Minutes of 44th SCM of JCM Council of CGDA: Discussion on MACP on Hierarchy, Transfer policy, LDC promotion as Auditor and more points


Subject:- Minutes of the 44th Steering Committee Meeting of III level JCM Council of the CGDA HQrs. held on 19.09.2013 at 10:30 am in Conference Hall, office of the CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt.

Shri R.K. Karna, Jt. CGDA (Admin) in Chair.

Official side:
Shri P.K. Rai, Dy. CGDA (Admin)
Shri Ambarish Barman, Sr. ACGDA (Admin)
Shri R. Renganathan, Sr.AO (Admin)
Smt. Chitra Mahendran, Sr.AO (Admin)
Shri S.C. Gupta, AO (Admin)
Shri Rajesh Kalia, AO (Admin)
Shri Shiv Kumar Rao , AAO (Admin)

Staff side:
AIDAA (CB) Pune  
Shri S.N. Safai
Shri L.C.Dangi

AIDAEA (HQ) Kolkata 
Shri Y. Chowdhary
Shri G.P.Dutta

1. At the outset the Chairman welcomed the staff and official side to the 44th Steering Committee Meeting.
2. The minutes of the 43rd Steering Committee Meeting held on 30.05.2013 were confirmed.
3. Action taken report on issues pending in 43rd SCM held on 30.05.2013 were made available to the staff side and following points were discussed:-

(i) 24/42nd 

SCM Comprehensive transfer policy.

Reply:- Draft Transfer Policy has been displayed on CGDA’s website on 28.06.2013, seeking comments of field Controllers and staff Association. The same is being received and consolidated.
It was also agreed that separate meeting will be held in HQrs. office between representatives of the staff side and Dy. CGDA (AN) 86 Sr. ACGDA(AN).
(Action: AN-IX/X Section)

(ii) 3/43rd SCM

Graduate LDC’s passed departmental Examination to be promoted as Auditor with immediate effect.
Reply:- Promotion of remaining 77 Graduate LDCs passed Departmental Examination is under examination.
(Action: AN-XI Section)

(iii) 4/43rd SCM

The word “Gazetted Officer” to be deleted from the letter No. AN/XIV/14115/III/JCM/Vol-IX dated 12.04.2013 issued by CGDA office and briefcases to be provided to all employees drawing Grade pay of Rs. 4600/- and above.

Reply:- The matter is pending with the Ministry.

(Action: AN-XIV Section)
(iv) 14/43rd SCM

Publication of Roster.

The Roster in respect of Sr. Auditors, Auditors Clerks and MTS that displayed in website of CGDA appear to be incomplete in respect of information, updating etc. Moreover, no hard copy has been published.
It is urged upon the authority for publishing the final as well as updated Rosters periodically i.e. in every six months on website as well as through hard copy.
Reply:- Chairman directed to complete the data and update the Roster with a focused approach on priority.
(Action: AN-XI Section)

(v) 19/43rd SCM 

Reconstitution of ROC during the period of verification of membership.

The verification of the membership starts 1st April and end of 31st July every year as per CCS(RSA) rules 1993. During this period reconstitution of JCM Council be avoided since the actual membership strength is not reflected. This Association has represented the matter before Hon’ble CGDA vide No. AIDAEA/HQ/01/CG dated 7.05.2013.
It is urged upon the authority to issue order to all concerned to refrain from reconstitution of ROC IV during the membership period.
Reply:- The issue is under process for reference to MoD/D(JCM) for clarification.
(Point dropped)
(vi) 21/43rd SCM

Promotion of Clerk to the grade of Auditor after 5 years.

There is no promotion of LDCs for more than 12 years. It was assured in the last meeting that the necessary persuasion would be made with DoP&T for revised ‘Recruitment Rule’. But no result has been yield till date. In this connection it is reiterated that the HQrs. office has formulated the Recruitment Rule’ unilaterally ignoring the staff side.
Therefore, it is urged upon the authority for taking necessary measure for immediate promotion of LDCs with retrospective effect without any further delay.
Reply:- The matter is being taken up with DoP&T
(Action: AN-XI Section)
(vii) 22/43rd SCM 

Recruitment and promotion of Canteen Employees

The Departmental statutory Canteens are running with acute shortage of staff resulting disruption of service. It is urged upon the authority for taking necessary measure for recruitment. It is also requested to supply the Recruitment Rule.
Reply:- Chairman directed that the feasibility of Recruitment of Canteen employees within the framework of the existing RR be examined.
(Action: AN-VIII Section)
(viii) 24/43rd SCM

Stepping up of pay in respect of directly recruited Auditors and promotee Auditors.

Many stepping up cases in respect of directly recruited auditors and promotee Auditors are pending for more than two years owing to HQrs. letter No. AN/XIV/14162/6th CPC/corr/Vol-XII dated 10.01.2012 and non-issuance to the revised orders.
Reply:- Chairman directed to disseminate the available data with HQrs office in respect of appointments made on compassionate grounds on CGDA website and call for any discrepancy in this regard.
(Action: AN-XI Section) 
4. Agenda points discussed in 44th SCM:-

All India Defence Accounts Association (CB) Pune

Agenda No. Subject in brief Reply
1 Comprehensive transfer Policy- proposal from AIDAA (CB) Pune in this regard is already forwarded vide letter No. AIDAA/TR/policy/CGDA/2013 dated 7.08.2013. Separate meeting will be held in HQrs. office between representatives of the staff side and Dy. CGDA (AN) 86 Sr. ACGDA(AN). (Action: AN-IX/X Section)
3 Discussion on Action Taken Report. Discussed.

All India Defence Accounts Employees’ Association (HQ) Kolkata

Agenda No. Subject in brief Reply
2 Discussion and finalization of Draft Transfer Policy, Separate meeting will be held in HQrs. office between representatives of the staff side and Dy. CGDA (AN) 86 Sr. ACGDA(AN). (Action: AN-1X/X Section)
Agenda No. Subject in brief Reply
5 Extension of benefit to similarly placed employees. (a)Please refer to CGDA’s letter No, LC/AN/XIV/13142/0A-489/2011 / S.V. Naidu dated 9.07.2013 regarding implementation of CAT Bangalore Bench Order dated 10.10.2012. (b) As per direction given by CAT Allahabad Bench the applicant AAOs have been granted Rs. 18750/-. It is urged upon the authority to extend the benefit to others also. Both the cases are sub-judice. (Point dropped)
6 In case of MACP grant of Gr. Pay on hierarchy of post not Gr. Pay. In case of MACP, Gr. Pay is granted on hierarchy of the grade pay as per VI CPC recommendation. Of late, the same is granted on hierarchy of the post for ministerial staff as per court verdict. It is requested necessary measure may kindly be taken for grant of grade pay on hierarchy of post in DAD. This is being done as per guidelines 86 direction of the Department of Personnel 86 Training, Govt. of India. (Point dropped)
(Ambarish Barman) 
All Members 86 Admin Groups

U.O. NO. AN/VI/17022/44th SCM date 29Oct., 2013

Source: www.cgda.in
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