Anomalies in the Pay Fixation in respect of LDC/UDC categories of 6th CPC (MACP) Scheme

Anomalies in the Pay Fixation in respect of LDC/UDC categories of 6th CPC (MACP) Scheme.- MINISTERIAL STAFF OF FARAKKA BARRAGE PROJECT WRITES TO LEADER STAFF SIDE



Sub:- Anomalies in the Pay Fixation in respect of LDC/UDC categories of 6th CPC (MACP) Scheme.


We the undersigned employees belonging
to the post of LDC/UDC are working in Farakka Barrage Project, under
your kind control as well as under Govt. of India, Ministry of Water
Resources beg to lay the following facts for your kind consideration and
necessary appropriate action please.

01. That, most of us have joined in
Govt. Service between 01-09-1984 prior to 1990 as LDC category, then our
Pay Scale was Rs. 260-400/- as per 3rd CPC later on as per 4th CPC
w.e.f. 01-01-1986 the Pay Scale was Rs. 950-1500/- and gradually
promotional post was UDC / Head Clerk or Assistant respectively and the
Pay Scale of UDC was Rs. 4000-6000/- and the Scale of Head Clerk was Rs.
5000-8000/- (Copy of Fixation of Pay or pre-revised and Revised are
enclosed for ready reference).

02. The Financial Up-gradation under ACP
Scheme was initially introduce in year 1999 i.e. on 09-08-1999 and as
per this Scheme a Govt. servant (LDC in the instant case) with 12 years
of regular service in the same post, Financial up-gradation to the next
Scale of Pay Rs. 4000-6000/- in the same way the 2nd Up-gradation to the
Scale of Pay Rs. 5000-8000/- was admissible after 24 years of regular
service. There was no further Up-gradation in the ACP Scheme.

03. Consequent upon the recommendation
of the 6th CPC and acceptance of GOI, DOPT was pleased to issue MACP
Scheme vide OM NO. dated 19-05-2009 in which it was clearly indicated
that the MACP Scheme will take prospective effect from 01-09-2008. It
was also clearly mentioned in the OM that this order is issued in
supersession of all previous orders i.e. ACP Scheme. In the OM a
schedule regarding placement from one PB/GP to other upgraded PB/GP has
been indicated in the Section-I, Part – A of the First Schedule of the
CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008.

04. It is further stated that, under the
modified MACP Scheme the above said two financial Up-gradation were
converted into three Up-gradation as under :-

Sl. No.
Grade Pay
01 First Up-gradation on completion of 10 years of regular service 5200-20200 Rs. 2000/-
02 Second Up-gradation on completion of 20 years of regular service 5200-20200 Rs. 2400/-
03 Third Up-gradation on completion of 30 years of regular service 5200-20200 Rs. 2800/-

From the above it is evident that in the
PB-1, 5200-20200 having GP Rs. 2400/- and the same PB-1 having GP Rs.
2800/- bears same and identical scale of pay, therefore placement from
GP Rs. 2400/- in Pay Band 1 to GP Rs. 2800/- in same Pay Band-1, can not
be termed as promotional/up-gradational benefit.

Thus granting of GP Rs.2800/- in same PB
i.e. PB-1 is a cause of utter deprivation upon us from having our
legitimate and lawful payments i.e. we instead of getting GP of
Rs.4200/- in PB-2 is presently getting GP of Rs. 2800/- in PB-1.

In view of the above fact, it is further
stated that who have joined before 01-09-1984 in various categories in
the Govt. service they have got benefit second financial Up-gradation as
per ACP Scheme, later on said employees are entitled for third
Up-gradation as per MACP Scheme. In this connection a copy of Judgment
of Hon’ble Principal Bench CAT, NewDelhi is enclosed for ready reference
and kind

Therefore, we the petitioners are fervently request you to kindly
process the case immediately for solving the utter discrimination caused
upon us.

Hence we pray before your goodself to kindly unfurl the banner of
Justice and save us from the financial crunch we are facing for.
With regards.

Yours faithfully

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  • We also appointees of Apr 1985 suffered of MACP scheme even though 18 civilian clerical staff of Army headquarters won the case In supreme court ie GP should be granted on promotional herichie govt not yet pass any order on this. We have no other way except commenting our fate. No body helps our category.