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The Canteen Stores Department, (CSD), is a solely owned Government of India Enterprise under Indian Ministry of Defence. Its head office is located at Adelphi 119 MK Road Mumbai-400020 and has its depot sub-depots in all major military bases operated by the Indian Armed Forces.  The Canteen Stores Department, CSD as it is commonly referred to, was created to provide ‘easy access to quality products of daily use, at prices less than market rates’ to the soldiers, ex-servicemen and their families.
Today, because of the surging aspirations of Service personnel and their families and the media exposure to the improving standards of living in our country, the CSD provides a range of quality branded and unbranded products from shoe brushes to microwave ovens and cooking oil to luxury cars. The portfolio has grown from just a few items of daily use in 1948 (when the Department was created) to over four thousand products today. Information on all these products and brands is available on CSD web site through a “know-all” Search Engine for the benefit of the consumer.

Organization Structure : The governing body of the Canteen Services in India is the Board of Control for Canteen Services (BOCCS) which is headed by Hon’ble Raksha Rajya Mantri (RRM) and has as members the Defence Secretary, Secretary Defence (Finance), the Quarter Master General (QMG), COP (Naval HQ), AOA (Air HQ). The Board is assisted by an Executive Committee of BOCCS while the day to day management of CSD is controlled by the General Manager CSD who is ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Administration. The General Manager (of the rank of Major General) is assisted by two Joint General Managers, seven Deputy General Managers, 18 Assistant General Managers , 5 Regional Managers and 34 Area (Depot) Managers and other Officers. Click here to know more about the three tier Management of CSD »
Not for Profit : CSD like other chains has adopted best trade practices in all aspects of it’s operations but what distinguishes the Department from any and all other chains is that it is not driven by the profit motive!
CSD Operations : CSD’s trading operation is worked around seven basic product Groups.

Group I – Toiletries (Click to view the latest prices for Soap, Paste, Oil, Face Powder, Cleaning Agents, Perfumes etc.,)

Group II – Household Requisites (Gas Stove, Fan, Geyser, Grider, Room Heater, Induction Cookers, Sewing Machine etc.,)

Group III – General Use Items (Plastic Items, Brief Case, Hand Bags, Bedsheet, Socks, Umberlla, Helmet, Padlocks etc.,)

Group IV – Watches and Stationery (Wall Clock, Wrist Watch, Note Books, Pencils, Photo Albums, Stationery etc,.)

Group V – Liquor (Brandy, Canned Beer, Champagne, Gin, Vodkas, Whisky, Rum, Scotch Whisky, Wines etc.,)

Group VI – Food & Medicinal Items (Biscuits, Breakfast Cereals, Choclates, Coffee, Confectionery, Dry Fruits, Tea Bags, Snacks etc.,)

Group VII – 4 Wheelers, 2 Wheelers & White goods (Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, LED TV, Refrigerator, Scooter, Motor Cycle, Washing Machine etc.,)

While all these products are procured based on demand from URCs, products in Group VII cannot be stored at URCs and neither can they be shelved! For this reason, CSD procures these items from the trade on behalf of the end user “Against Firm Demand” (AFD).
Suppliers : The Department works closely with more than 500 suppliers across the country for supply of the range of products seen on URC shelves and at select trade outlets (in the case of “AFD”). They are represented by leading multinationals, large Indian companies and many small manufacturers, including start-ups of ex-servicemen.
In order to achieve the best price for consumers, CSD encourages competition among suppliers.
CSD Deopts in India The Department has 34 depots strategically located across India. This is the core strength of the CSD, which puts its operation in close proximity to the thousands of URCs it has mandated to serve. These Depots are the hub of the CSD chain.

CSD Depot network with Contact Details:

Full Address
Telephone Number
HEAD OFFICE Address : “ADELPHI”, 119 Maharshi Karve Road, MUMBAI – 400 020. Tel No. (Board) : 2203 7120 / 2203 7140 / 2203 7142 gm[@]csdindia.gov.in | Jgm2[@]csdindia.gov.in | dgmedp[@]csdindia.gov.in
AREA DEPOT Address : Gun Powder Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai – 400 010 Tel No. 022 – 23744113 / 23744114 Fax : 022 – 23732737 byd[@]csdindia.gov.in
BASE DEPOT Address : EX. Ordnance Depot Complex, Signal Hill Avenue, Sewri, Mumbai – 400 033. Tel. No. 022 – 2372 2074 / 2372 0859 / 2372 0601 Fax : 022 – 2372 0859 bbd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Agra Address : Station Road, AGRA-282001. (Uttar Pradesh) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0562-2421177 | 2421188 Fax : 0562-2421177 agd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Ahmedabad Address : Opposite Green Cinema (Open Air Theatre) Ahmedabad-380 003 (GUJARAT) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 079-22867451 Fax : 079-22850277 ahd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Ambala Address : Barrack NO. 2, P. B. No 8. Allenby Lines. AMBALA – 133001. (HARYANA) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0171-2611373 Fax : 0171-2611106 amb[@]csdindia.gov.in
B.D. Bari Address : Bari Brahamana, Jammu, Pin – 181 133. (JAMMU) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 01923-220481/222365 Fax : 01923-222365 bdb[@]csdindia.gov.in
Baghdogra Address : P 0 Baghdogra, Dist. Darjeeling, Pin-734 422 (WEST BENGAL). (KERALA) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0353-248 0041 | 2480185 Fax : 0353-2550163 dpd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Bangalore Address : P O Agrarm, P Bag No 780, Bangalore – 560 007 (KARNATAKA) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 080-2558992 Fax : 080-25585982 bgd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Bareilly Address : Station Road, Sarvatra Bhavan, Post Box No 2, Bareilly – 243 004. (Uttar Pradesh) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0581-2510188 Fax : C/o 0581-2427533 bld[@]csdindia.gov.in
Bathinda Address : Thimayya Marg, (PUNJAB). Pin – 151 004 Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0164-2290874 Fax : 0164-2291021 btd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Bikaner Address : Well Road, Head Post Office, P. B. No 74, Bikaner-334 001. (RAJASTHAN) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0151-2233897 Fax : 0151-2233724 bkd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Chennai Address : Fort St George, POBox 802, Chennai-600 009 (TAMILNADU) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 044-25671369 / 2567 Fax : 044-25672476 chd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Dehradun Address : Araghar, 61, E.C. Road. (Uttaranchal State) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0135-2711009 Fax : 0135-2711401 dnd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Delhi Address : Chiltral Lines, Opp Kirby Place Bus Stop, Delhi – 110010 Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 011-25693620 Fax : 011- 25684635 dhd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Dimapur Address : P. O. Box 19, Pin – 797112. (NAGALAND) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 03862-232995 / 232153 Fax : 03862-225245 dpd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Hissar Address : Opp. Police Check Post, Haryana – 125 044. Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 01662-221581 Fax : 01662-220875 hsd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Jabalpur Address : Opp Empire Talkies, Theatre Road, Jabalpur – 482 001. Madhya Pradesh. Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0761-2622656 Fax : 0761-2677920 jbd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Jaipur Address : Piru Lines, Behind Military Hospital. Jaipur – 302 006 (RAJASTHAN) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0141-2201563 | 2204923 Fax : 0141-2204923 jad[@]csdindia.gov.in
Jalandhar Address : 1, Porus Road, Jalandhar, Punjab. Pin – 144 005. Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0181-2260202 | 2263890 Fax : 0181-2266482 jld[@]csdindia.gov.in
Khadki Address : Mandalay Lines, Range Hills, Khadki, Pune – 411 020 (MAHARASHTRA) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 020- 25812907 | 25813631 Fax : C/o 020-25816809 kkd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Kochi Address : Opp Teleorn Stores, Depot (Annex), Gandhi Nagar, P B No 2054, Pin – 682 020. (KERALA) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0484-2203339 Fax : 0484-2207046 ccd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Kolkata Address : Fort William, Kolkota-700 021 (WEST BENGAL) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 033-22485939 Fax : 033-22130804 ctd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Leh Address : HQ 14 Corps, CIO56 APO Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 01982-260444 | 260399 Fax : C/o. 01982-252408 led[@]csdindia.gov.in
Lucknow Address : Jail Road, P. O. Box 1002, Lucknow – 226 002. (Uttar Pradesh) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0522-2450327 Fax : 0522-2464673 lkd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Masimpur Address : P 0 Arunachal, Dist. Cacher, Silcher, Pin – 788 025 (ASSAM) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 03842-278213 Fax : 03842-278510 rme[@]csdindia.gov.in
Meerut Address : B.C. Lines, P.O.Box No 49E, Meerut – 250 001. (Uttar Pradesh) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0121-2648257 Fax : 0121-2640983 | 2651133 med[@]csdindia.gov.in
Misamari Address : Assam, Pin – 784506 Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 03714-253534 | 253575 Fax : C/o 03714 – 25312 mmd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Narangi Address : P 0 Satgoan, Guwahati, Pin – 781 027 (ASSAM) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0361-2642482 | 2644926 Fax : 0361-2644926 ngd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Pathankot Address : Gurudaspur Road, Opp Rly Station, PO Box 1, Pathankot, Punjab, Pin – 145001 Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0186-2224618 Fax : 0186-2254822 pkd[@]csdindia.gov.in
PORT BLAIR Address : Brichgunj, P. B. No 480, Junglighat P O, Pin – 744103. South Andaman.(ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 03192-261284 | 260399 Fax : 03192-260887 ptd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Ramgarh Address : P. D. Karai Area, RAMGARH – 829122 (BIHAR) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 06553-225385 Fax : 06553-226657 rgd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Secunderabad Address : R A Lines, Trimulghery, Secunderabad – 500 015 (Andhra Pradesh) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 040-27794147 | 27990053 Fax : 040-27990053 sbd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Srinagar Address : B B Cantt, P. O. Batwara, J & K. Pin – 190 001 Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0194-2468085 Fax : 0194-2466847 snd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Udhampur Address : Pioneer Coy Lines, J & K. Pin – 182 101 Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 01992-242237 Fax : C/o.01992-270759 udd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Visakhapatnam Address : Bldg No T/1/1, 9-IRSD, Kancherapalem PO, Visakhapatnam – 530 008 (ANDHRA PRADESH) Tel No. (O) : (Civ) 0891-2558218 Fax : C/o 0891-2552360 vpd[@]csdindia.gov.in
Earlier, all supplies to these Depots were routed through the Base Depot in Mumbai, however, due to the expansion of the operation, suppliers are now given the option to supply locally to Depots closest to their manufacturing/supply centres. This has reduced lead time and improved overall operation of the Department.
The “power centre” of CSD is Adelphi, a six storey structure in the commercial and financial centre of Mumbai alongside the famous Churchgate Station. Adelphi houses the office of the Chairman Board of Administration and General Manager of CSD and all leading functional departments including:
• Management Services
• Secretariat Branch
• Finance & Accounts
• Personnel & Administration
• Electronic Data Processing
• Stores Branch (GS, LIF and AFD sections)
Vision : During the past seven decades, the Department has expanded vertically and horizontally in response to the needs of the Army, Navy and Air Force, to meet the growing aspirations of troops, ex-servicemen and their families. These captive customers are privileged in a very special way: CSD ensures that the entire portfolio of products reaches them wherever they are and that these products are available at a uniform price across the network.
In recent years the Department has introduced high levels of digitization in operations to ensure efficient inventory management and to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction.
The Department continues to strive to increase the efficiency of all existing systems with a view to reduce costs across the organization, improve response time for new product introductions and to hasten the pace of deliveries to local depots and ultimately to URCs. CSD believes that this is the best way to ensure that the customer gets quality goods at the justify time and the justify place.

Source : csdindia.gov.in


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    • Ujjal Bhuyan 7 years ago

      yes, go to the canteen and dont forget to take the warranty card and bill alongwith
      if the item comes within the waranty it will be exchanged/repaired.

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