Forwarding of applications for deputation: CGA’s Instructions

Forwarding of applications for deputation: CGA’s Instructions

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
7th floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan
Khan Market, New Delhi

Dated 26-Jun-15

Office Memorandum

Sub : Forwarding of applications for deputation.

The issue regarding laying down a policy on forwarding of applications for proceeding on deputation received from filed offices in the case of AAOs, PAO/Sr.AOs has been engaging the attention of this office for quite some time. In order to ensure transparency and uniformity and also keeping in view the prevailing vacancy position in the grade of AAO, the following decisions have been arrived at:
(1) An AAO to be considered for deputation has to render a minimum service of 8 years as AAO on the date of application for deputation.
(2) In the case of AAOs who are in the zone of consideration for promotion as PAO, their applications will be sent with a rider that they should complete the full term of deputation. In case they seek premature reversion, then, they shall be liable for posting wherever vacancy exists and cannot insist on posting at station where they served last.
(3) In respect of AAOs & PAOs posted outside their station on promotion and have joined the new station, they will have to complete at least half of the tenure at outstation as stipulated in the “Transfer Policy” before they can be considered for deputation.
(4) In respect of Sr.AOs all applications received will be considered, provided if they are found otherwise suitable for deputation.
(5) As regards terms of deputation, upper age limit for proceeding on deputation, tenure of deputation, extension of deputation, regulation pay on deputation, grant of NBR etc standing nstructions of DoP&T as amended from time to time shall continue to apply.
(6) Apart from the above, in case any borrowing authority requests for nomination from CCAS, and no volunteer fulfilling the above criteria is available, then the competent authority can open it up for others with some relaxed conditions. Such relaxations whenever decided on case to case basis will be put on public domain for all concerned to see and comply.

Assistant Controller of Accounts

Source: www.cga.nic.in

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