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7th CPC Minimum Wages Formula: Confederation to collect consumer prices of selected articles

 7th CPC Minimum Wages Formula: Confederation to collect consumer prices of selected articles:

Proposed 7th CPC Minimum Wages Formula

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001

Circular No. 23/2013-16

Dated – 02.04.2015

Dear Comrade,

We invite your kind attention to the synopsis of the discussions the staff side had with the 7th CPC on 23rd and 24th March, 2015. You will notice there from that the discussions were cordial and the staff side had been able to present their case admirably well.  You must have also noticed that the 7thCPC has categorically stated that they would go by Dr. Aykhrod formula in arriving at the minimum wage. However, they were a little skeptical of the rates quoted by us.  As you are aware we have taken the rates from the information we have collected through our units in the 8 Metro Cities.  Since this is likely to be the bane of contention at the time of finalization of the report, we must be able to establish that the rates other than the one we had submitted is not acceptable to us being bereft of the benefit of retail prices ruling at the relevant point of time.  In order to bolster our argument, we would like our leaders especially in the following cities and in other places to purchase the following articles from a reputed Mall as also from a normal provision store with bills duly signed by the owners of the retail outlet and send over to the Confederation CHQ immediately. The bill should bear the signature, the rate per kg. and the signature or seal of the concerned establishment.  Please treat this as most urgent and a task of serious nature for the rates adopted  by the 7th CPC will have far reaching consequences if not contested at the appropriate time. 

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General.

Rice/Wheat: Different qualities: Rate per kg. (Purchase the highest, lowest and middle rate quality items)
Dal: Toor, Moong, urid:  May be different qualities are available.  Purchase three qualities. The highest, lowest and the middle of each item. (Rate per kg.)
Raw vegetable:  Mention the names of each item: rates must be per kg. Mention the names in Hindi and English.
Green Vegetable:  Mention the names of each item : (rates per kg.)  Please mention the Hindi and English names.
Other vegetables: per kg. rate: same as above.  Mention the names in Hindi and English.
Fruits:  Purchase variety of fruits:  with names in Hindi and English: Different qualities: Quote rates per kg. (We shall take the average price at the end).
Milk:  Purchase both from the Government owned outlets like Mother diary etc. as also from the private vendors.  Quote the price per kg.
Sugar/Jaggery: Varied qualities may be available.  If that the case purchase the highest, lowest and middle quality: Rate per kg.
Edible Oil: (Please prefer the sunflower oil). All other oils can also be purchased and bills obtained.  Rate per kg.
Fish and Meat: (Fish = different varieties are available.  Purchase the best, lowest and the middle level: Same for the meat also.  In any case cased, goat meat to be the basis)
Detergents:  There are different qualities:   Purchase the best, the cheapest and the middle quality.  Rate per kg.
Eggs; Rate per one:
Clothes: per meter: Purchase only cotton white and coloured clothes; (Quality: Best, Cheapest and middle quality)
Metro Cities taken;  Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Trivandrum .


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