Merger of 80% D.A., One increment for employees who retiring on 30th June, CCL for male employee, Setting up of 7th CPC etc.: Demand of Railwaymen’s persued by AIRF


1. Employment to the wards of all the Railwaymen’s working in Grade Pay up to GP Rs.4600 in the Railways under LARSGESS.
2. Scrapping of New Pension System (NPS) & all the staff, irrespective of their date of appointment, should be covered under the Old Pension Scheme.
3. Merger of Sr. PWS with the J.E(P.Way).
4. Setting up of 7th Pay Commission without any delay.
5. Enhancement in upper age limit up to 59 years for the purpose of Voluntary Retirement under LARSGESS.
6. To earmark at least 20% quota for priority in recruitment of the wards of all the Railwaymen in RRC/RRB, preference to be given to the wards of the Railwaymen retiring by 31st March, 2014.

7. Dispensation of Written Examination from the process of engaging Act Apprentices to facilitate engagement of wards of Railwaymen under this scheme – their(wards of Railwaymen) engagement should only on the basis of viva-voce.
8. There should be full reimbursement of education expenses up to 10+2, which should include cost of transport, and the reimbursement scheme should be enhanced up to Degree and Post Graduate level.
9. 100% service rendered in CPC Scale of casual period should be computed for all pensionery benefits and financial upgradation under MACP Scheme with payment of consequential arrear.
10. Unanimous recommendation of the Jt. Committee on Package and Career Progression for Trackmen should be implemented in toto in regard to promotional percentage, i.e. 10%, 20%, 20% and 50% in GP Rs.2800, 2400, 1900 and 1800 respectively.
11. Pilot Project of promotion on Selection Posts on the basis of “Perusal of ACR and Benchmarking” should be regularized for ever.
12. Unanimous report of Cadre Restructuring Committee for all categories of Railwaymen should be implemented retrospectively w.e.f. 01.05.2010 with payment of consequential arrears. 13. Total working hours of all the categories of the Railwaymen should be limited to 8 hrs. per day, and for the Running Staff, 6 hours a day.
14. Implement decision taken in the Anomaly Committee to grant GP Rs.4200 to ASMs, GP Rs.4800 and Rs.5400 to all Technical and Non-Technical Supervisors presently placed in GP Rs.4600.
15. Grant GP of Rs.2400 for all Grade III Technicians presently in GP Rs.1900.
16. Upgrade Tech II to the level of Grade I and grant GP of Rs.2800. To avoid further Anomaly and till such time upgrade Tech Grade I to the level of GP Rs.4200, pay Rs.3000 as a Special Pay for all Grade I Tech.
17. Grant GP Rs.4600 for all MCMs and JEs.
18. Grant GP Rs.4800 for all Section Engineers.
19. Grant GP Rs.5400 for all Sr. Section Engineers.
20. Scrap GP of Rs.2000 under MACP Scheme and GP Rs.2400 with arrears for MACPS.
21. All grade III Technicians, TNCs, Pointsmen, Accounts Assistants, Junior Clerks, Accounts Clerks, TC, and Paramedical Staff in GP Rs.1900 should be paid GP Rs.2400 with immediate effect.
22. Grant GP Rs.2800 as a Minimum Entry Grade Pay for all the Commercial Clerks present in GP Rs.2000.
23. Encashment of 10 days LAP once in 2 years should be revised and encashment of 10 days LAP should be allowed every year without any condition.
24. Group `C’ employees retire from service in GP Rs.1800 should be issued 2 sets of Post Retirement Complementary Passes, out of which 1 set should be 3rd AC every year.
25. All the employees, both in safety and non-safety categories, presently in GP Rs.1800, should be given career advancement, like Track Maintainers with promotion in GP Rs.1900, Rs.2400 and Rs.2800.
26. All the Railwaymen should be paid a monthly Special Pay of Rs.2000 as “Railway Special Pay” on par with(Ministry’s Special Pay).
27. Scrap New Pension Scheme and convert the accumulated 10% deduction into PF account.
28. Modify Child Care Leave as Family Care Leave(FCL) and extend the same to all the serving female and male employees not only for children care and for health and in emergency reasons.
29. With a view to allow Women Railway Employees to avail Family Care Leave without any restriction, at least 15% Leave Reserve Posts should be created in Office Staff and the percentage of Leave Reserve in open line should be increased from 15% to 25% so that no leave is denied to the Railwaymen.
30. Implement flexi-timings for female Ministerial Staff and there should be no “Night Duty” for open line Women Workers.
31. Sanction Productivity Linked Bonus on the basis of real wages without any upper ceiling limit.
32. Merge 80% D.A. for the purpose of all benefits, including HRA and Transport Allowance.
33. Grant one increment for those retiring from service on 30th June every year.
34. Allow Railway employees born on 1st day of a month to superannuate on the last day of the same month instead of retiring than in previous month.
35. Enhance Nursing Allowance from Rs.4000 p.m. to Rs.10000 pm.
36. Grant bunching of increment benefits to Nurses/Nursing Sisters on par with Matrons.
37. Pay Over Time Allowance to Nurse/Nursing Sisters against vacancy.
38. Remove ban on recruitment in Ministerial Cadre and fill up all promotion under VR Quota on promotion as per seniority.
39. Extend Residential Card Pass facility in all the newly opened sections.
40. Grant 30% HRA to Railway employees working in the vicinity of `A’ Class Cities.
These issues will again be deliberated in the ensuring General Council Meeting of the AIRF to assess the progress, and in case these are not considered by the Ministry of Railways(Government of India) and paid due attention, there will be no way-out left, but to resort to direct action, the entire responsibility of which shall rest with the Railway Administration.

Source: AIRF

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  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    Respected sirs, It is an ill fate of central govt.employees whose date of birth is 1st July.In my case I retired on superannuation on 30.6.2012.I got annual increment on 1.7.2011 but the last and precious increment for the 365 days I served i.e. from 1.7.2011 to 30.6.2012 is denied on simple reasons. Accordingly thousands of July1st date of birth retirees and future retirees are put into recurring financial loss and mourning silently during their old age.We pray all the various unions , federations' associations and learned individuals; who are serving the needy employees; to consider our unfamiliar case and help us to get last increment as we served 365 qualifying days.Please.email to:[email protected]