Centralized online GPF Module roll out – Pre-requisites for on boarding the online GPF Module

Centralized online GPF Module roll out – Pre-requisites for on boarding the online GPF Module

Government of India
M/o Finance, Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
Mahalekha Niyantrak Bawan
GPO Complex, ‘E’ Block
INA, New Delhi-110023
Dated 01st Aug, 2018


Sub:- Centralized online GPF Module roll out – regarding

Reference is invited to this office OM. No. ITO-CGA/07/11/GF-MIDS/Pt. FileNol.2/163 dated 09 May 2017 regarding complete roll out of Centralized online GPF module. The module can be implemented in PAOs whose all DDOs are using Employees Information System (ElS) for generation of Salary Bills.
2. For migrating to the online GPF module on PFMS, PAOs have to complete some activities in “COMPACT” as per the annexure-I before exporting the GPF data from COMPACT to PFMS portal.
3. The merged DDOs of the PAOs are also required to upload the current year GPF data on the PFMS Portal. Merged DDOs have been provided with an offline utility with in EIS to enter data for uploading.
4. In view of the above, all Pr. CCAs, CCAs, CAs (with independent charge) are requested to direct the PAOs under their control to complete the activities mentioned in Annexure-I in COMPACT at the earliest possible.
(Anupam Raj)
Asstt. Controller General of Accounts

Pre-requisites for on boarding the online GPF Module

1. General/Basic Information like Name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining Government Service, PAN Number of all GPF subscribers may be verified and updated
2. GPF Accounts of subscribers may be made up to date with posting of GPF credit/debit data.
3. May be ensured that noGPF bill is pending for pass and payment.
4. Voucher Incorporation from PFMS to COMPACT may be done for all Bills.
5. Opening Balances of current F.Y. may be verified and interest calculation and finalization of interest of previous year may be completed and data is transferred to F.Y.2018-19.
6. It may be ensured that any discrepancy, if noticed has been removed before shifting to PFMS.
7. May be ensured that GPF Advance recoveries data is correct.
8. It may be ensured to register Digital signature Certificate (DSC) in COMPACT.
9. Before creating final file, PAO should take backup of the data base.
10. GPF Accounts which are transferred out or final payment made may be closed at DH level through the option “Account Closing”.