Breath analyser test and Bio-metric verification of Running staff during COVID-19 Outbreak: Order 27-03-2020

Breath analyser test and Bio-metric verification of Running staff during signing On/Off during COVID-19 Outbreak: Railway Board Order 27-03-2020



New Delhi, Dated 27.03 .2020

General Managers,
All Zonal Railways.

Sub: Breath analyser (BA) test and Bio-metric verification of Running staff during signing On/Off.

Ref: This office letter dated 20.03.2020 on the subject.

Board had reiterated vide letter under reference to continue with the BA test and Biometric for running staff. Subsequently a complete lock down has been imposed in the country and running of passenger trains has been completely suspended by IR till 14.04.2020.

2. Many ZRs have communicated to Railway Board officials at various levels the apprehensions of the running staff about perceived possibility of contracting COVID-19 infections through either BA test or Biometric verification. This issue was examined earlier also by Railway Board duly consulting the health directorate and it was concluded that such possibilities can be eliminated with adequate precautions as already conveyed during VC of CRB with GMs.

3. However, in view of continued apprehensions being conveyed by ZRs, Board has relooked at the issue and decided that ZRs can locally issue relaxations for BA test and / or Biometric verification valid till 14.04.2020 or till the end date of complete lockdown, whichever is earlier, subject to the following:

  1. The relaxation for BA test to be done only for crew operating freight trains in sections where no other passenger trains are running / anticipated at any given point of time in either directions.

  2. The crew with known history of alcoholism are not to be allowed this relaxation.

  3. A declaration in lieu of BA test is to be taken from each crew member at the time of signing on / off

  4. Manual signing in lieu of biometric verification is to be used as was done prior to introduction of Biometric verification.

  5. Manual entry in Crew Management System (CMS) must be ensured in lieu of BA test / Biometric verification to ensure that records are created in CMS for billing etc.

  6. The Loco Inspectors should make surprise checks for such crew who have not been subjected to BA test.

The above relaxation is being permitted as a very special case considering the critical situation prevailing and is not be used I quoted for any other situation in future.

This issues with the approval of Board (MTR & MT).

(Manish Jain)

Copy: PCEFs & PCOMs all Zonal Railways

Source: Railway Board – Click to here view/download pdf