Revision of pay & allowances and allied matters of Kerala Government employees and Teachers –Recommendations of XI Pay Revision Commission


Revision of pay & allowances and allied matters of Kerala Government employees and Teachers –Recommendations of XI Pay Revision Commission

Revision of pay & allowances and allied matters of Kerala Government employees and Teachers –Recommendations of XI Pay Revision Commission –Implementation – Orders issued





G.O.(P) No. 27/2021/Fin

Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 10/02/2021

Read: 1. G.O.(Ms) No.414/2019/Fin dated 06.11.2019.
2. G.O.(P) No.07/2016/Fin dated 20.01.2016.


Government had revised the pay and allowances of State Government employees and teachers w.e.f from 01.07.2014 by the G.O read as 2nd above based on the recommendations of the X Pay Revision Commission. Government by the GO 1st cited have now appointed the XI Pay Revision Commission with Shri.K.Mohandas IAS (Rtd) as Chairman, Prof.(Retd) M.K.Sukumaran Nair and Adv. Ashok Mamen Cherian as members in order to study and make recommendations on further revision of pay and allowance of Government employees and Teachers with the following Terms of Reference:

(i) To suggest modifications, if found necessary, for the pay and allowances of :

(a) Posts under Government Service, including Part-time Contingent Service and Casual Sweepers

(b) Posts under Education Institutions of the Government, Aided Schools and Colleges and also such institutions covered by Direct Payment Scheme, including employees in Part-time posts and Casual Sweepers and excluding those posts covered by UGC/AICTE schemes of Scales of Pay and also posts for which, Central Scale of Pay have already been allowed such as Teaching Staff in Medical Colleges and Judicial Officers etc. and

(c) Posts under Local Bodies and Universities except those covered by AICTE/ UGC / Central Schemes.

(ii) To examine the present structure of Pay and Allowances and Other Emoluments and Service conditions including, promotional avenues and fringe benefits available to the above categories of employees and suggest changes, if any required.

(iii) The commission shall also examine the scope of introducing non-cadre promotion to various categories of both gazetted and non- gazetted posts who continue in the entry cadres for long periods of service.

(iv) To examine and suggest changes, if any, to the benefits available to Service Pensioners.

(v) To consider the scope of extending the benefits which are available to Central Government employees at present, but not available to the State Government employees.

(vi) To look into the cases of anomalies in the last Pay Revision specifically referred to the commission by Government and suggest remedial measures

(vii) To examine the present Civil Service set up as a whole and make suggestions to increase efficiency, social accountability and making Civil Service more people friendly

(viii) To consider the need for a gender sensitive service structure especially multifaceted issues faced by women employees and make suggestions for remedial measures

(ix) To review the existing rules and procedures for fixation of pay and suggest methods for simplification thereof with a view to reduce cost and time spent on such exercises

(x) To assess and indicate the additional financial commitment on account of implementation of its recommendations, including the methodology/ assumptions adopted for such assessment

2. The Commission has submitted its Report Part I on recommendations regarding revision of pay & allowances, leave and pension on 29.01.2021. The Government have examined the Report in detail and are pleased to issue the following Orders.

Revised scale of pay and allowances

3. The existing scales of pay of employees will be revised with effect from 01.07.2019 with the scales of pay as shown in the Annexure I. The revised scales of pay of different categories of posts in various departments will be as shown in Annexure X. The specific allowances applicable to employees working in various departments will be as provided under the schedules of posts of various departments. The scales of pay applicable to posts which are common to various departments will be as provided under Annexure XI and allowances applicable to such posts will be as provided under the schedule of Common Category.

4. The revision of pay from existing pay to revised pay will be in accordance with the Table for Stage to Stage fixation of pay as provided in Annexure III except in cases where the minimum of the scale of pay of the post held by an incumbent is higher than the corresponding pay stage provided in Annexure X/XI. The Rules of Fixation of pay in the revised scales will be as provided in Annexure II.

Ratio/Percentage based Grade Promotions

5. The existing and the modified ratio/percentage based grade promotions to various categories of posts are indicated at the appropriate places under Department schedule of posts/Common Category in Annexure X /XI. The asterisks assigned to each category will refer to the benefit specified in the footnote at the end of each schedule of posts and allowances. No ratio promotion/percentage based higher grade will be available to any category of posts unless it is mentioned in this order. The modified ratio promotion/ percentage based grade will have effect from 01.04.2021.

Time Bound Higher Grade Scheme

6. The existing time span of 8,15,22 and 27 years for allowing Time Bound Higher Grade (TBHG) promotions will continue. The categories coming under the entry level scale of pay of Rs.23000-50200 to Rs.27900-63700 will be eligible for four TBHGs, the categories coming under the entry level scale of pay Rs.31100-66800 to Rs.39300-83000 will be eligible for three TBHGs, the categories coming under the entry level scale of pay Rs.41300-87000 to Rs.56500-118100 will be eligible for two TBHGs and the categories coming under the entry level scale of pay Rs.59300- 120900 to Rs.85000-143600 will be eligible for one TBHG, subject to the conditions provided in the scheme of Time Bound Higher Grade promotion. The revised rules for allowing Time Bound Higher Grades will be as incorporated in Annexure VI of this order. The revised Time Bound Higher Grade scheme will have effect from 01.04.2021.

Career Advancement Scheme

7. Detailed orders on revised Career Advancement Scheme will be issued separately. For category of posts included under existing Career Advancement Scheme, the revised scale of pay will be the corresponding scale of pay as provided in Annexure I. In the case of doctors in Health Services and Insurance Medical Services departments enjoying scales of pay assigned under the existing Time Bound Higher Grade scheme, revised scales of pay will be the corresponding scale of pay of the existing scale as provided in Annexure I.

Stagnation Increment

8. The existing scheme of Stagnation Increment will continue. Maximum number of Stagnation Increments allowed will be five, out of which four will be annual and fifth one biennial, subject to the condition that maximum basic pay after adding Stagnation Increment shall not exceed Rs.166800, the maximum of the master scale. The number of Stagnation Increments availed in the existing scale of pay will be reckoned for determining maximum number of Stagnation Increments.

Residuary Pay

9. The existing Residuary Pay will be updated and allowed to continue in the revised scales according to the rules provided in the Rules of Fixation of Pay incorporated in Annexure II of this order. Residuary Pay will not be counted for any purpose viz, fixation of pay, leave salary, pension, family pension, DCRG, drawl of allowance or transit pay. However Dearness allowance will be admissible on Residuary Pay.

10. Doctors in Health Services department whose pay in the revised scale is fixed at the maximum of the revised master scale, on or after 01.07.2019, will be allowed Residuary Pay equal to the rate of last increment in the master scale on completion of every two years of service after reaching the maximum pay in the revised master scale. Such residuary pay will be allowed subject to the condition that maximum number of such increments as Residuary Pay shall not exceed five. The service for this purpose will be the service qualifying for accrual of normal increments.

Dearness Allowance

11. The revised scale of pay has been formulated after merging the full Dearness Allowance of 28% as on 01.07.2019 with the basic pay i.e., 306.1 points of All India Consumer Price Index (Industrial workers)(2001=100) has been neutralized and 306.1 points of AICPI(IW) shall be taken as the base index for calculating further DA with effect from 01.07.2019. Therefore the new formula for calculation of further DA is as follows:

% of DA = {(Average AICPI for past 12 months – 306.1)} x 100 306.1

Accordingly the rates of Dearness Allowance admissible with effect from 01.07.2019 will be as follows.

Date Rate of DA (%) Total DA (%)
01.07.2019 0 0
01.01.2020 4 4
01.07.2020 3 7

These rates of dearness allowance can be allowed to grant-in-aid institutions, PSUs, Boards etc only if the date of pay revision of such institutions are on 1.7.2019 and merged portion of DA in the pay shall be 28% (equivalent to 306.1 points (2001=100)

House Rent Allowance

12. The existing system of fixed amount of HRA on the basis of different pay ranges will be dispensed with. Instead the rate of HRA will be as percentage of basic pay. For the purpose of HRA, the total area of the State is divided into following four Classes:

(1) Class A: The Corporation limits of the cities of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kannur. In addition, Forest Complex, Mathottam, Kozhikode and Government Institutions situated within a radius of 3 kilometres from Civil Station, Kakkanad.

(2) Class B: The Municipalities at District Headquarters.

(3) Class C: All Municipalities other than those at District Headquarters.

(4) Class D: All Panchayaths

The rate of HRA with minimum and maximum amounts are as follows:

Class Rate (% of Basic Pay) Minimum Amount (₹) Maximum Amount (₹)
A 10% 2300 10000
B 8% 2000 8000
C 6% 1500 6000
D 4% 1200 4000

Notes: 1) An employee working within 1 km from corporation limits and was drawing HRA at corporation rates will be assured 10% hike in the existing amount of HRA or the new rate applicable to their places whichever is higher.

2) The State Govt. employees working in New Delhi and other States will be eligible for House Rent Allowance at Govt. of India rates as applicable at those places.

13. For the purpose of HRA, basic pay as on the 1st day of the month only will be reckoned, and change in pay in the middle of a month will not be considered. Employees who are not under state pay pattern but are drawing HRA at the rates applicable for State Government Employees, will also draw HRA at the above rates.

14. Revised rates of HRA have effect from 01.03.2021.

Rent Recovery

15. Rent at the following rates will be recovered from Government employees residing in Government quarters with effect from 01.03.2021.

Range Rate
Those who are in the scale of pay up to 45600 – 95600 No Recovery
Those who are in the scale of pay of an above 50200 – 105300 2% of basic pay

In the case of employees who do not come under the State Government scales of pay (e.g. All India Service Officers, those on UGC/AICTE/NJPC scale), rent recovery will be 2% of Basic Pay with effect from 01.03.2021.

16. Employees who are allotted quarters and Policemen/Women Police attached to Battalions shall not be eligible for HRA.

City Compensatory Allowance

17. City Compensatory Allowance sanctioned in G.O. read as second paper will be discontinued with effect from 01.03.2021.

Spectacle Allowance

18. Amount of Rs. 1500 once in five years will be allowed as reimbursement of the cost incurred for the purchase of spectacles. No employees will be allowed this allowance unless completed five years after getting this reimbursement by virtue of the provisions in the G.O. read as second paper above.

Hill Tract Allowance

19. The rate of Hill Tract Allowance admissible to employees under different pay ranges will be as shown below.

Pay range Rate Per Month (₹)
₹ 43400 & above 500
Above ₹25100 and below ₹43400 450
Upto ₹ 25100 300

Special Allowance to differently abled employees

20. The rate of Special Allowance admissible to differently abled employees is revised to Rs. 1100 per month. The existing conditions for sanctioning the allowance will continue.

Education Allowance to the Parents having differently abled children

21. The rate of Education Allowance admissible to employees having mentally/physically challenged children studying in general schools and special schools will be revised to ₹ 1000 per month. The existing conditions for the admissibility of this allowance will continue.

Child Care Allowance

22. The rate of allowance will be revised to ₹ 1750 per month per child and the annual ceiling will be ₹ 21000. The existing conditions as laid down in G.O (P)No.172/2013/(150)/Fin dated 16.04.2013, G.O(P)No.360/13(171)/Fin dated 24.07.2013 and G.O(P)No.110/2016/(15)/Fin dated 30.07.2016 for the admissibility of the allowance will continue.

Charge Allowance

23. The existing rate of Charge Allowance for holding full additional charge is 4% of the minimum of the scale of pay attached to the additional post and that for discharging current duties is 2% of the minimum of the scale of pay of additional post. The existing rates and conditions will continue in the revised scales.

Other Allowances

24. Other Allowances include Special Allowances, Compensatory Allowance, Risk Allowance, Non-practising Allowance, Additional Special Allowances, Permanent Travelling Allowance, and Permanent Conveyance Allowance. The Categories of employees eligible for these allowances along with rates of allowances are provided under the schedule of posts of various departments in the Annexure X / XI. The allowances which are not specifically included under either department schedule or common category (Annexure X / XI) will be treated as withdrawn.

25. Different types of Additional Special Allowances to uniformed forces viz, Smartness Allowance, Ration Money Allowance, Feeding Charges, Water & Electricity Charges and Battalion Allowance sanctioned in G.O. read as second paper above are subsumed into single allowance by the names Police Special Allowance, Fire Service Special Allowance, Prison Special Allowance, and Forest Special Allowance as the case may be and the revised rate of these allowances will be inclusive of the subsumed allowances.

26. Government have issued detailed instructions in Circular No.38/2017/Fin dated 23.05.2017 for the sanction of Uniform Allowance and wearing of Uniforms. In spite of these instructions, it is seen that there are several categories of staff who draw the allowance but do not wear uniform. It is reiterated for enforcing the directions laid down in Circular dated 23.05.2017 and controlling officers should ensure that employees who do not default in wearing uniform during duty time only are paid Uniform Allowance.

Travelling Allowance

27. (1) Classification of Officers:- For the purpose of Travelling Allowance, officers are classified into following four grades.

Grade I All Officers who draw an actual basic pay of ₹ 70000 and above and Heads of Departments, Private Secretary to Ministers and All India Service Officers irrespective of the pay drawn by them
Grade II (a) Officers with actual basic pay of ₹ 59300 and above, but below ₹ 70000
Grade II (b) Officers with actual basic pay of ₹ 39300 and above, but below ₹ 59300. Non gazetted Officers, other Last Grade Servants when they accompany the Governor and Ministers will be treated as Grade II(b)
Grade III Officers with actual basic pay of ₹ 25100 and above, but below ₹ 39300
Grade IV Officers with actual basic pay below ₹ 25100

Note: For this purpose, basic pay includes Personal Pay.

(2) Class of travel:– The eligible class of travel by train for each grade will be as follows.

Grades Eligible Class
Grade I II AC
Grade II (a) I Class, If the train does not have I Class, II AC
Grade II (b) III AC. If the train does not have III AC, I Class
Grade III II Class
Grade IV II Class

(3) Air Journey:- The employees who are in the scale of pay ₹ 77200-140500 will be eligible for flight journey. However any employee can travel by air for official purposes provided that Travelling Allowance at the rate sanctioned for their eligible class of travel by train will be allowed for such journeys subject to the production of flight ticket and boarding pass and flight ticket will be considered in place of train tickets for admitting TA claim. This facility is restricted for journey of the officer only. Under Secretary to Government will be eligible for flight journey for official journey to New Delhi.

(4) Mileage Allowance:- Mileage Allowance for road journey will be ₹ 2.5 per kilometre for all grades of officers.

(5) Incidental Expenses (Road/Rail/Air journeys):– The revised rates of Incidental Expenses for Road/ Rail/ Air journey will be as follows:

Grades Road/Rail Rate in paisa per km Air Rate per Journey
Grade I 90 Limited to 1 Daily Allowance
Grade II (a) 70
Grade II (b) 60
Grade III 60
Grade IV 60

(6) Daily Allowance:-The revised rates of Daily Allowance for different grades of employees will be as follows:

Grades Inside State Rate (₹) Outside State Rate (₹)
Grade I 600 750
Grade II (a) 500 650
Grade II (b) 500 650
Grade III 350 500
Grade IV 350 500

(7) Classification of Government Officials for carrying personal effects on transfer:- The classification of government officials for the purpose of carrying personal effects on transfer will be as follows:

category of Officers Weight (kg)
Officers whose actual basic pay is ₹ 70000 and above 3000
Officers whose actual pay is ₹ 39300 and above but below ₹ 70000 2000
All other Officers 1500

(8) Loading and unloading charges for journeys on transfer: The revised loading and unloading charges admissible to different grades of officers for journeys on transfer will be as follows:

Grades Rate (₹)
Grade I 900 at each end
Grade II (a) 500 at each end
Grade II (b) 500 at each end
Grade III 450 at each end
Grade IV 450 each end

(9) Reimbursement of room rent:- The revised rates of reimbursement of room rent admissible to Officers for stay outside the State subject to the production of voucher are given below:

Grades New Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata, Chennai Rate (₹) Other Cities/Towns outside State Rate (₹)
Grade I 3000 2500
Grade II (a) 3000 2500
Grade II (b) 2500 1500
Grade III 2500 1500
Grade IV 1500 1200

(10) Taxi fare for Grade I Officials:- Grade I Officials travelling to metropolitan cities and other larger cities are allowed to hire taxies as in the case of Government of India Officials. They are entitled to taxi fare at the rates fixed by Government from time to time for journeys on tour from residence to airport/railway station/bus stand and back. The existing status will be continued.

(11) Auto Rickshaw/Taxi fare for journeys on tour:- Auto rickshaw/Taxi fare at the rate fixed by the Government from time to time will be allowed. Maximum number of such journeys allowed a day will be two (plus one journey per tour from residence to airport/railway station/bus stand and one journey from airport/railway station/bus stand to residence) limiting the maximum distance of a single journey as 15 kilometres as per the rate fixed by government from time to time.

(12) TA Ceiling:- The existing rates of monthly/ quarterly TA ceiling will continue until Government issue orders enhancing the same.

28. Revised rates of Travelling Allowances will have effect from 01.03.2021.

Medical Benefits

29. The existing scheme of Medical Reimbursement in the state will continue, until implementation of Medical Insurance Scheme.

Surrender of Earned Leave

30. The existing system of surrender of Earned Leave for 30 days in a financial year will continue.

Leave Travel Concession

31. The existing scheme will continue.

Part-Time Contingent Employees

32 (1) The existing scales of pay of various categories of Part Time Contingent Employees including Patient employees in Health Services department are revised as follows with effect from 01.07.2019.

Category Existing Scale of Pay Revised Scale of Pay
Category I 10620-240-12300-260-13600
Category II 9340-220-11100-240-12300-
Category III 8200-200-10000-220-11100-

(2) The revision of pay from existing pay to revised pay will be in accordance with the Table for Stage to Stage fixation of pay as provided in Annexure VIII.

(3) Rules of fixation of pay in the revised scales of pay is given in Annexure VII.

(4) The existing scheme of granting one additional increment each on completion of qualifying service of 8, 15, 22 and 27 years will continue. The additional increment will be granted on completion of the prescribed qualifying service and it will not affect the normal increment dates.


(5)(i) Footwear Allowance:

The existing rate of Footwear Allowance to eligible categories will be enhanced to ₹500 per annum.

(ii) Spectacle Allowance:

The cost incurred towards the purchase of spectacles will be reimbursed subject to a maximum of ₹1500, once in five year of service.

(iii) Hill Tract Allowance:

Hill Tract Allowance of ₹300 per month will be sanctioned to employees who are working in designated areas.

(iv) Special Allowance for differently abled employees:

The rate of Special Allowance admissible to differently abled Part Time Contingent employees will be revised to ₹ 1100 per month.

(v) Compensatory Allowance:

Compensatory Allowance of ₹120/- per month will be sanctioned to those employees working in the offices located in Municipal Corporation limits.

(vi) The revised rates of allowances of Part Time Contingent Employees will have effect from 01.03.2021.

Casual Sweepers

33. The existing remuneration of ₹6000 per month admissible to Casual Sweepers will be enhanced to a consolidated amount of ₹8000 per month. The revised rates have effect from 01.03.2021.


34. The revised scales of pay and other benefits, sanctioned in this order will be applicable to all State Government employees, staff of Aided Schools, Colleges and Polytechnics (excluding those covered by UGC/AICTE scale of pay and also posts for which Central scales of pay have already been allowed such as staff of Medical College, Judicial Officers drawing pay as per the recommendation of National Judicial Pay Commission). Full time employees borne on the contingent and work charged establishment employees of local bodies and personal staff of Chief Minister, Other Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Government Chief Whip and MLAs to whom State scales of pay apply. Those State Government employees who are not on the State scales of pay (e.g. those on UGC/AICTE scale of pay), will get other benefits and allowances at revised rates if they were entitled to such benefits and allowances before implementation of this Order. Para 32 of this Order is applicable to Part- Time Contingent employees and Para 33 is applicable to Casual Sweepers. Part-Time Contingent employees are eligible for only the benefits provided under Para 32 of this Order.

35. In respect of Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Corporations/Boards, Autonomous Bodies and Government Grant-in-aid institutions, where State scales of pay and DA rate are allowed to the employees, this Order will not be automatically applied unless formal approval/sanction of the Government is issued for extending the revised pay scales and other benefits to their employees. The rate of DA as per the formula provided in this Order will be applicable only in cases where complete neutralization of DA with pay as on 01.07.2019 is effected.

Rules for fixation of pay consequent to promotion and other appointments [Rule 28A and 37(a) Part I KSR]

36. The existing method of fixation of pay for promotions contemplated under Rule 28 A Part I KSR will be continued for fixation in revised scales also. Accordingly, where an officer holding a post in a substantive, temporary or officiating capacity is promoted or appointed in a substantive, temporary or officiating capacity to another post carrying a higher time-scale of pay, his initial pay in the higher timescale of pay, shall be fixed at the stage next above the pay notionally arrived at in the lower time-scale of pay by increasing the actual pay drawn by him in the lower time-scale by one increment. A re-fixation of pay will be allowed whenever there is a change of pay in the lower time-scale. Fixation of pay will be done as above in respect of promotions/appointments taking effect from that date onwards. However, Rule 28 A Part I will not apply to promotions/appointments to posts carrying higher time scale of pay, the minimum of which exceeds Rs.95600. In such cases fixation will be allowed under Rule 37 (a), Part I KSRs.

37. In all cases of Time Bound Higher Grade promotions to higher scales of pay, the existing practice of fixation of pay under Rule 28 A Part I KSRs will continue without the option facility. Detailed guidelines for fixation of pay are shown in Annexure VI.

38. In all cases of regular promotions from time bound grades to posts (equivalent to that of the grade post) carrying the same or higher time scale of pay, the pay in the promoted scale will be fixed in terms of Rule 30 Part I KSRs. The next increment in the same or higher scale will fall due on the date of increment in the time bound grade scale.

39. Where promotion/appointment by transfer to posts happen to have the same scale of pay of the feeder category posts, one advance increment will be granted to the incumbents appointed by promotion or by transfer to posts carrying the same scale of pay as the feeder category posts without prejudice to the normal increments. However, if there are two or more consecutive promotion posts / by transfer appointments to posts on the same or identical scale of pay, the benefit of advance increment will be limited to the first promotion only, with effect from 01.04.2021. This advance increment will not be granted in the case of promotion from time bound higher grade to a regular promotion post in the same scale of pay and in the case of appointment to interchangeable posts in the same scale of pay. This will take effect from 01.07.2019.

40. In the case of an officer who was promoted prior to 01.07.2019 and enjoyed the benefit of fixation of pay under Rule 28 A Part I KSRs, the benefit of re-fixation of pay on the normal increment date due after 01.07.2019 will be allowed in the revised scales.

Date of Effect

41. The date of effect of the revised scales of pay will be 01/07/2019. Revised pay will be admissible with the salary for the month of March 2021. The date of effect of revised rates of monthly allowances will be 01/03/2021. Modified ratio/percentage based higher grade promotions, other periodical allowances including Uniform allowance, Footwear allowances etc. will have effect from 01/04/2021. Revised Time Bound Higher Grade Scheme will be applicable w.e.f 01/04/2021. Revised rates of Travelling Allowance will have effect from 01/03/2021.

42. Dearness Allowance at the rate of 7% will be allowed along with the revised pay for the month of March 2021.


43. The revised pay and allowances will be granted in cash from 01.04.2021 with the salary of March 2021. Arrears on account of pay revision will be credited to the PF Account of employees in four installments each at 25% on 01.04.2023, 01.10.2023, 01.04.2024 and 01.10.2024. The arrears on Dearness Allowance at the rate of 4% w.e.f 01.01.2020 to 30.06.2020 and 7% w.e.f 01.07.2020 to 31.03.2021 will be credited to the PF Account along with the salary of April 2021. The amounts so credited to PF Account will not be allowed to withdrawn prior to 31.03.2024. 50% of the amounts so credited in to the PF Account could be withdrawn after 01.04.2024 and full amount could be withdrawn only after 01.04.2025. In case of employees who do not have PF Account on 01.05.2021, or closed PF accounts prior to those dates the amounts of arrears on account of pay revision and DA will be paid in cash after 01.07.2021.

44. The pay of all non-gazetted officers on 01.07.2019 will be replaced with the revised pay stage by SPARK in accordance with the table provided in Annexure III to this Order. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers will confirm the pay so provided in the SPARK before 15.03.2021. The change in pay happened after 01.07.2019 will also be updated by the SPARK and the Drawing and Disbursing Officers will confirm such change in pay as on 01.03.2021 so provided in the SPARK. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers should make necessary entries in the Service Book of the employees while confirming the pay provided in the SPARK. If any authorities fail to confirm the pay provided in the SPARK, the employees will be given the revised pay and allowances for two months on the basis of pay updated in the SPARK, provided that the pay of such employees from 07/2019 to 02/2021 should be processed in SPARK. Different allowances as per this Order applicable to employees will be updated by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers into SPARK before 31.03.2021. If any authorities fail to update allowances, Allowances at the pre-revised rates will be allowed for two months. In the case of employees whose pay are drawn based on counter signed bills, the Counter Signing Authorities will make counter signature of revised pay in SPARK using online methodology as per the provisions laid down in G.O.(P) No.163/2020/Fin dated 22.12.2020.

45. In the case of Gazetted Officers, the Drawing and Disbursing Officers concerned and SPARK authorities should take steps to get the revised salary fixed by the Accountant General before 10.03.2021 so as to disburse revised pay along with the salary of March 2021.

46. All Non-Gazetted Officers shall furnish an undertaking in the form prescribed by GO(P)No.169/2019/Fin dated 13.12.2019 to their Drawing and Disbursing Officer in order to get the revised pay in the revised scale. The undertaking shall be countersigned by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer and pasted in the Service Book of the incumbent. The Gazetted Officers shall furnish the undertaking in duplicate and the Drawing and Disbursing Officer will forward one copy with his counter signature to the Accountant General (A&E) who will authorise revised pay. However no undertaking will be insisted on where the Officer is no more. Those Gazetted Officers who retired on or after 01.07.2019 shall submit the undertaking directly to the Accountant General. Revised salary for two months will be allowed even if Undertaking is not furnished. Form of Undertaking is provided in Annexure V.

47. (1) Pension contribution based on the pay in the revised scale of pay will be recovered from 01/07/2019. Foreign employers will arrange the remittance at the revised rates from 01/07/2019.

(2) In the case of employees who come under National Pension System, the pension contribution on the basis of revised scale of pay will be recovered from the salary for the month of March 2021 onwards.

48. Omissions/errors/inclusion of new category (temporary posts) if any, in respect of posts or scales of pay indicated in Annexure X / XI to this Order should be reported to Government by the Heads of Departments within a month positively from the date of this Order with relevant supporting documents for timely rectification. The Heads of Departments will be held responsible for any lapse in this regard.

49. Arrear claims preferred in pursuance of these orders will be paid without precheck in relaxation of Article 53, Kerala Financial Code, Volume I.

50. The Heads of Departments and other Officers who inspect their subordinate offices, will check the entries made in Service Book in respect of revised pay in the revised scales. In case where overpayment of pay or grant of irregular grade is found, the inspecting officer should record the same in the Service Books concerned and instructions should be given to concerned officers to rectify the defects. In the Departments where there are arrangements for internal audit, the audit team shall review the revised pay, verify the entries in the Service Book and record therein that such verification has been done. If defects are detected in the case of Gazetted Officers, the inspecting officers should intimate them to the Accountant General for appropriate action.

51. Recoveries will be insisted upon where overpayments are made. If an officer competent to authorize pay under these orders or approve/countersign the pay fixation has any doubt regarding the application of these orders, he shall seek clarification of the Pay Revision Cell in the Finance Department in Government before approving the pay fixation and disbursing the pay.

52. Revised classification of Government employees into Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D based on the revised scales of pay is shown in Annexure IX.

53. Detailed orders on pension and other related benefits will be issued separately.

54. In the case of pay, allowances, redesignation, RBHG , TBHG etc, the orders issued by Finance Department alone shall be included in the SPARK and Accountant General shall issue slips based on the orders issued by Finance Department only.

55. This order does not cover all the recommendations submitted by XI Pay Revision Commission. A committee consisting of the following Secretaries will examine other recommendations of the Commission and submit its report within one month. Detailed orders will be issued thereafter.

1) Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) – Convenor
2) Additional Chief Secretary (P&ARD) – Member
3) Principal Secretary (GAD) – Member

By Order of the Governor,


XI Pay Revision Commission Pay and Allowance state Government Employees and Teachers

Scale No Existing Scales of Pay Revised Scales of Pay
S1 16500-500-20000-550-22200- 600-25200-650-27800-700- 29900-800-33900-900-35700 23000-700-27900-800-31100- 900-38300-1000-42300-1100- 47800-1200-50200
S2 17000-500-20000-550-22200- 600-25200-650-27800-700- 29900-800-33900-900-37500 23700-700-27900-800-31100- 900-38300-1000-42300-1100- 47800-1200-52600
S3 17500-500-20000-550-22200- 600-25200-650-27800-700- 29900-800-33900-900-37500- 1000-39500 24400-700-27900-800-31100- 900-38300-1000-42300-1100- 47800-1200-52600-1300-55200
S4 18000-500-20000-550-22200- 600-25200-650-27800-700- 29900-800-33900-900-37500- 1000-41500 25100-700-27900-800-31100- 900-38300-1000-42300-1100- 47800-1200-52600-1300-56500- 1400-57900
S5 19000-500-20000-550-22200- 600-25200-650-27800-700- 29900-800-33900-900-37500- 1000-42500-1100-43600 26500-700-27900-800-31100- 900-38300-1000-42300-1100- 47800-1200-52600-1300-56500- 1400-60700
S6 20000-550-22200-600-25200- 650-27800-700-29900-800- 33900-900-37500-1000- 42500-1100-45800 27900-800-31100-900-38300-1000-42300-1100-47800-1200- 52600-1300-56500-1400-60700- 1500-63700
S7 22200-600-25200-650-27800-700-29900-800-33900-900- 37500-1000-42500-1100- 48000 31100-900-38300-1000-42300-1100-47800-1200-52600-1300-56500-1400-60700-1500-65200-1600-66800
S8 25200-650-27800-700-29900- 800-33900-900-37500-1000- 42500-1100-48000-1200- 54000 35600-900-38300-1000-42300-1100-47800-1200-52600-1300- 56500-1400-60700-1500-65200- 1600-70000-1800-75400
S9 26500-650-27800-700-29900-800-33900-900-37500-1000- 42500-1100-48000-1200- 54000-1350-56700 37400-900-38300-1000-42300-1100-47800-1200-52600-1300- 56500-1400-60700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800-79000
S10 27800-700-29900-800-33900-900-37500-1000-42500-1100- 48000-1200-54000-1350- 59400 39300-1000-42300-1100-47800-1200-52600-1300-56500-1400- 60700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800-79000-2000-83000
S11 29200-700-29900-800-33900- 900-37500-1000-42500-1100- 48000-1200-54000-1350- 59400-1500-62400 41300-1000-42300-1100-47800-1200-52600-1300-56500-1400- 60700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800-79000-2000-87000
S12 30700-800-33900-900-37500- 1000-42500-1100-48000- 1200-54000-1350-59400- 1500-65400 43400-1100-47800-1200-52600- 1300-56500-1400-60700-1500- 65200-1600-70000-1800-79000- 2000-89000-2200-91200
S13 32300-800-33900-900-37500-1000-42500-1100-48000- 1200-54000-1350-59400-1500-65400-1650-68700 45600-1100-47800-1200-52600- 1300-56500-1400-60700-1500- 65200-1600-70000-1800-79000- 2000-89000-2200-95600
S14 35700-900-37500-1000- 42500-1100-48000-1200- 54000-1350-59400-1500- 65400-1650-72000-1800- 75600 50200-1200-52600-1300-56500- 1400-60700-1500-65200-1600- 70000-1800-79000-2000-89000- 2200-97800-2500-105300
S15 36600-900-37500-1000- 42500-1100-48000-1200- 54000-1350-59400-1500- 65400-1650-72000-1800- 79200 51400-1200-52600-1300-56500- 1400-60700-1500-65200-1600- 70000-1800-79000-2000-89000- 2200-97800-2500-110300
S16 39500-1000-42500-1100- 48000-1200-54000-1350- 59400-1500-65400-1650- 72000-1800-81000-2000- 83000 55200-1300-56500-1400-60700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800- 79000-2000-89000-2200-97800- 2500-115300
S17 40500-1000-42500-1100- 48000-1200-54000-1350- 59400-1500-65400-1650- 72000-1800-81000-2000- 85000 56500-1400-60700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800-79000-2000- 89000-2200-97800-2500-115300- 2800-118100
S18 42500-1100-48000-1200- 54000-1350-59400-1500- 65400-1650-72000-1800- 81000-2000-87000 59300-1400-60700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800-79000-2000- 89000-2200-97800-2500-115300- 2800-120900
S19 45800-1100-48000-1200- 54000-1350-59400-1500- 65400-1650-72000-1800- 81000-2000-89000 63700-1500-65200-1600-70000-1800-79000-2000-89000-2200- 97800-2500-115300-2800-123700
S20 55350-1350-59400-1500- 65400-1650-72000-1800- 81000-2000-97000-2200- 101400 77200-1800-79000-2000-89000-2200-97800-2500-115300-2800- 140500
S21 60900-1500-65400-1650-72000-1800-81000-2000- 97000-2200-103600 85000-2000-89000-2200-97800-2500-115300-2800-140500-3100- 143600
S22 68700-1650-72000-1800- 81000-2000-97000-2200- 108000-2400-110400 95600-2200-97800-2500-115300- 2800-140500-3100-149800-3400- 153200
S23 77400-1800-81000-2000- 97000-2200-108000-2400- 115200 107800-2500-115300-2800-140500-3100-149800-3400- 160000
S24 81000-2000-97000-2200-108000-2400-117600 112800-2500-115300-2800-140500-3100-149800-3400- 163400
S25 85000-2000-97000-2200-108000-2400-117600 118100-2800-140500-3100-149800-3400-163400
S26 89000-2000-97000-2200-108000-2400-120000 123700-2800-140500-3100-149800-3400-166800
S27 93000-2000-97000-2200-108000-2400-120000 129300-2800-140500-3100-149800-3400-166800
Master Scale 16500-500-20000-550-22200- 600-25200-650-27800-700- 29900-800-33900-900-37500- 1000-42500-1100-48000- 1200-54000-1350-59400- 1500-65400-1650-72000- 1800-81000-2000-97000- 2200-108000-2400-120000 23000-700-27900-800-31100- 900-38300-1000-42300-1100- 47800-1200-52600-1300-56500- 1400-60700-1500-65200-1600- 70000-1800-79000-2000-89000- 2200-97800-2500-115300-2800- 140500-3100-149800-3400- 166800

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