CGEWHO Chennai (Ph-II): Minutes of Meeting with beneficiaries

Minutes of meeting held on 04 Jan 2013 with the
beneficiaries of Chennai (Ph II) chaired by Sh M Narayanan, Director (Tech).
Also present was Sh Gagan Gupta, AD(T), CGEWHO. The following points were
i)      Following
two registers will be maintained at the CGEWHO site office inside the campus
with immediate effect.
        (a)     Maintenance Register
This register will be only for the complaints of beneficiaries who are residing
in the campus, who had taken possession of their DUs. Sh Vijay Kumar Babu (PE,
CGEWHO) will be responsible to attend the complaints and will be provided with
the maintenance team comprising of 01 carpenter, 2 plumbers, 2 mason and 1
electrician. The register will be monitored by him on day to day basis and a
weekly report shall be forwarded to H.O. towards attending the complaints.
        (b)     Complaints Register —
This register will be only for the complaints of the DUs yet to be taken over
by beneficiaries. Sh Vignesh (PE, CGEWHO) will be responsible to look after the
complaints and will be provided with the adequate skilled and unskilled
manpower to get the complaints rectified at the earliest. There will be three
gangs of labour/ mason each comprising 2 each of mason, carpenter, plumber and

ii)      As
far as seepages in bathrooms and from external wall is concern, the following
was decided
                (a)      2 Swings will be
provided each comprising of 3 labours and all the external wall from where the
seepage is ingressing will be grouted by water proofing compound of Dr Fixit.
                (b)      Separate plumbers
around 10 in nos. will be deployed to get the seepage arrested from the leaking
bathrooms. Efforts would also be made to get the water proofing done with the
epoxy rasins where ever required to arrest the seepage.
iii)      During
the meeting certain residents has informed that the security and house keeping
services provided needs to be reinforced. Accordingly, D(T) has agreed that a
fresh process of appointment of security and house keeping agencies shall be
initiated through tender which shall also be published on CPPP. During the
meeting, it was also observed that to have a proper garbage system, there is a
requirement of two large dustbins which may be kept outside the complex so that
the municipal service providers shall be able to clean the dustbins at their
convenience. Accordingly, D(T) agreed to purchase two large dustbins and
ex-post facto approval may be taken from CEO. All the above expenses shall be
charged to AOA fund.
iv)      The
temporary fence adjacent to B-15-16 block would be set right and a small wicket
gate would be provided.
v)      The
labours under the stilts of B-15-16 would be removed with immediate effect.
vi)      A
hand cycle bin for transportation of garbage shall also be purchased. All the
expenses shall be debited to Apartment Owners Association fund.
vii)      Welding
works which were creating nuisance in the campus were asked to be discontinued.
Since the above work is being undertaken by beneficiaries, CGEWHO is having
limited control only on the said matter.
viii)      As
per the requirement of residents all the three generators shall be put in auto
mode with immediate effect. The cost of diesel consumed shall be debited to
AOA. As per the request of residents, it has been decided that cleaning of the
overhead tanks periodically shall become part and parcel of the tender proposed
to be issued towards house keeping.
ix)      It
was decided that in every 3 months there will be cleaning of overhead tank and
this will be done by the house keeping and shall be part of the scope in the
new tender.
x)      It
was decided to employ one pump operator on day time and one electrician at
night for emergency work immediately and ex-post facto approval would be taken
at H.O. All the expenses shall be debited to Apartment Owners Association fund.
xi)      It
was decided that gardener be provided with the equipments and manure as asked
by the residents immediately and ex-post facto approval would be taken at H.O.
The expenses shall be charged to apartment owner’s association.
xii)      Sh
Vijay Kumar Babu (PE) shall be responsible to have a proper coordination on the
above till AOA is constituted.
xiii)      It
was decided that Porta Cabin will be installed at the space to be identified by
the residents for the installation of the BSNL equipments. Necessary action for
the procurement will be taken at the H.O. once BSNL make a request. The
residents shall follow up the matter with BSNL and forward the details.
xiv)      D(T)
clarified there has been no demand of tax raised by the authority for the
vacant land. As and when the demand note comes the matter would be taken up
with the concerned authority.
xv)      Residents
asked for an another walk away/ access for ‘A’ type block D(T) clarified that
the matter will be looked into and steps would be taken to expedite the same.
xvi)      Residents
asked for one final cleaning of whole campus once again which was agreed to and
residents were asked clean up all the debris which are lying in the campus due
to their renovation works.
Source: www.cgewho.nic.in

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