Review of Payment of Tribal Area Allowance to Railway employees: Railway Board Order

RBE NO. 52/2013 

No. F(E)I/2013/AL-4/4

New Delhi, Dated 31.05.2013 

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways/Production Units,
(As per Mailing List).

Sub: Tribal area Allowance

The issue of payment of Tribal Area Allowance to railway employees was examined recently in context of a parliament question and it was found that the position with regard to payment of Tribal Area allowance varies widely on different Zonal railways. While some Zonal Railways have been paying Tribal Area Allowance in some Scheduled/Tribal areas, other railways have discontinued the allowance. This may be in some cases due to State Governments having discontinued the payment of such allowance to their employees in some areas, or due to non-availability of updated lists of Scheduled/Tribal Areas where State Governments are paying it to their employees, with the Railways, Railway Board, etc.

2. It is, therefore, advised that payment of Tribal Area Allowance to Railway employees, especially during the last ten years may be reviewed on your Railway and it may be checked whether it has been paid in those areas where State Governments have been paying the same to their employees. In case it has been discontinued, even though admissible under the rules, corrective steps may be taken in this regard, at your end under intimation to this office. Also, Board may be advised of the reasons for discontinuation of Tribal Area Allowance in the areas falling under your Railway’s jurisdiction where payment of this allowance by Railways has been discontinued in the past.
3. It has also been decided by Board that henceforth General Managers of Zonal Railways may ascertain the areas from the State Governments where the Tribal Area Allowance is being paid by State Governments and sanction Tribal Area Allowance to eligible employees on their Railways subject to fulfilment of conditions for payment of the allowance as laid down in Board’s letters no. PC-IV/87/Imp/AL-1 dated 30.07.1987 & F(E)I/89/AL-4/2 dated 24.06.1991.

4. A complete review may be sent to Board within 15 days.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(Sanjay Lavania )
Executive Dir, Fin,(Estt.)
Railway Board
Source: AIRF

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