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Review of the Recruitment Rules/Service Rules (RRs/SRs): DoPT

Review of the Recruitment Rules/Service Rules (RRs/SRs): DoPT OM dated 08.05.2018.

F.No. AB-14017/14/2018-Estt.(RR)(3139661)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Establishment-I Division

North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 08th May, 2018

Subject: Review of the Recruitment Rules/Service Rules (RRs/SRs) – reg.

DoP&T vide OM No.AB-14017/48/2010-Estt.(RR) dated 31.12.2010 issued instructions laying down guidelines for framing/amendment/relaxation of Recruitment Rules. Para 3.1.5 of the guidelines provide that the recruitment rules should be reviewed once in 5 years with a view to effecting such change as are necessary to bring them in conformity with the changed position, including additions to or reductions in the strength of the lower and higher level posts. Subsequently, this Division vide OM No. AB-14017/61/2008-Estt.(RR) dated 25.03.2014 re-iterated these instructions.

2. However, it has come to the notice of this Department that many Ministries/Departments are not undertaking the aforesaid exercise as stipulated. Resultantly, recruitment/promotion of officers/employees are continued to be made on the basis of RRs which are not updated and continued to reflect old positions. It is a matter of concern that the decisions taken by the Government on the basis of Pay Commission Recommendations, Court directions, Expert Committee Recommendations etc remain un-reflected in the relevant RRs/SRs 

3. Since RRs are statutory in nature and all promotions/appointments are made as per the provisions in the RRs/SRs, it is imperative that the RRs/SRs are updated in accordance with DoP&T instructions issued from time to time. In view of this, Ministries/Departments are impressed upon to immediately undertake the exercise for review of existing RRs/SRs which have not been amended in the last five years and intimate this Department about the outcome of the exercise so undertaken. 

(Shukdeo Sah)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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