One Rank One Pension – Anna Hazare to join Ex-Servicemen in OROP Agitation

Mumbai:  Social activist Anna Hazare on tuesday said a countrywide agitation will be launched over the issues of One Rank One Pension (OROP) and the Land Acquisition Bill.

“I will inform you about the date of the agitation in my next letter to you,” Hazare said in a letter sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“We have to take care of our soldiers and farmers.
Making hollow announcements for their welfare and actually implementing them are different things,” Mr Hazare stated in his letter.
In a democracy, the government should listen to woes of the people, Mr Hazare said.
“I wish to reiterate that my agitation is not political,” Mr Hazare’s letter stated.

Source: NDTV

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  • OROP is an inevitable event badly required for implementation to keep up the morale of the troops of the Indian Armed Forces. The bureaucracy in their ego spoi,led the game and the government went slow on it as they saw political gains from time to time. Now a simple thing grew into a monster in their own eyes. If wisdom prevails, the BJP must act fast, if not the they will be inviting the wrath of a disgruntled soldier fighting not the enemy but the government.