No plan to increase central govt employees’ retirement age: Zee News

A hot news is coming from Zee News that DoPT has not been working on any proposal to increase the retirement age to 62 from 60 years for Central Government Employees.  A senior official from DoPT has confirmed the above news to media and also clarified that  a committee has been formed for increase the retirement age of specialists in scientific and medical fields (scientists) to 64 years.  Last updates from parliament question session is also indicating that there is no proposal under consideration in this regard. [click here to see]
The news article of Zee News, which is showing updation time of 13.28 of 16th June, it means it is very latest news in this regard, the text of the said news is reproduced below:-
New Delhi: Central government employees are in for a disappointment as the Centre is at present not considering any move to raise the retirement age to 62 years
A senior official in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, which acts as nodal department for personnel matters, said there was no such proposal to increase the age for superannuation of government employees. 
There is no proposal to increase the retirement age to 62 from 60 years. The Ministry is not working on any such proposal,” the official said. 

Recent media reports claimed that the Ministry has written to Prime Minister’s Office for raising the retirement age and sought the Union Cabinet’s nod for the purpose.
There are about 50 lakh central government employees working in various departments across the country. 
Officials in the Ministry said increasing retirement age requires a detailed consultation with all stake holders and discussion with the Finance Ministry. 
Without the Finance Ministry’s permission, the matter cannot not be processed, they said. 
At a time when government is working on austerity drive by cutting expenditure and putting in efforts to rein in current account deficit (CAD), the move to increase retirement age will also burden the exchequer’s kitty, they said. 
The CAD, which is the difference between the inflow and outflow of foreign currency, had touched a record high of 6.7 per cent in the October-December quarter of 2012-13 on the back of rising oil and gold imports.
The retirement age for a majority of central government employees is 60 years. However, the age for retirement in case of teachers and scientists is 62 years. 
The age of superannuation in states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Assam is also 60 years. 
In a related development, the government has decided to further increase the retirement age of specialists in scientific and medical fields (scientists) to 64 years
“A Committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the purpose,” said another Personnel Ministry official. 

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  • Nothing like providing jobs for young people now a days all the jobs are filled up on contract basis only. No mater retirement age increased or not it is not going to make any difference to youth.Contract people are not responsible and not committed to work. At least if retirement age is enhanced we have some responsible people with no loss to government. as we are already paying huge amount as pension and retirement benefits. In case of scientists also selected candidate were given extension based on their terms and reputation with higher ups. Now commitee is formed to look into matter but by the time they take decesion most of the merit candidates will retire.

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    Do the youth don`t need any employment in the teaching field and other fields where the retirement age is being increased? So why are only the central govt employees being sidelined….are they not brainy enough?This is being unfair to the people to the people who serve you the most!!and are always to your beck and call….and now when you could have rewarded them you are ignoring them completely

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    good news
    Young people would get chance

    • Anonymous 10 years ago

      Only young gentlemen were recruited and appointed without any
      experience.Bunch of experienced people in all areas would be retiring in the mid June 2014.Considering the present economical scenario aged people are able to atleast save some paise only in the present wage revision 2007. Previously
      hand to mouth salary only received that too it is a shock
      for seniors who are retiring in just 1 year or 15 months. Govt should consider atleast giving 50% D.A. to get a sumtuous amount as pension till their death and to be survived by family members.

  • Ravi Malhotra 10 years ago

    Good News for all un-employed. Ye to hona hi tha, 2 Mahine se mai theek se padhai bhi nahi kar paa raha tha, Good News for All. Kitna Job karoge aaplog, 60 Saal bahut hota hai.

    • Anonymous 10 years ago

      Agree with you being a Central government Employee I am also want see future in Govt job for my younger brother, really news for chill.