Will the 7th CPC fulfil the demands of LDCs and UDCs?

Will the 7th CPC fulfil the demands of LDCs and UDCs?

For a number of years now, especially after the 6th CPC, the problems faced by LDCs and UDCs have started gaining prominence. The unity and sense of purpose among them makes them look all set for the kind of victory that Pharmacists had. Common sense of purpose, unity and dedication sure make success possible!

In order to decrease the number of grades, the 6th Pay Commission combined all the different grades between Grade Pay 1300 to Grade Pay 1800 into a single grade – Grade Pay 1800, thereby wiping out the entire Group ‘D’. As a result, everybody became Group ‘C’ employees. Even those who lacked the minimum education levels, illiterates and everybody else were lumped into Group ‘C’. Their Grade Pay was also raised to Rs. 1800. But, at the same time, employees working as LDCs, who have a minimum educational qualification of Class XII and also possess some technical education, were not given any upgrading. Instead, they now had to share their grade with lesser-qualified former Grade ‘D’ employees.

The next huge trouble originated from the MACP. Those who didn’t get any promotion for years are given career upgradations through MACP. LDCs who didn’t get any promotions for more than 10 years were given their next grade pay, from Rs. 1900, their pay rose to Rs. 2000. The increase of mere Rs. 100 turned out to be a huge disappointment to many. Similarly, those with Grade Pay 2400 were hoping for a jump to Grade Pay 4200, but were instead forced to upgrade with only Grade Pay 2800 as per MACP rules. That anger kept seething too, because the different is 1400.

The most important demand of the LDCs and UDCs is to upgrade the current Pay Scale-Grade Pay.

Grades are decided based on the educational qualification of the employees. A LDC possesses a minimum educational qualification of Class XII and also has some technical qualifications. The basic salary of an LDC is just Rs. 1900 + 5830 = Rs. 7730.00. They want it revised to Rs. 2400 + 7510 = Rs. 9910.
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