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Introduction of Automated System of Allotment in respect of type-I category w.e.f. 01.01.2012.

Govt. of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates
(Policy Division)
No. 12035/16/2010-Pol.II
Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the, 18th November, 2011

Subject :          Introduction of Automated System of Allotment in respect of type-I
category w.e.f. 01.01.2012
                        The undersigned is
directed to invite attention to this Directorate’s O.M. of even number dated
22.12.2010 introducing Automated System of Allotment (ASA) in respect of houses
of the lower types i.e. Type-II to Type-IV. It has since been decided to
introduce Automated System in respect of Type-I category also w.e.f. 01.01.2012
as per following schedule:

With effect from 01.01.2012 only
online applications for allotment of Type-I houses will be accepted. After
applying online, the applicants will be required to take a print out of the
application form and forward to the Directorate of Estates after getting the
same verified from their Department / Office. No manual application will be
accepted from 01.01.2012.
The applicants applying online whose
applications are received up to 15.01.2012 will be eligible for participation
in the ASA system and shall be able to exercise options during the period 16th
to 27th of each month. The first allotment through fully automated mode in
Type-I will take place on 28.01.2012. Allotments in subsequent months in
respect of Type-I will take place on the 28th of every month.
Every applicant will be required to
furnish his/her mobile number and e-mail ID to enable this Directorate to send
their login ID and password through SMS/e-mail.
The practice of reconsideration and
technical acceptance will be stopped with the introduction of ASA system. The
applicants who fail to accept the allotment made as per their choice, shall be
debarred for further allotment for a period of one year.
Detailed procedure as laid down in
the O.M. dated 22.12.2010, available on the website of this Directorate i.e.
www.estates.nic.in shall be applicable.
A help desk has been established in
the IFC of the Directorate of Estates near Gate No. 2, Nirman Bhawan, New
Delhi. Application may seek help form the help desk, if required.

(R.N. Yadav)
Dy. Director of Estates

Source/Order : http://www.estates.nic.in

Govt. of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates
bhavan, New Delhi
Dated 22nd December, 2010
Office Memorandum
Subject:           Introduction of Automated System of Allotment in lower types of Govt.
                        With a view to introduce
complete transparency, speedy allotment, higher occupancy of houses and enable
the applicants to get houses of their choice, it has been decided to introduce
the Automated System of allotment in lower type as already introduced earlier
in the higher types.
                        In this system, list of
all vacant houses and also the waiting list is placed on the website of this
Directorate and the applicants are required to give their option of one or more
houses of their choice in order of priority keeping in view their seniority as
per procedure mentioned herein under:-
With effect from the date as
mentioned in para 2 below, all applicants for allotment of houses will be
accepted “online” only.
Every applicant will have to create
his/her account by filling up the required on line application form following the
instructions on the screen.  After completing the process, on line, the
applicant will have to take a print out of his/her application and submit to
the Directorate of Estates a self signed copy thereof for activation of his/her
account.  On receipt of the application,  his/her account will be
activated by sending a Registration Number (which will work as his/her ID) and
a pass word through SMS and/or e-mail.  For this purpose every applicant
whether new or already registered has to furnish his mobile No. and Email ID. 
Once the applicant has received
his/her registration number and log-in-pass-word through SMS/e-mail, then
he/she will be able to operate his/her account for giving option for
house/houses and also making required changes in his/her preferences, choices
Both existing applications as well
as new applicants will have to indicate their choices/preferences for houses
All the applications received up to
15th of the month will be included in the waiting list.  Also all houses
falling vacant till 15th of each month would be displayed, pool-wise, on this
Directorate’s website (estates.nic.in) for giving choices by the applicants
during 16th to 1st for Type-II each month.  During this period, the list
of vacant houses as well as the waiting list will remain frozen. Regular
allotments will be made each month on 25th for type-III and 2nd for Type-II.
An applicant will be allotted the
house chosen by his/her if nobody senior to him/her in the waiting list has
opted for the some.
The concept of technical acceptance
will be done away with.
Applicants will be eligible for one
change in each category of house. No separate change waiting list will be
prepared. Waiting list for change as well as the first allotment will be the same.
On the day of enforcement of the Automated System of Allotment the existing
change waiting list (Which is based on first come-first- serve principle) will
be frozen and will be placed, en block, senior to the unified waiting list
prepared as per the new order.
With effect from the date as
indicated in para 2 below for each type the present practice of maintaining a
separate-change waiting list on first-come-first serve —principle and
area/locality wise waiting list will be done away with.
The applicants will have to
necessarily accept the house allotted as per their choice. In the event of
non-acceptance, the applicant will be debarred for further allotment for a
period of one year.
                    Subject to such
modifications as may be notified from time to time, allotment of General Pool
Residential Accommodation through automated system would come into force with
effect from date Indicated below:
Effective date
Period for indicating Choices
Date of first automated allotment
1st Jan, 2011
16th – 24th, January 2011
1st Feb, 2011
16th – 27th, February 2011
1st April, 2011
16th April – 1st May, 2011
Deputy Director of Estates
Source/Order: http://www.estates.nic.in