Promotional increment to those promoted to identical Pay Band or Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities: Railway Board Order

Grant of promotional increment under Rule 13 of RS (RP) Rules, 2008 to those promoted to identical Pay Band or Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities:-

(Railway Board)


New Delhi, dated 01.04.2015.

General Secretary
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
3, Chelmsford Road
New Delhi-110055.

Subject: Grant of promotional increment under rule 13 of RS(RP) Rules, 2008 to those promoted to identical Pay Band /Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities.

Ref: Item no.1/2014 of PNM.


In terms of rule 13 of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, fixation of pay with one additional increment is admissible in the situations of promotion from one Grade Pay to another. Prior to implementation of above rules, fixation of pay on appointment from one post to another was governed by Rule 1313(FR22)(1)(a)(1)R-II (still in force) which provides for fixation of pay involving additional increment appointment / promotion as per the provisions of Recruitment Rules in the situations involving assumption of duties and responsibilities of greater importance. Further, in terms of Rule 1313 (FR22)(III)R-II appointment in identical pay scale is not to be deemed as a case of assumption of duties and responsibilities of greater importance.
2. Consequent upon implementation of recommendations of 6th CPC there were various situations of appointment to identical Pay in the nominal promotional hierarchy of the employee and such posts could not be merged (in terms of recommendations of 6th CPC envisaging merger of various scales) and the posts continued to be feeder and promotional posts though in same Grade Pay. There was marked assumption of duties and responsibilities of greater importance. Such cases were examined with Ministry of Finance and DOP&T and consequently, as agreed, promotional benefit was extended to certain categories vide Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2011/IC/1 dated 12.9.2013 (copy enclosed).

3. Now there are demands from the Federations for grant of benefit to certain other situations viz;

S.No Feeder Category Promotional Categories Revised Pay structure(Pay Band, Grade Pay)
(i) Track Maintainers-IV Key man PB-1 GP Rs 1800
(ii) Peon Record Sorter/ Gastetner Operator PB-1 GP Rs 1800
(iii) Sr.ALP works under
Loco Pilot
Loco Pilot (Shunting) Works Independently. PB-1 GP Rs 2400
(iv) Commercial Clerk Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk PB-1 GP Rs 2800
(v) Sr. Goods Guard Passenger Guard PB-2 GP Rs 4200
(vi) Sr. Loco Pilot (Shunting) Loco Pilot (Goods) PB-2 GP Rs 4200
(vii) Station Master Section Controller PB-2 GP Rs 4200

4. The issue has been examined and it has been observed item wise as under:

Item No.(i) Track Man to Key Man
Item No.(ii) Peon to Record Sorter

Consequent to the implementation of 6th CPCs recommendations, the pre-revised scales of Rs. 2550-3200, Rs. 2610-3540, Rs. 2650-4000 and 2750-4400 in respect of Group ‘D’ posts have been replaced by Revised Pay structure of Pay Band PB I and Grade pay Rs. 1800 and the functions etc of the posts are deemed to have merged. The situation is common to all the erstwhile Group ‘D’ categories. Accordingly the question of fixation of pay under Rule 13 of Revised pay rules does not arise in these specific situations.
Further based on the report of the Committee set up by Board, the category of Track Man/ Keymen etc is now being operated in four Grade unified structure and in such a pay structure benefit is already available on promotion from one Grade Pay to another and there is no issue of non admissibility of fixation of pay under Rule 13 of RS(RP) Rules 2008. (Reference: Board’s letter No 2010/CE-l(Spl)/GNS/15{Pt) dated 17/08/2012) copy enclosed.
Item No. (iii) Sr. ALP to Loco Pilot (Shunting)
Item No. ( v) Sr. Goods Guard to Passenger Guard
Item No. (vi) Sr. Loco Pilot(Shunting) to Loco Pilot (Goods)
In respect of above situations of promotions in the identical scale of pay, consequent to consultation with Ministry of Finance a detailed clarification has been issued to zonal Railways vide Board’s letter No. PCVI/2011/IC/l dated 22/05/2014 (copy enclosed) explaining the detailed background, leading to admissibility of promotional pay fixation and the methodology adopted for fixation of pay on promotion to identical grade pay in different situations, in terms of Board’s letter No.PC-Vl/2011/IC/1 dated 22/05/2014.
Item No.( iv): Commercial Clerk to Enquiry cum Reservation Clerk
Item No. (vii) Station Master to Section Controller.
The above situations are result of lateral movement of employees from one cadre to another on their own volition based on the option furnished by them and not the cases of promotion in their normal hierarchy. As per norms being followed, such situations are not being considered for extension of benefit of fixation of pay under Rule 3 of RS(RP) Rules 2008.

5. Keeping in view above position it is not feasible to agree to the demand.

Encl: As above.
Yours Faithfully
For Secretary/Railway Board

Source: NFIR


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