Stepping up of pay to the direct recruit JWMs at par with junior

Stepping up of pay to the direct recruit JWMs at par with junior

10-A, S. K. BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA-700 001

No. Pay/Tech-I/01(6th CPC)/2013/Cir-18

Date: 24/06/2013

All Group Controllers

Subject: Stepping up of pay to the direct recruit JWMs at par with junior

References hove been received by this office regarding stepping up of pay to the directly recruited JWMs through UPSC at par with those JWMs who had been placed at the some grade by virtue of merger of posts of AF and JWM as per 6th CPC, in the light of DOPT OM No. 200020/4/2010-Estt.(D) dtd 13.9.2012.

In this connection, it may be stated that ibid DOPT order has defined only the seniority position of Govt. servants as on 29-08-2008 in respect of holder of post having higher pay scale or post which constituted promotion post for the posts in the feeder grade vis-a-vis to those holding post having lower pay scale or posts in feeder grade but placed w.e.f 1.1.2006 to the higher post due to merger of posts. The clarification thus effectively defines placement of Govt. servant who got the benefit of merger below the Govt. servants who were already holder of the higher post prior to the date of implementation of 6th CPC i.e, 29.8.2008. However, such seniority to the holder of the post does not entitle them any stepping up of pay benefit as pay of the juniors hove been fixed based on the pay they already earned by virtue of their service.
Attention is also invited in this regard to clause 2(e) of GOI decision no.23 under FR 22 where it has been clearly stated that “where a person promoted from lower to a higher post, his pay is fixed with reference to the pay drawn by him in the lower post under FR-22 1(a)(i) and he is likely to get more pay than a direct appointee whose pay is fixed under different set of rules. In such cases, the senior direct recruit cannot claim pay parity with the junior promoted from a lower post to higher post as seniority alone is not a sole criteria for allowing stepping up”.

Keeping in view of the above, it is felt not to extend stepping up benefit in such type of cases.

Br. AOs under your control may please be intimated accordingly.

C of A (Fys) has been consulted.

Asst. Controller of Accounts (Fys)

Source : www.pcafys.nic.in
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