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7th Pay Commission HRA & other allowances need be revised at the earliest – Confederation

7th Pay Commission HRA & other allowances need be revised at the earliest – Confederation

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State

The date of effect of allowances


The Central Government employees are always be cheated in respect of date of implementation of allowances especially on HRA, from past twenty years it is observed that these allowances are issued from a later date in 5th CPC case it was issued after 20 months , in case of 6th CPC it was issued after 32 months , in 7th CPC we hoped it will be issued in 7 months , but it was not the case , now it is likely to be issued only after 12 months . There by causing financial loss to the employees, the cost of living index is going up every month, but the allowances especially the HRA is not issued from the date of effect of the pay commission.

The following are the facts :

The Fifth Central Pay Commission was set up by the Government of India by Resolution No. 5(12)/E. III/93 dated 9th April, 1994. The Commission submitted on the 30th January, 1997. The revised allowances, other than dearness allowance, was effective from 1st day of August, 1997 instead of 1st January 1996.
The Government constituted the Sixth Central Pay Commission vide Resolution No. 5/2/2006-E.III(A) dated October 5, 2006. and Gazette Notification for implementation of 6th CPC was issued on 29th August 2008, all allowances were issued effective from 1st August 2008 instead of 1st January 2006.
In a resolution dated 28th February, 2014, Government of India has appointed the Seventh Central Pay Commission. The Gazette Notification for implementation of 7th CPC was issued on 25th July 2016 (without allowances) , all allowances are likely to be issued from 1st December 2016 instead of instead of 1st January 2016 after a committee headed by the Finance Secretary gives its report .
The present HRA and other allowances as per 6th CPC is totally insufficient, the cost of housing has gone up drastically and cost of living has gone up hence urgent need to revise the HRA and other allowances , we hope the Government to review the allowances at the earliest, so that the Central Government employees will get the enhanced allowances especially HRA from 1st July 2016 as per earlier practices.

Comradely yours
General Secretary

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  • those who eat thrice a day are more hungry than the fellow who is starving for foood. compare and contrast the pay drawn by you with productivity you render to your organisation on par with private organizations. you will realise what you are and where you are…

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    do u union leaders talk about the electricity/water bill and 4 macp upgradation in your demands put up to the govt.6th pay commission granted 3 macp.Why govt cannot give 4 macp upgradation if not create vacancy for promotion .If an employee join as an LDC after 30 yrs of service life in which position he should be ?????Please put these genuine demands in your demands for the sake of employees in civil/defence if not let govt give a golden hand shake with the lumpsum to the employee.A man with high energy at the age can run 3 times better than a fatherly figure put up 30 yrs of service.Can u equate the both and decide the increment on performance???????????????