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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organised Group 'A' Services — applicability for Services covered under other promotion schemes

No. AB.14017/39/2009-Estt.(RR)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
New Delhi, the 2nd April, 2012
Office Memorandum
Subject:- Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organised Group 'A' Services — applicability for Services covered under other promotion schemes.

Attention is invited to instructions of this Department issued in OM No. AB.14017/64/2008-Estt. (RR) dated 24.4.09 for Non-functional Upgradation to officers of Organised Group A Services in PB-3 and PB­4 as per 6th CPC recommendations and accepted by the Government. The instructions on NFU are applicable at HAG level where such a scale exists in the Service.
2. The issue of wide spread stagnation in various Orgnaised Group A Services where the promotion is vacancy based was considered by the 6th CPC which recommended NFU linked to empanelment/ appointment of IAS officers at the Centre. References for extending the benefit of NFU to officers included in Organised Group 'A' Services and who are covered by their own promotions schemes like DACP, FCS etc. continue to be received by this Department. The issue has been examined in consultation with Department of Expenditure. The 6th CPC has specifically recommended separate schemes at various levels after detailed deliberations and the same are required to be followed 'in tato'. The attributes of one scheme cannot be transposed on another and two schemes cannot run concurrently for a cadre as it would be against the spirit of 6th CPC recommendations.
3. Keeping in view that it would not be desirable to mix the provisions of one scheme with the other at different levels, it is clarified that the benefit of NFU to Organised Group A Services shall not be applicable to the officers in those Organised Services where FCS and DACP Schemes are already operating and where officers are already separately covered by their own in-situ Career Progression Schemes.
4. The Cadre Controlling Authorities of various Services in the Ministries/Departments may accordingly take necessary action.
5. Hind version will follow.


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