Sanction of Ex-India leave/NOC for proceeding abroad: CGDA Circular

Sanction of Ex-India leave/NOC for proceeding abroad

Government of India
Ministry Of Defence
Office of the controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road,Palam, Delhi Cantt.



Date: 28.04.2016

All PCsDA/CsDA & equivalent
(through CGDA Website)

Subject: Sanction of Ex-India leave/NOC for proceeding abroad

The undersigned is directed to intimate that the competent authority has decided that henceforth the instructions/proforma prescribed in the following communications/document will be followed/utilized as regards handling of requests for NOC for proceeding abroad and grant of Ex-India leave to the officers and staff of the Department.
(i) DOP&T OM.F.No.11013/8/2015-Estt. AQ-III dated 27-07-2015 prescribing proforma for taking prior permission by the Government Servants for PRIVATE VISITS abroad and the time-limit prescribed for dealing with such requests
(ii) An undertaking in terms of Para 297 of O.M.Part.I, to be furnished by the Government Servants who intend to proceed on PRIVATE VISITS abroad.
(iii) DOP&T OM.F.No.11013/7/2004-Estt.(A) dated 1st September, 2008 regarding approval of leave for proceeding abroad by the leave sanctioning authority.
2. It is requested to regulate the requests for prior permission for proceeding abroad received from the officers and staff of the Department in light of above instructions. The requests being forwarded to this HQRs office, in above regard, should be as per above formats only.
3. All PCsDA/CsDA and equivalents are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all officers and staff serving under their control (including those on proforma strength) for information, guidance and further necessary action.
4. It is also enjoined upon all concerned that while forwarding the requests in above regard, it should be ensured that the instructions in the above cited communications are strictly adhered to so as to avoid delay in processing of the applications.
5. This issues with the approval of the CGDA.

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Officers: CGDA

Source: http://cgda.nic.in/adm/circular/Ex-India-leave-28042016.pdf


  • Mandava 5 years ago

    Sir, availing EOL for a longer period (for about 2 years of time) to stay aborad with family relatives and friends is not valuable reason to avail EOL (?) / should not be considered for sanctioned?
    Ofcourse there are points to be noted here:
    1) The embassy (If …USA) may grant 6 months at a stretch but once in the USA, again can extend for another 6 months to stay in the country; USA.
    2) If the employee of Railways has gone for an occasion of marriage of her own, and she if wants to live with her husband after the marriage in USA for about 2 years so that they live together due to personal reasons (over Aged, child plan, etc.) Ofcourse the below points may need to be considered:
    a) She went on visit visa which is 6 months valid,
    b) she is married to a temp.working man who may work for 3 years long (which is max. period that is allowed for H1b visa (Work invitation visa) – So the railway employee's status changes to dependent (Spouse) visa from Visiting visa (B1/B2 visa) when her husband apply for a change of visa in that country while staying there before expiry of visiting visa.

    So, please advise if that Railway employee is eligible to get EOL for 2 years on personal grounds? please enlighten with any Railway Board letter if any, (regarding EOL for longer period can be given on personal grounds like indicated above)