Pending Cadre Restructuring, Large Number of Vacancy of Assistant, Merger of Office Supdt & Assistant after a lapse of 8 years since 6th CPC: AIAAS(NG) Letter


No. Assn/1/2014/GS

Dated 10/03/2014

The Secretary,
Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation,
New Delhi-110001

Sub: 1. Non implementation of cadre restructuring of Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices   after long five years since start. 

2. Large number of posts of Assistant is lying vacant in NSSO Offices due to not taking up the merger of the posts of Office Superintendents & Assistants after a lapse of long 8 years since 6th CPC.

3. Posts of Administrative Officers are lying vacant very long for want of recruitment rules for the post.


This Association had written a letter to your office vide letter No. Assn/2/2012/GS Dated 23/07/2012 to apprise the inordinate delay in implementation of cadre restructuring of Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices thereby bringing you the disappointment of the Staff shouldering heavy responsibilities of Administrative Officers in the NSSO Offices retiring on the post of UDC/Assistants without getting any pay parity (copy enclosed). Thereafter, I have contacted the concerned authorities in the Ministry several times and explained the miseries of the Administrative Staff of the NSSO Offices carrying higher responsibilities without getting a matching pay scale. But despite of a lapse of 1 year and 9 months after the submission of the aforesaid letter no significant development in the implementation of the Cadre restructuring has been taken place.

It is worth mentioning here that this is the only cadre restructuring for Administrative Staff which has been initiated by the Ministry since the very inception of the NSSO. But unfortunately the maiden Cadre restructuring itself has not reached anywhere even after 5 years from its initiation.
 2. Non filling of vacancies of Assistant.
Large number of posts of Assistant is lying vacant in FOD Offices where UDCs are discharging duties of Assistant in addition to their own duties as UDC without any additional remuneration and forced to retire on the post itself. FOD has informed that vacant post of Assistant is not being filled up due to the pending merger of the posts of Office Superintendent and Assistant. In the Regional Offices of FOD Office Superintendent with Gazetted status were functioning as Section Officer and DDO and on the ground a request for upgradation of the OS post to the Section Officer was made by this Association immediately after implementation of the 6th Pay Commission. But the same was not considered by the Ministry. And yet, merging of these two posts has not taken place even after 8 years of implementation of 6th CPC. This has largely affected career of the UDC and LDCs of the FOD.
3. Non filling of vacancies of Administrative Officer.
Majority of the posts of Administrative Officer, sanctioned in the FOD Offices has been lying vacant for the reason that the recruitment rule for the post of Administrative Officer has not been finalized. The initiation for change of recruitment rule for the post would have been started immediately after the implementation of the Pay Commission. But it pains to note that after 8 years of implementation of the Pay Commission the recruitment rule for the post has not been modified and due to this only reason, the person qualified to get promoted to the post of AO are suffering.
            It is requested to please take a favorable action on the matter immediately.

Yours faithfully
(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary

Source: http://aiamshq.blogspot.in/

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