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Inadequate Fitment benefit recommended by 7th CPC and accepted by the Govt

Inadequate Fitment benefit recommended by 7th CPC and accepted by the Govt

Bharat Pensioners Samaj


Dt. 04.07.2016

Sh.Arun jaitley ji,
Hon’ble Minister of Finance Govt. of India

Sub: Inadequate Fitment benefit recommended by 7th CPC and accepted by the Govt.

Respected Sir,

1. The 2.57 fitment factor recommended by the 7th CPC and accepted by the Govt. is essentially a multiple factor which is the ratio of the new minimum pay arrived at by the 7th Pay Commission (18,000) and the existing minimum pay (7000)
(Para 5.2.7 of 7th CPC Report)
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5.2.7 Fitment: The starting point of a Sepoy (and equivalent), the entry level personnel in the defence forces, has been fixed in the Defence Pay Matrix at ₹21,700. The starting point in the existing pay structure is ₹8,460 for a Sepoy/equivalent. The fitment in the new matrix is essentially a multiple factor of 2.57. This multiple is the ratio of the new minimum pay arrived at by the Commission (₹18,000) and the existing minimum pay (₹7,000). The fitment factor is being applied uniformly to all employees. It includes a factor of 2.25 to account for DA neutralisation, assuming that the rate of Dearness Allowance would be 125 percent at the time of implementation of the new pay as on 01.01.2016. The actual raise/fitment being  Report of the Seventh CPC recommended by the Commission is 14.29 percent. An identical fitment of 2.57 has also been applied to the existing rates of Military Service Pay (MSP), applicable to defence forces personnel only.
This provides only 14.29% rise in salary as well as in pension which is the historically lowest raise given by any govt in the past seventy years this has happened because of incorrect calculation of minimum revised salary resulted not only by adopting lower prices of commodities but also due to adoption of Aykroyd formula without updating it.
2. It is surprising as to how a gender biased formula of Dr Aykroyd adopted by ILC in 1957 is applied, without updating, in digital India of 2016. In today’s scenario how can Indian civil society accept a formula for minimum requirement including just 2700 fond calories for a family of four with moderate physical activities which treat the lady of the house as 0.8 compared to the adult mate of the house, further more so this formula does not at all take into consideration the minimum requirement of todays digital india i.e. smart mobile phone with an internet connection.
3. Considering wife to be .80 unit is nothing but gender bias indicating a colonial mindset of Dr. Arkroyd. In the present scenario a wife too puts in the same amount rather more of physical and intellectual work as compared to the husband she needs more nutrients & healthcare to keep herself fit to be a mother and as an educationist for her school going children. she needs more better clothing than 1957. A lady whether she is a wife of a labourer or of a secretary to govt. of India has a basic right to keep herself reasonably presentable for which she needs some minimum add-one. As such treating her to be less than a unit is gross injustice, gender bias and unconstitutional. Similarly growing children of less than 14 years need more of proteins, fats & carbohydrates, need to take sufficient exercise & field activities for healthy growth. Today they need much better and more clothing. better education & healthcare compared to 50s. The nation needs healthy & stout young citizens. It is against the National interest to restrict their need based minimum requirement to.6 unit.
4. Sir, in view of the facts enumerated in fore going paras. Minimum salary & consequently the fitment factor for both pensioners & employees need upwards revision. Bharat pensioners Samaj therefore appeal to you to revisit the issue to take a favourable decision.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully
Secy.Genl.Bharat Pensioners Samaj



  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Many people are in the opinion that the government only had adviced the 7th CPC to make such anti-people and in-human recommendations.

  • j p s badwal 7 years ago

    Thus is a shameful act of 7th pay comission .Was a fool engaged for this act What has comission done in more than 2 years ?
    All the money spent for this comission should be recovered and the chairman should be jailed for negligence of duties he had been asked to perform. He is realy a typical government employee who does not do any work for full period and keep it pending to show that he has struggled a lot to complete his work .