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Complaints over OROP benefits

Complaints over OROP benefits

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence

22-November, 2016

Complaints over OROP

A Judicial Committee headed by Justice L. Narasimha Reddy, retired Chief Justice of Patna High Court was appointed to look into the anomalies of implementation of OROP. The Committee has submitted its report on 26.10.2016 which is under examination.

Out of 20,63,529 pensioner beneficiaries, 1429 complaints have been received from Ex-Servicemen and the Family Pensioners with regard to OROP benefits. Public Grievance Cell in the Department is receiving grievances of the pensioners / family pensioners and taking up the matters with the concerned Departments for redressal of their grievances. Disposal of grievances is monitored at the highest level in the Government.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri PL Punia and Shri Pramod Tiwari in Rajya Sabha today.

Source: PIB


  • The information fed to us is worth. TQ

    • Srinivasan R 8 years ago

      I fully agree and appreciate the present GOI, but, not at all satisfied with the implementing Authorities who interpret the GOI orders in the wrong spirit. They commit an error and to cover it up they start beat around the bush instead of accepting their mistakes boldly and correct them with a sportive spirit. This makes the pensioners to seek legal remedy and constrained to go up to even Hon'ble Supreme Court. Can each and every pensioner afford to go to the Supreme Court ? This is the advantage taken by the implementing Authorities. They forget that, they too will become a Pensioner one day.God only should save such attitude of persons.

  • Deva Dhason 8 years ago

    the above statement is in correct contrary to truth.

    From the third pay commission onwards, the service pensioners were given the raw deal that their pension was revised as it was done for the civilian pensioners.

    Servicemen / Exservicemen protested and demanded raising a new name as OROP. Everyone thought as a demand of the "everest" and played without any basic understanding.

    The govenment before 2014 talked in sympathy of service people, especially about those in the lower level and made random increments in different times bringing the pension high substantially. Yet eluded so called OROP.

    The present government implemented the so called OROP in full commitment for the welfare of the exservicemen. We cannot blame the government for the confusion prevailing within the forces in respect of ranks and classifications also their equivalant. UNLESS THIS ISSUE IS PROPERLY DONE AND PROJECTED, WE CANNOT EXPECT A MIRACLE OF PROPER OROP IMPLEMENTATION. The onus of the case lies in the services itself.

    The present government implemented well giving reasonable addition to every soldier giving reasonable relief without wasting time. This government has shown lot of concern for the soldiers and their family. We only hope the government will be willing to do much more good to the servicemen and their family. IT IS RIGHT TO BE THANKFUL AND APPRECIATE THE GOVERNMENT FOR THE STEPS TAKEN BY THEM IN THE WELFARE OF SERVICEMEN AND THEIR FAMILY.

  • There will be 20,63,529 complaints about OROP as not a single ex-serviceman and their family is happy the way OROP is being implemented!!!!