Role and Responsibility of CIT (Admin & CO): CBDT Order

Role and Responsibility of CIT (Admin & CO): CBDT Order

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No.HRD/CM/ 102 /28 /2013-14/917

Dated: 05.05.2015

All Principal CCITs

Subject:- Role and Responsibility of CIT(Admin & CO)


In the Cadre Restructuring, the post of CIT (Computer Operations) has been re-designated as CIT (Administration & Computer Operations). The same was done keeping in view the existing workload of the CIT (COs) which was comparatively less as such leading to under utilization of the officers in the said cadre. In view of the above, decision was taken to redefine the work of CIT(CO) to include handling of the administrative functions of the office of Pr. CCIT, hence the post was re-designated to its current designation. 
2. I am directed to convey the following role and responsibility of CIT (Admn. & CO) as directed by the Board: 
a) Head of Office: The power of Head of Department in the office of Pr. CCIT in respect of administrative work may be vested with the CIT (Admin & CO) for the purpose of budgetary matters. Several types of advances such as GPF Advance/Withdrawal, House Building Advance, Car/scooter Advances, Computer Advance etc. where the administrative approval and financial sanction is to be accorded by the Head of the Department can be assigned to CIT (Admin. & CO).
b) Establishment Matters: Service matters including appointment, seniority, leave, training, V.R.S. MACP, transfer and posting may he assigned to CIT (Admn. & CO). Monitoring of HRMS may also be assigned to CIT(Adain. & CO). Power of appointing authority with regard to appointment of Group C employees may also be delegated to the CIT (Admin. & CO). 
c) Infrastructural Matters: Infrastructural matters relating to hiring of building (office), land/ building acquisition for new offices etc. may be assigned to CIT (Admin. & CO). Issue related to deployment of operational vehicles may also be so assigned.
d) Grievance Matters: Matters related to grievances etc. and its monitoring may be assigned to CIT (Admin. & CO).
e) The CIT (Admin. & CO) may be assigned all the work handled by the erstwhile CIT (CO) including all computer & System’s related issues and RCC level functions.
f)  Any administrative matter requiring interaction/communication with the CBDT and any outside authority may be routed through CIT (Admin. & CO).  
g) Collection and compilation of Statistical and other Reports relating to administrative matters.
h) All Additional/JCIT level officers at the headquarters of the Pr. CCIT except those handling exclusively judicial or technical nature of work and such other functions that are not handled by CIT (Admin. & CO),would report to Pr. CCIT through CIT (Admin. & CO), CIT (Admin. & CO) shall be the Reporting Authority of Addl./ Joint CIT in 0/o Pr. CCIT with respect to such Addl./Joint CIT level officers.
i) Any other work that may be assigned-by Pr. CCIT.
3.The above work allocation is by way of a detailed guideline. However, the Pr. CCIT may, considering local conditions and resources, only in cases of exigency, modify any of the above under intimation to the Zonal Member.

Yours faithfully,

(Surabhl Sharma)
DDIT(HRD), New Delhi

Source: http://irsofficersonline.gov.in/Documents/OfficalCommunique/1514201560339.PDF

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