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Extension of benefit of upgraded Grade Pay to Pre-2006 retirees of S-12 grades (GP Rs. 4600/- instead of Rs. 4200): ATR 28th SCOVA

Extension of benefit of upgraded Grade Pay to Pre-2006 retirees of S-12 grades (Issue of grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- instead of Rs.4200/-): ATR on minutes of 28th SCOVA  meeting

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare)

Action Taken Report on the [Minutes of the 28th SCOVA meeting ##eye##] held under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS(PP) on 27.06.2016
Discussion held during previous meeting
Action Taken
Para 4(vii) of the minutes:
Extension of benefit of upgraded Grade Pay to Pre-2006
retirees of S-12 grades (Issue of grant of Grade Pay of
Rs.4600/- instead of Rs.4200/-)
DOT informed that in few cases where the CAT has directed
grant of the benefit of Grade pay of Rs.4600 to the pre
2006 pensioners retired from the pre revised pay scale of
Rs.6500 – 10500/-, the orders of CAT have been implemented
consequent on dismissal of appeal filed in the High Court.
Department of Expenditure had not however agreed to
extension to grant of this benefit to all similarly placed
pre 2006 pensioners. Department of Expenditure was
requested to reconsider this issue keeping in view the
orders of various courts and the Contempt petitions filed
in CAT. Bangalore Bench in this respect. Department of
Telecom was asked to follow up with Department of
Expenditure to ensure that the matter is resolved

Action:- Department of Telecom and Department of

Department of Expenditure
The comments of Department of Expenditure were forwarded to
DOT on 06.07.2016.
Department of Expenditure has observed that the upgraded
Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- was given subsequently outside the
recommendation of the 6th CPC decision, it is
not applicable to those who are holding the pre-revised
scale of Rs.65400-10,500/-and retired before 01.01.2006 .
Department of Telecom
The matters is still sub-judice and benefit of Grade pay of
Rs.4600 to Pre-2006 Pensioners in pre-revised pay scale of
Rs.6500-10500/- has so far not been given to any applicant
in implementation of CAT’s Order.


  • It appears that anomaly of grade pay of Rs 4600 to pre 2006 pensioners of scale 6500-10500 has not been resolved so far. Hope pensioners associations will take up the case in the next SCOVA meeting and thereby save the diminishing pensioners of the above scale .

  • Unknown 6 years ago

    Gov't.has not merged 50% DR in basic pen of pre2006 pensioners.The anomoly of gp 4600 to 6500-10500 has 2b done as said.

    • Check up in 1/4/2004 50% of pay they already merged 50% of D.A./D.R. as Dearness Pay/Dearness Relief, in view of this confusions arise.

  • There is a contradiction between the'discussio held'and 'action taken as regards to implementation of cat judgement. Attention is drawn to PM's statement some time back to give the benefits to similarly placed persons who have not gone to courts,giving an example of a teacher, to avoid increasing of litigation.These words of PM be Honoured and his observation in this behalf be given due respect and GP 4600 be ysanctioned to all pre 2006 retirees retired in S12 scale withdrawing any appeals made before any court and thus PM's words be honoured. Gopalaswamy Honnavalli