Ordnance factories: Current promotion policy has led to a cadre rift in the organization – Association

Ordnance factories witness cadre rift: TNN
Apr 16, 2014

NAGPUR: Representatives of National Defence Group B Gazetted Officers Association (NDGBGOA), a union of middle level officers in ordnance factories, have alleged that the current promotion policy has led to a cadre rift in the organization. A large number of personnel without a formal technical qualification have been promoted to the rank of a joint works manager (JWM). At the same time, there are several personnel with an engineering degree or diploma at this level. A large number ‘non-qualified’ personnel taking over as JWM is also hampering the production, the association leaders claimed.
Each section in a factory is headed by a JWM. However, after the sixth pay commission, the number of designations in the organzation was reduced, which has led to the chaos, said an office-bearer in NDGBGOA, whose cadre comprises JWMs. The issue was taken up in the association’s executive council meeting held in Nagpur on Tuesday.
Earlier, a Chargeman I who could be directly recruited or eventually promoted from the worker cadre had to first become an Assistant Foreman before reaching the JWM’s level. But after the sixth pay commission, the post of Assistant Foreman was abolished and so was that of a Junior Chargeman. As a result, workers are getting faster promotions upto Chargeman rank and many are eventually made JWM which is the next promotion.

This has led to several workers who otherwise do not have a formal technical education being made JWMs. It has led to over 7,600 personnel being promoted to this rank. Earlier, each section had a single JWM but now there are at least 3-4, said the source.
There have been attempts to know the number of JWMs without a technical qualification, but even RTI queries have failed, said a union member requesting anonymity. But rough estimates say that they may almost 30% of the total cadre.

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