ECHS : Referral procedure to empanelled hospitals for 64 KB cards holders and Format of Referral Form

ECHS : Referral procedure to empanelled hospitals for 64 KB cards holders,.
Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch 
Integrated Headquarters of 
MoD (Army), Thimayya Marg, 
Near Gopinath Circle,
Delhi Cantt- 110 010
27 Feb 2019 
All Regional  Centres

1. The new 64 Kb Smart Cards have been collected by a number of ECHS beneficiaries and are now in use at various Polyclinics. The new hardware has already been issued to all the Polyclinics and are being installed  in  phased manner by the vendor. At present, installation of new equipment for all the Polyclinics under Regional Centre Delhi-I and Regional Centre Delhi-II is complete and functional. To ensure 64 Kb Cards holders get referral to the empanelled Hospitals through the new system, (where new hardware & software  has been installed) on online software solution has been implemented. The  detailed procedure  is given at succeeding Paragraphs.
Action at the Polyclinic

2. Action by the ESM  The ECHS beneficiaries on reaching the parent Polyclinic will register and select a Doctor to be consulted through the Kiosok/ iCAT and a token will be generated which will have a queue number.
3. The ECHS beneficiary will report to the Doctor as per his token/ queue serial. Based on his medical condition either he will be disposed off at the polyclinic or he will be referred for further treatment to any Empanelled medical facilities, located within the area of responsibiliy of concernei:l Regional Centre (No hospital will be specified). He will be issued with a referral form which will have a Referral Number and basic details of the beneficiary. A sample Referral form is attached as Annexure I.
4. Action by the OIC Polyclinic  The Referral Form will be digitally signed by the OIC, Parent Polyclinic,  hence, not required to be physically signed.
Action at the Empanelled Hospital
5. The ECHS beneficiary on reaching the Empanelled Hospital of his choice, within the area of responsibility of the Regional Centre will provide his referral form and his 64 Kb Card to the hospital. The Empanelled Hospital will access the UTI-ITSL site and feed the Referral Number. A Claim ID will be generated from the UTI-ITSL site and the Referral Number and Claim ID will get locked. The Referral Number,   now cannot be used at any other Empanelled Hospital.
6. Referral to Empanelled Hospital outside the Area of Responsibility of the Regional Centre of the Parent Polyclinic The procedure to be adopted by ECHS beneficiary to take referral to an Empanelled Hospital outside the area of responsibility of Regional Centre of .parent polyclinic is given as under :-
    (a) He will  obtain a referral from his parent  polyclinic for the specified medical condition. 
    (b) He will online identify the Empanelled Hospital where he wishes to take medical treatment. Based on the Hospital location he/she will identify polyclinic closest to the empanelled facility where treatment is desired. Visit the polyclinic and register on the Kiosk/iCat and select a Doctor and generate token & queue number. 
    (c )   Meet the Doctor as per his queue number and take a referral. 
    (d) The Doctor will enter the Referral Number in his module and an auto populated Referral Form will be displayed to the Doctor. The Doctor will generate the Referral and this will have new Referral Number and  the earlier Referral Number will become ineffective. 
    (e) Consequent to the approval by the OIC polyclinic, a digitally signed printout will be generated with new Referral Number duly entered with the original (old Referral number,which is rendered ineffective)Referral Number. The earlier Referral Number will become ineffective. 
    (f) The ECHS beneficiary will visit the chosen Empanelled Hospital and produce their Referral and the new 64 Kb Card. 
    (g) The hospital will access the UTI-ITSL site and once the new Referral Number is entered a claim ID will be generated and both the Referral Number and claim ID will get blocked.  This Referral Number now cannot be used  at any other Empanelled  Hospital.

Action incase where New Equipment  is Not Installed or is Non Functional
7. In case where the new equipment has not been installed or is non functional, then the referral will be generated through the existing system.
8. This information will be disseminated to all Polyclinics and displayed at prominent places for information  of ECHS beneficiaries.
9. All Regional Centre, Directors to ensure this information is conveyed to the empanelled facilities under respective Regional Centres.
(Rakesh Kakar) 
Col (Retd)
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation) 
for Offg MD ECHS

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