Revision of pension of pre-1996 retirees – All relevant orders of the Govt. have to be followed strictly : BPS writes to Survey of India

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Revision of pension of pre-1996 retirees – All relevant orders of the Govt. have to be followed strictly : BPS writes to Survey of India

Revision of pension of pre-1996 retirees – All relevant orders of the Govt. have to be followed strictly : BPS writes to Survey of India




Dated 09.03.2022


The Surveyor General of India
Survey of India, P.B. No. 37,
Hathibarkala Estate,
Dehra Dun Uttarakhand) 248001.

(kind attention: Dr. UR. Mishra, DSG),

Sub. Revision of pension of pre 1996 retirees. Unanimous Resolution No. 16 adopted at the 66th AGM( Virtual) of BPS on 30th Nov 2021.

Ref. Your No. 01-286/2158- Lok Shikayat dated 22.2.2022.


Thank you for your response to our letter for follow up action on the Resolution No. 16, to remove the Genuine Grievances of the Community of Pensioners in India.

The purpose behind these efforts is to bring relief to the community of pensioners in the country, who gave their best to the Govt., in their heyday.

In this particular case, you will readily appreciate that the persons aggrieved are very old pensioners(now in their 80’s and older) who retired before 1.1.96.

This Resolution was adopted as the affected pensioners, whose post had been upgraded on 1.1.96, brought to notice of the General Body of BPS that many of them(including Pre-96 Retired Deputy Directors, Survey of India) were suffering right from 1.1.96, as their pensions were being paid on the Routine Basis of Last Pay Drawn in the then prevailing lower pay scale for the post, which is INAPPLICABLE in their cases as it infringes the sanctified principle of Modified’ Parity of Pensions granted under DoP& PW OM dated 17.12.1998. First their pension on 1.1.96 needs to be revised in accordance with above quoted OM of 17.12.1998. so as to ensure that it is Not less than what they are entitled to at the minimum of the Revised scale of the post on 1.1.96(and then on 1.1.2006),

Your routine reply that you have Revised earlier pensions as per Gov’t. Orders quoted by you does not redress their pathetic Grievance as their pension prior to 1.1.2016 itself was wrong and needed to be revised. It is pointed out that the orders quoted by you do not supersede the earlier orders, but only add to them. All relevant orders of the Gov’t. have to be followed strictly. First Their existing pensions on 1.1.96 and then on 1.1.2006 have to be revised; and their entitled pension on Parity w.e.f. 1.1.2016 has to be determined with use of applicable Concordance Table (pertaining to the upgraded scale) at the correct stage, as per Extant Gov’t. Orders.

Since the ultimate purpose is not merely to know why the genuine Grievances have escaped redress so far but also to take appropriate measures to remove them without any further delay, I would request you to kindly revise their pensions first from 1.1.96 and then from 1.1.2006. Thereafter, their pension may be revised w.e.f.1.1.2016, as per the Orders quoted by you.

In view of the long time that has already elapsed in doing justice to very old/hapless pensioners/family pensioners and the nominees of life-time arrears, it is requested that IMMEDIATE action may, now, kindly be initiated to revise their pensions from 1.1.96 and disburse the Arrears at the earliest.

Bharat Pensioners Samaj would be grateful to you for this act of kindness to hapless old pensioners in the evening of their lives.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(S.C. Maheshwari),
Secretary General, Bharat Pensioners Samaj.

Copy w.c.t. the Secretary, DS&T, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, Qutab Enclave, New Delhi 110016, along with a copy of the Resolution No. 16.

Copy to Shri GS Oberoi, President, AIAROSI, E 64, Sector 21, Jal Vayu Vihar, Noida(UP) 201301.



Source: Click here to view/download PDF BPS to Surveyor Grneral of India


  • Sir, my father joined in SSB in 1964 and took VRS in 01-02-1986 in the rank of sub inspector. His last b.p was Rs 425-Rs 600. And last pay drawn was Rs 1434.and was sanctioned Rs 535 + 55 as pension monthly.But at the end of 5th pay commission in 2005 pension increased up to Rs 2500 and in 6th pay it increased to Rs 5000. And my father expired on 2015. So, why pension was very less in amount monthly although he was retired in SUB INSPECTOR. and after that until his death pension increased up to Rs 8000. Do the rank does not matter in revised pension?? Is there any wrong fixation done on him? Is there any probability of getting benefit of financially from past revised pension if it is fixed wrongly?? So sir please reply me the real fact.

    • S.B. Vashist 6 months ago

      Sir, I had taken VRS w.e.f. 28th Feb. 1989 after rendering 30 years 8 months (including 5 year weightage) service in GREF. My last pay drawn was Rs. 1720/-.My pension was sanctioned on pro rata basis on the last 10 months average. I had to stagnate for 16 years in the same grade in the pay scale of Rs. 1200-2040 due lack of promotional posts. Now my age is 80 plus. Will you kindly clarify if I am entitled to:-
      (i) 50 percent pension w.e.f. 01,03.1989 on the last pay drawn
      (ii) ACP on completion of 12 years service
      Wth high regards

  • M.K.KUMAR 10 months ago

    You have retirement in 5th CPC and the Pension Rules are changed from 6th CPC as 50% of last pay. Further to inform you that you have been retired 58 years not the age 60 as superannuation. Please mention your last basic pay and pay scales of the 5th CPC.

  • P SSandhu 10 months ago

    I Retd in1993 January as officer Surveyor . Revised pay scale was (9300-34800)+grade pay 4800/-;But my pension was revised @4150- which is less than 50% of  revised basic pay of  Officer Surveyor . Kindly guide me to proceed for redress the anomaly in fixation of revised pension. My PPONo.58743/93/0017/9 xT 19-05-93.