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CBEC Cadre Restructuring: Chairperson’s Note regarding promotion from Gp “B” to Gp “A” after CR

Chairperson’s note dated 26.05.2014 regarding Promotion from Group ‘B’ to Group ‘ A’ , after CR:-


J.M. Shanti Sundharam
Special Secretary & Chairman

D.O. No. F5/1/2014-CH(EC)
26th May, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Sub: Promotion from Group ‘B’ to Group ‘A’, after CR.

In my previous message dated 19.5.2014, at step No. VII, I had referred to the work relating to promotions of 2,118 officers from Group ‘B’ to Group ‘A’. The Board has since reviewed the work of Committee No. II, Sub-Committee No.1, which is looking after this task, along with the officers from the Ad.II Sections of the CBEC and DG, HRD.

2. After obtaining the tentative consideration zone and the All India seniority list of Superintendents/ Superintendents(P)/ Appraisers from the DG, HRD in December, the Sub-Committee No.1 has obtained around 5000 folders from the various CCAs. Individual folders for each of the eligible officers has been prepared containing the ACRs/APARs for the preceding 5 years. Work is in progress for ensuring that CR/APAR folder is up-to-date which would include availability of vigilance status, integrity certificates, penalty statements (where necessary) availability of part period ACR/APAR, if any, in a particular financial year, completion of action in respect of ‘Below Bench Mark’ cases, No Report/No Review certificates, additional ACRs/APARs in he last mentioned types of cases, etc. Check List has been maintained in respect of each folder. Review of the work revealed that there are 256 dossiers from eight CCAs which are yet to be sent:-

Sl. No. Cadre Controlling Zone/Commissionerate No. of Dossiers
1. Kolkata Central Excise 96
2. Delhi Central Excise 54
3. Allahabad Central Excise 52
4. Mumbai-I Central Excise 37
5. Chandigarh Central Excise 12
6. Vadodara Central Excise 5
7/8. Bhopal & Indore Central Excise 4

3. Though Member (P&N) has been contacting the above mentioned CCAs, it would be appreciated if the Group ‘B’ Gazetted Officers Associations if these zones take up the matter of ensuring that the missing dossiers are forwarded to the Committee without delay. The Sub-Committee has moved forward with the action for completion of the dossiers and same is expected to be completed shortly. However, it is reiterate that unless the pending dossiers are also received and the same rigorous scrutiny done, we would not be in a position to  move the UPSC for obtaining a date for DPC. All CCAs are, therefore, requested ti bestow personal attention in the matter and‘ the Associations re also requested to coordinate with the administration

in this regard

4. At the level of Ad.II Section in CBEC, necessary action is being taken for de ling with all representations received from individuals as also from Associations. The Ad.II Section will also be providing to the DG, HRD the number of carry forward / backlog vacancies which require to be filled so that the same can be included in the DPC proposal. he Ad.II will send the vetted list of the zone of consideration to the Sub-Committee to enable them to properly identify the dossiers required for the DPC. Once the dossiers are completed and forwarded by the Sub-Committee, the same will have to be completely vetted again before being certified by the appropriate authority in Ad.II and submission to the UPSC through the single window.
5. . I would again emphasise that existence of complete and correct dossiers is necessary before the proposal for DPC can be sent to UPSC. Therefore, I could request all CCAs and Associations to ensure that the action, a required at the zonal level, is expedited. It is evident that delay b even one zone would put in jeopardy the legitimate aspirations rid expectations of the officers of remaining zones. Therefore, I look forward to a coordinated and quick response from you.

Best wishes,

(J.M. Shanti Sundharam)

Source: http://www.cbec.gov.in/deptt_offcr/cadre-restruct/chairprsn-note-26may2014.pdf
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