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Minutes of the 1st meeting of the Pay Commission Committee (PCC) of OFB held on 26.02.2014

Minutes of the 1st meeting of the Pay Commission Committee (PCC) held in the Conference Room with the representatives of the Federations and Associations at 11.00 hours on 26.02.2014.
List of those present in the meeting is annexed.
1. At the outset, Smt. Arti C.Srivastava Member – Secretary extended a warm welcome to all the invites. Member-Secretary further informed that a Pay Commission Cell (PCC) had been constituted under the chairmanship of Shri Aidtya Mishra Sr.DDG/CP at OFB Hqrs to initiate deliberations and invite suggestions from all the stakeholders. Three preliminary meetings of the PCC have already been held. The meeting with the representatives of the Federations and Associations has been convened, as a part of the series of the meetings proposed to be held with all stakeholders to formulate views on various issues. A portal has also been launched on the OFB COMMENT to seek views of the officers, staff and employees on matters concerning 7th Pay commission and the General Mangers/Head of the Units have also been required vide Letter dated 14.02.2014 from the Chairman, PCC to have wide-ranging consultations in this regard and communicate their views and recommendations in the matter.

2. The Chairman of PCC, Terms of Reference ToR of the 7th Pay Commission are yet to be framed. However, at this stage, it is desirable if we pro-actively initiate all preparatory actions and crystallize our views and recommendations so that the same could be collated and compiled in the form of a comprehensive presentation before the pay commission at the appropriate time. Particularly, views are being sought on the methodology to the followed by the PCC, issues to be projected before the 7th Pay Commission and the areas/material/data to justify special considerations to the OF organisation vis-a-vis other organisations/cadres. In this connection, Chairman, PCC highlighted that issue relating to anomalies arising for the organisation, uniqueness about OFB, best practices in manufacturing sector, structural and policy limitations of the current system and the emerging ethos in line with other organisation could be deliberated. Therefore, Chairman, PCC invited representatives of the Federations and Associations to share their views in the matter.

3. From the views offered by the representatives of the Federations/Associations, it emerged that detailed proposals can be prepared only after the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the 7th CPC are finalised. The representatives of each Federation/Association however briefly raised the issues which would merit detailed consideration/deliberations at a later stage. Also based on the experience of the previous pay commission, it was proposed that :
    1. it should be impressed upon the 7th CPC that the Ordnance Factories Organisation as an Industry has a different role to play and that its working is different from other Central Government Deptts. with employees working under hazardous conditions and hard stations.
    2. All Cadre review proposals to be finalised immediately.
    3. Anomalies arising out of the 6th Pay commission be settled.
    4. Categories found to be not adequately taken care of in the 6th Pay commission be given thrust.
    5. Recast skills, functions, roles of employees and pay structure to bring parity among various categories.
    6. Outstanding of activities to be discouraged.
    7. OFB to take lead in interacting with 7th CPC as done on earlier occasions.
4. After detailed discussions, it emerged that pending finalisation of the Terms of Reference of the 7th pay commission by the Government, certain issues summarised below, were required to be addressed and the views concretised to establish a platform for formulating clear and effective recommendations on various issues :
    i. Early finalisation of all cadre review proposals – Action by DDG of the respective Cadre Controlling Authority Division
    ii. Settlement of anomalies arising out 6th Pay commission – DDG/Admin, DDG/G&DDG/IR (for ii, iii and iv and v)
    iii. Examine issues which have resulted in litigations
    iv. Policy issues which require immediate consideration
    v. Strengthening of the PPC Cell at OFB Hqrs.
5. The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.
(Smt. Arti C.Srivastava)
Member Secretary

Source : INDWF

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