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Canteen Facilities to Defence Personnel, Ex-servicemen


Q1 Do I have to pay any penalty for making new Smart Card after I have lost the old Card? 

A1  (a) Penalties on Loss of Smart Cards Yes, In case of loss of Canteen  Smart  Card (Grocery/Liquor) by an individual following penalties will be levied in addition to costs of Smart Card and penalty amount will be merged with the URC profit :-

Liquor Grocery
Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
and subsequent Time
Rs. 1000/-

Note. Chairman of the URC may wave off the Penalty depending upon the genuineness of the loss, in exceptional cases. 
(b) There have been few cases of misuse of lost Smart cards. Therefore, loss of Canteen Smart Card is being dealt with strictly. In addition to person applying afresh for the card and giving wrong details, responsible scrutinizing staff/ countersigning authority will also be held accountable for wrong details in application for fresh Individual Smart Card.

Q2. Why restrictions are laid by some URCs on entry as well as issue of items to authorized persons?

A2. Misuse of canteen facilities is detrimental to the welfare of the genuine buyers. This needs to be curbed. Sometimes temporary restrictions are also put on place due to short supply of certain items or excess purchase of certain items by customers during particular season. The responsibility to manage the available inventory as also to curb misuse of facility, lies with the Chairman of URCs. In order to streamline and further refine the procedures, following is being implemented:-
(a) No Bulk Purchases by Individuals. No bulk purchases by an individual are permitted. URCs can lay down restrictions at local level to ensure the same. However, all bulk purchases, if valid reasons necessitate, will be supported by one time use written permission of the Chairman of URC.
(b) Strict check on entry and allowing only authorized persons to avail canteen facilities. Entry into any URC will be purely Smart Card based by personal appearance.

Q3 . What are orders on the issue of liquor?

A3 Liquor Quota. There is no change in liquor authorization. However, it is limited as per brand/type for better planning and control over quality & quantity. As such, following restrictions are presently enforced:-

(i) Officers. Scotch whisky permitted up to 50% of total entitlement.
(ii) JCOs & Eqvl. Not more than three Whisky bottles including one Scotch Whisky of the entitlement.
(iii) Others. Not more than two Whisky bottles including one Scotch Whisky of the entitlement.

Note. This restriction will be revised by the DDGCS from time to time as per requirement, availability of funds and stock position.

Q4 What is the entitlement for purchase of car?

A4 Four Wheelers(Car). An entitled person based on his purchasing power will be entitled to purchase first or subsequent car only after years and up to capacity as mentioned below:-

(a) Officers (Incl Retd) – Four years and upto 2500 cc capacity.
(b) JCOs/Eqvl granted Hony Commission (lncl Retd) – Seven years and upto 1500 cc capacity
(c) JCOs/OR & Eqvl (Incl Retd) – Once while in service and once after retirement up to 1400cc capacity.

Q5. Is there a minimum service limit for purchase of car by JCOs/ OR?

A5. Yes, A JCO/ OR should have rendered min 15 years of color service to apply for a car.

Q6. What are restrictions on purchase of a 2-Wheeler?

A6 All categories (Incl Retd) can buy a 2- wheeler after every three years. .

Q7. Is there any restriction on AFD items?

A7. AFD Items like Refrigerator, TV, Washing Machine etc can be purchased after every three years by all categories.

Note: Control Over AFD Items will be reviewed from time to time as per requirement, availability of stores and budgetary situation of CSD.

Q9. What are the orders for entry into a URC?

A9. Entry into any URC will be purely Smart Card based by personal appearance. In case a particular Offr/JCO/OR/Equivalent is unable to present himself personally due to valid reasons like old age or acute medical problem, a permission, signed by the Chairman/ CO/OC of the unit/ establishment running the URC must accompany the Smart Card with photo of the authorized person carrying it. Validity period and genuineness of requirement of such permission will be decided by the Chairman of the URC on case to case basis.

Source: http://indianarmy.gov.in/

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  • Madhu 2 months ago

    Am a EX ARMY (Retd)
    I have already canteen smart card’s both liquor and grocery… Ok
    Now am joined defence civilian in 2023
    Can I apply for defence civilian canteen grocery card..
    Sir please explain me and informs
    Thanks you

  • Bhoopendra Singh 1 year ago

    Sr,is contract /agreement mandatory for hiring of truck for store collection by the URCs or any other policy for the same

  • URC HQ 31 Inf Bde 2 years ago

    Presently URC is demanding and drawing the liquor on the basis of server generated dependency. How URC can demand liquor for Adv quota for their beneficiary.

  • Dr.Ajaya raj 2 years ago

    Respected Madam/ Sir,
    Due to very hot weather are wearing shorts restricted for entery to a military canteen? I was personally insulted and send out of the canteen this time.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Col S Jagannathan, VSM (Retd) 2 years ago

    How can i delete name of my married daughter from csd canteen facility. i am at Delhi i was advised by DSOI to approach Sena Bhavan canteen. where is it what documents required.

  • Capt Deepak Padiyar 2 years ago

    Sir , I am denied by admin for login because of mismatch of chip no and for that I have resubmitted my details but still I am unable to login .

  • Atul Upadhyay 3 years ago

    Is grocery and liquor cantten card no are same or not

  • Ajay Rajpoot 4 years ago

    Sir, how much time take to make new canteen grocery card as reapply second time?

    • Rajkumar Ashinikumar Singh 2 years ago

      Sir,my liquor card is not reading at CSD Hindan and advised me to visit Sena Bhawan Canteen to resolve the issue.What might be the problem and what can be done now?

  • Lt Col Thomas KC 4 years ago

    In the present situation of COVID-, it is suggested that the items should be made available to purchase through ON LINE . CSD can have a tie with the supplying agency TATA CIQ, Amazone/Flipcart etc. Or the Army/Air Force/ Navy can have a central Depot in each station and supply the items . The modalities have to be worked and the cost for delivery have to be charged from the consumer.