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Features of Web based Software for CSSS and CSCS available at http://www.cscms.nic.in

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi.
Dated : 23rd December, 2013

Subject : Launching of Web based Software for csss — reg.

Reference is invited to this Department’s O.M. of even No. dated 12.09.2013 vide which the software/ database in respect of officers of CSSS and CSCS were posted.
2. The Web-based system has since been hosted on an NIC server and is available at URL:http://www.cscms.nic.in.
3. As the Cadre Units are aware, the cadre management functions of CSSS at present are carried out by manual updation of data by keeping track of each and every development. This obviously is a cumbersome task as sometimes orders issued by the Ministries/ Departments in implementation of orders issued by this Department or otherwise are not received in time by CS-II Division and vice-versa. Absence of accurate updated information leads to delay in carrying out cadre management activities. The Web-Based Cadre Management System being launched will result in updation of the data on real time basis and would subsequently facilitate speedy decisions relating to cadre management functions. The primary objective behind the Web-Based Cadre Management System is, therefore, to reduce paper work and delay involved in cadre management of CSSS by shifting cadre management related activities online.
4. Officers can log in to the system with a default user ID which is a combination of 8 digit date of birth followed by first four letters of their names i.e. ddmmyyyyabcd. For instance, if the name and date of birth of the officer is Ramanujan and 10.02.1975 respectively, his user ID will be 10021975rama. The default password is apple123 which may be changed at the first login. User manual of the system is available at the Help tab after login to the system.
5. Availability of complete and accurate data in respect of the officers is indispensable for successful operation of the system. The basic available information in respect of the officers has been uploaded by this Division. Cadre Units and individual officers of CSSS are requested to log in to the system to check if the complete and up-to-date data is available in the system. Any discrepancy in this regard may immediately be brought to the notice of the Nodal Officer concerned and this Department for correction/ updation. Nodal officers designated in this regard would be responsible for the correctness of data in respect of officers of CSSS posted in their respective Ministry/Department. In case, the data in respect of any officer is not available in the system, the same should be forwarded to this Department without any further delay. Officers concerned are also requested to ensure that the data in respect of them is available in the system. In case, the complete and accurate data is not available in the system, any request for cadre clearance for deputation, training etc. may not be considered. Further, their names may also not be included in the zone of promotion. Once complete data is available in the system, this Department will issue the orders for posting, transfer and promotion through this system. Similarly, the Ministries/ Departments will issue the orders for a relieving/ joining, appointment, promotion etc though this system.

6. The Web-based System comprises of the following modules:
(i) Employee Information System : This module provides the basic information about the official. Cadre management activity carried out through the system automatically updates the database. This module generates various reports on the basis of the data viz, a) personal information report, b) RTP report, c) multi-information report, d) events report viz, retirement, deputation, VRS, etc. e) vacancy report, f) designation wise report etc.
(ii) Promotion/ Transfer Module : Promotion / transfer orders will be issued by this Division through this system also. Cadre units will indicate the relieving/ joining details of officers through the system immediately on relieving/ joining of the officer on the basis of the order issued by this Department.
(iii) Deputation Management System : Cadre clearance in respect of officers in the rank of PPS and above for deputation is granted by this Division. The officers will now also apply through this system for cadre clearance for deputation. Nodal Officers of the cadre units will forward the request online. Copy of the relevant portion of the advertisement should also be scanned and uploaded in the system. The scanned copy will be in pdf and jpeg formats and should not exceed 1MB. In case selected for deputation, the officer will be relieved through the deputation module of the system.
(iv) Voluntary Retirement : Cadre clearance for Voluntary Retirement in case of PPS and above level officers of CSSS is accorded by this Department. The cadre units are required to submit the proposal for voluntary retirement through the system.
(v) Vigilance Status : Vigilance clearance, whenever required, will be sought and obtained through this module. In respect of officers of the level of PPS and above, vigilance status will be updated both by the cadre units as well as AVD-I unit of this Department. Vigilance status in respect of officials upto PS level will be updated by the Cadre units.
(vi) Immovable Property Return : CSSS officers will be required to file the Immovable Property Return through the module. PPS and above level officers will be required to take a printout of the return submitted online, sign it and send the same to CS-II Division for record.
(vii) Mandatory Training : The officers for training will be nominated through this module. Their attendance and result will also be available in this system.
7. All the cadre units and the individual officers are requested to extend the necessary cooperation to make the web-based system successful in the interest of speedy, transparent and effective cadre management of CSSS.
(Vandana Sharma)
Director (CS.II)
Source: www.persmin.nic.in

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