Efficiency & Research Dte. regarding the suggestion of Federation for the merger of IRCAwith Northern Railway.

Federation also invited the attention of the Board to its letter dated 1st July 2015 urging for offering compassionate appointment to the wards/widows of deceased employees of IRCA and if need be, the matter be taken to Hon'ble MR.

36/2015: Abnormal delay in forwarding inter railway/inter divisional transfer applications of Railway employees Remedial measures-requested.

Federation requested that streamlining the system is necessary.

Official Side stated that Common Portal for transfer (CompTran) has been designed to put in place a mechanism that would facilitate a large number of railway employees who want to seek transfer to places near their home towns. Further, arising and filling up of vacancies is a continuous process and all-out efforts are being made to fill up the vacancies on Indian Railway's Group “C” category posts expeditiously. Adequate instructions are already in place urging Zonal Railway Administrations to process requests for inter-divisional/inter-railway transfer on priority basis and there is no need to issue fresh instructions in this regard.


38/2015: Granting promotion opportunity as JE against 25% Intermediate Apprentice quota to those Technicians initially appointed as Technician-III on compassionate ground.

A Joint Meeting with both the Federations (AIRF & NFIR) with ED(T&MPP) would be held.

45/2015: Cadre restructuring benefit and promotion of Catering Staff of Parliament House Catering Unit reg.

The matter has been examined and clarification to Northern Railway has been issued vide Board's letter dt. 19.06.2015.

49/2015: Irregularities in implementation of cadre restructuring JEs/SSEs (P.Way) East Central Railway.

Official Side stated that reference has been made to East Central Railway to which reply is still awaited.

Federation however expressed its serious disappointment over violation of rules and procedures, causing harm to the career of seniors who are legitimately due for promotion.

51/2015: Absorption of Quasi Administrative staff in erstwhile Group D’ (PB-I GP 1800/-) case of West Central Railway-reg.

Official Side stated that matter has been processed for decision of Board(MS).

Federation has specially requested the MS to accord approval as the case is within the ambit of extant instructions of Railway Board.

53/2015: Incorrect formation of panel of Shunting M aster in P B-1 + GP 2400/- on Solapur Division of Central Railway reg.

Reference of Central Railway has been replied to. However, the issue will once again be looked into regarding the mode of selection for these posts earlier, by obtaining information from Railway.

56/2015: Consideration of wards of deceased/medically invalidated staff for compassionate appointment to the post of Traffic/Commercial Apprentice-reg.

Official Side stated that South Central Railway has been replied; a copy was given to the Federation.


57/2015: Acute shortage of Guards on Western Railway reg.

Matter is under examination along with the issue in item No.32/2012.
60/2015: New Catering Policy 2010 Repatriation o f 188 Deemed Deputationist officials (DDOs) from IRCTC to Railways-reg.

Discussed and closed.



14/2014: Grant of promotion to the staff who are at the verge of retirement duly dispensing with induction training reg.

Position was explained to the Federation who requested that the existing instructions on the subject be reiterated. The item may be closed after issuance of instructions to the GMs etc., duly endorsing copy to NFIR.

26/2015: Creation of posts for TRD Organisation in Railways.

Official Side stated that the matter would be deliberated in the EDs' Standing Committee. Federation requested that the Committee may expedite the review process for benchmarking.

Federation also pointed out that system is suffering due to non-creation of posts.

50/2015: Training Module for Loco Pilot (Shunting) on Indian Railways wrong interpretation by Southern Railway reg.

A clarification has been issued to Southern Railways on 07.07.2015, a copy of which has also been given to GS, NFIR on 13.07.2015. There are no separate training modules for LP shunting diesel to LP shunting AC. It was mentioned that this was not being followed by Southern Railway.

Federation however stated that its letter dated 28th September,2015 may be connected and suitable clarifactory instructions issued to Southern Railway for complying with Board's instructions dated 7th July 2015.


44/2015: Abnormal delay in finalization of proposals relating t o D&AR cases Staff put to hardship reg.

Official side stated that considering the intricacies and voluminous nature of the cases, time is required for thorough examination of the cases. Besides, time is spent in making back references to the Zonal Railways to make good the deficiencies found in documentation on the case files. The UPSC also takes time in tendering their advice on cases referred to them. As it is noticed that a major chunk of the time spent is due to non availability of papers on the case files, a Single Window System has been introduced in Board's office alongwith a check-list for receipt of case files. In this system, a gazetted officer conversant with the case is personally required to bring the case to Board's office and explain the case when the papers are also checked and if any deficiency is found, the officer is required to bring back the case complete in all respects. With this system, time taken in disposal of disciplinary cases has come down to minimum required.

Federation appreciated the efforts being made by the Board and at the same time pointed out that grave injustice has been meted out to one retired official and requested to take steps for rendering justice to him.


8/2012: Periodical Transfers Policy on rotation of officials working in sensitive posts.

Separate meeting with EDV(T) & EDE(IR) held on 07.05.2015. Record Note of Discussions issued on 05.06.2015.

In the discussions held with the Federation on 7.05.2015, it was decided that existing instructions dated 27.01.2015 on Item 04/2015 be reiterated. The same was reiterated vide this Office's letter No.2014/V-1/VP/1/10 dated 30.06.2015.



34/2015: Problems faced by the Loco and Traffic Running Staff while performing running duties reg.

Official Side explained that as per the provisions of section 174 of the CrPC and GRP Manual, Police/GRP have been directed to remove dead bodies from railway premises including railway tracks.

Duties of railway Guards/Loco Pilot about the acts to be initiated when a person is found injured or dead on or near railway tracks have been defined in Operating Manuals of respective Zonal Railways.

Federation, however, stated that Railway employees often face harassment at the hands of State police authorities over removal of dead bodies and alleged tampering of evidence. They are also being summoned by courts in such cases.

It was decided to reiterate the existing instructions.


1/2013: Applicability of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 to persons re-employed in Railway Service after retirement from Defence forces.

Instructions issued vide Board's letter No.E(G)2013/EM1-5 dated 8.10.2015. It was decided to close the item.



31/2012: Application of D&A rules contained in S.No.3 of Schedule II Incorrect implementation by Disciplinary Authorities in the Divisions/Zones.

As agreed in the last meeting, instructions reiterated vide letter No.E(D&A)2012/ RG6-34 dated 30.09.2015.


7/2015: Implementation of negotiated settlement dated 7th February, 2014 reached between the Federations and the Railway Board (CRB, MS, FC etc.)

Position advised vide letter No.2015/E(LR)II/13/2 dated 20.08.2015.


SECTION - C: Items that could not be discussed due to paucity of time.


30/2014: Adverse working conditions faced by Bridge Staff on Northern Railway – remedial measures urged.


19/2014: Denial of revised V CPC pay scale-Injustice meted out to Midwives on Western Railway.
2/2015: Coverage of Track Maintainers GP 1900 & 2400/- and Station Master category under LARSGESS.

10/2015: Payment of Diet Allowance to Staff Attending Break-down duties.

11/2015: Denial of payment of HRA, Transport Allowance etc. to trainees appointed on compassionate ground in Grade Pay 1900/- in artisan category etc. - reg.

15/2015: Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to SSE – Drawing (formerly diploma holder tracers) appointed against D.R. Quota vacancies as Assistant Draftsman (presently JE- Drawing with GP 4200 in PB-2) reg.

18/2015: Arbitrary discontinuance of Nursing Allowance to ANOs working in Railway Hospitals – reg.

32/2015: Grant of pay fixation under rule S 13 to the erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff promoted to same grade pay of 1800/- (PB-I).

35/2015: Safety Related Retirement Scheme (SRRS – 2004) – renamed as Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS) – Deletion of 33 years service condition for Loco Pilot Category – urged.

39/2015: Mis-interpretation of Railway Board’s orders resulting denial of LARSGESS to ESM/TCM/WTM, GP 1900 – reg.

42/2015: Clarification regarding consideration of service rendered as Fireman, Loco Pilot (Shunting), ALP etc., for coverage under LARSGESS-reg.

46/2015: Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to the Technical Supervisors of DC Traction and presently working as JE/SSE.

47/2015: Grant of MACP to the former Traffic Signallers/A2 Signallers absorbed as ASMs/SMs on North Eastern Railway-reg.
54/2015: Scheme for filling up of the posts of Loco Running Supervisors – Western Railway.


Excessive actions of the Vigilance officials causing demoralisation among dedicated and upright Ticket Checking and Public image category staff.


33/2015: Denial of promotions against vacancies of Loco Pilots on Zonal Railways consequent to Court cases – Railway Board’s intervention - urged.


28/2011: Change of Uniform Code for Diesel Loco Shed staff & payment of Washing Allowance

50/2012: Departmentalization of Staff Canteen functioning in the office of the General Manager(Const.)/ N.F. Railway, Maligaon and consequent absorption of staff working in the Canteen

9/2013: Denial of complimentary passes to the widows of deceased railway employees

11/2013: Revised entitlement of Passes for Railway Employees – Hardship caused to certain staff who became entitled for 1st Class Pass as per old norms – Remedial action – urged

25/2015: Grant of Residential Card Pass or one third concession season pass to the Railway employees of Car Shed at Velachery, Chennai Division, Southern Railway- reg.


29/2015: Hard and difficult working conditions for the staff working in Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka, Bengaluru – unlawful deployment of staff on the activities prohibited under the Contract Labour(Regulation and Abolition)Act, 1970 reg.

31/2015: Reduction of Duty hours and revision of classification of Engineering & Traffic Gateman as “Continuous”.


16/2015: Facilities for Divisional Council and Branch Executive Council meetings of the recognised unions in the Railways- reg.
43/2015: Provision of rail net/internet connections to the offices of the recognized Unions and provision of CUG SIMs to the Office Bearers at Branch level-reg.

SECTION - D: Summary
Total number of items
Items discussed
Items that could not be discussed due to paucity of time
Items finalised
Balance items

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/establishment/E%28LR%29/MinNFIR2015_10_08-09.pdf



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Examination,7,Saving Bank Allowance,2,sc,29,scholarship Scheme,4,Schools,8,Scientific and Technical Posts,16,Scouts-Guides,4,SCOVA,67,Secretarial Assistance,1,Security Allowance,1,Self attestation,7,Self-certification,7,Senior Citizens,23,Seniority,17,Sensitive Posts,3,Service Book,15,Service Verification,6,Seventh Pay Commission,1916,Seventh Pay Commission Report,328,Sexual Harassment,26,Shramev Jayate,1,shunting duty allowance,2,Siachen Allowance,1,Sitting Fee Allowance,2,small saving scheme,54,social Media,18,Space Technology Allowance,1,Sparrow,7,Special Allowance,13,Special allowance for Child Care,2,Special Allowance for Safety Officer,1,Special Casual Leave,8,Special Disturbance Allowance,1,Special Duty Allowance,6,Special LC Gate Allowance,1,Special Pension,1,Special Train Controller Allowance,3,Split Duty Allowance,1,sports-person,39,SSC,12,st,26,Staff Benefit Fund,6,Staff Car Driver,6,Staff Selection Commission,1,Stagnation,6,State Govt Employees,2,Station Leave Permission,4,Stenographer,2,Stents,2,Stepping up of Pay,39,Stiching Charges,4,Stipend,12,Storekeeping Staff,5,Strike,235,Study Allowance,2,Study Leave,10,Substitute Employee,1,summer vacation,3,Sumptuary Allowance,5,Superannuation,11,Superannuation Charges,1,surplus employee,3,suspension,13,Swantah Sukhaya,2,Swavalamban,36,TA Rules,5,Tatkal Tickets,29,tax,2,Tax Free Bonds,1,TDS,37,TDS Rates,11,Technical Allowance,1,technical resignation,7,telephone facility,2,temporary employee,6,Tenure Allowance,4,Terms and condition,1,Territorial Army Allowance,1,Toll Free Number,1,Tough Location Allowance,5,Touring Officer Hostel,15,Trade Apprentices,13,Trade Union Act,1,train,126,Training Allowance,9,training policy,41,Transfer Policy,85,Transport Allowance,31,Travelling Allowance,70,tribal area allowance,4,Trip Allowance,2,Uniform Allowance,8,Unit Run Canteen,26,Upgradation of Post,54,UPSC,20,vacancies,29,Veteran Commission,2,Veterinary Posts,2,Vigilance Clearance,13,Voluntary Retirement,25,Wages,19,Washing Allowance,12,whistle-blowers,7,Widowed Daughter,4,winter vacation,1,Women Employees,52,Yoga,7,Youth Hostel,3,Zila Saink Board,6,वेतन आयोग,186,
Central Government Employee News and Tools: Minutes of PNM Meetings between Railway Board and NFIR held on 8th & 9th October, 2015
Minutes of PNM Meetings between Railway Board and NFIR held on 8th & 9th October, 2015
Minutes of PNM Meetings between Railway Board and NFIR held on 8th & 9th October, 2015
Central Government Employee News and Tools
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