Deficiencies in writing-reporting of APARs

Deficiencies in writing/reporting of APARs:  CBDT’s instructions

F.No. HRD/PM/444/2014-15(Part-II)/4479
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Central board of Direct Taxes
Directorate of Income Tax (HRD)
New Delhi, Dated the 10th Sep, 2015


Sub: Deficiencies in writing/reporting of APARs

On perusal of the APARs received in this Directorate from the Cadre Controlling Authorities (CCAs), a number of deficiencies have been observed. The commonly found deficiencies are as follows: 
i. The Officers are not filling the first column of the APAR i.e. ‘Time Period which the report does not cover if any, and reasons thereof ‘ properly. This column should give exact period which is not covered by APAR along with specific reasons. Merely mentioning ‘period less than 90 days’ is not sufficient,
ii. Many a times the APARs are not certified by the Head of the Department.
iii. While recommending “No Report Certificates” for a given period, Civil Code (Civil List No.) of the officer is usually not mentioned.
iv. Ring of the Annual Property Return column is left blank or mentioned as NA.
v. Column for mentioning, date of last prescribed medical examination for officers 40 years of age and above is often left blank.
vi. The column relating to completion of APARs of the subordinate officers/ officials within stipulated time, is left blank or mentioned as NA.
vii. The integrity column needs to be filled with proper wording/ remarks by the Reporting Officer.
viii. There are calculation errors in overall grading given by the Reporting Officers. The average of the averages taken out, is not correct.
ix. While Appraising & Reviewing, grades are not being assigned in whole numbers as recommended, thereby leading to inaccurate calculation of grade,
x. The Reporting and the Reviewing Officers are only putting their signatures on APAR while their name and designation columns are left blank.
xi, In many cases, Section III (6) of APARs which refers to ‘Pen Picture and performance improvements comments of the reporting authority is left blank. Also the attitude of the officer reported upon towards subordinates & Colleagues from SC, ST & other weaker sections and women is not commented upon by the Reporting Officer.
xii. The Reviewing Officers are not filling the column regarding their agreement of the assessment made by the Reporting Officers. Also, after downgrading / upgrading the grading given by the Reporting Officer, the Reviewing Officers are not specifying any reasons at the column provided for such downgradation / upgradation.
xiii. As per DOP&T, order F. No 21011/16/2014- ESH (A) dated 15.12.2014 while writing APAR’s if paper strips are typed, cut to size and pasted in appropriate columns of APAR is done, either by the officers reported upon or by the reporting & reviewing authorities without self attestation then such an act would be liable to tampering & misuse and as such it should not be resorted to under any circumstances.
xiv. The APARS of Group ‘A’ officers below the rank of CIT are being sent to the 0/o Pr. DGIT (HRD) in duplicate, which is not proper. One APAR needs to be sent and other needs to be retained at the CCA level.

2.  It may please be noted that the last date for submitting duly reported/reviewed APAR for the reporting year 2014-15 to the Directorate of HRD is 15th Sep 2015 and a very large number of APARS are still pending to be received. This in turn adversely affects compilation of APARs for promotions etc. It is therefore, being reiterated, that the pending APARs may please be sent by the prescribed date.

3. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Anisha Ghel
New Delhi
Source: http://irsofficersonline.gov.in/Documents/OfficalCommunique/1910201560121.PDF