22 Important Deficiencies/ Shortcomings noticed during pre-audit of TA/DA/LTC/PT claims: PCA (Fys) Order

22 Important Deficiencies/ Shortcomings noticed during pre-audit of TA/DA/LTC/PT claims: PCA (Fys) Order
10-A, S.K. BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA: 700001
No: T/1/72/Circular 
Dated 03/06/2019
1. The Secretary, OFB, 10-A, S.K. Bose Rd., Kolkata
2. Sr. General Managers / All General Managers
Ordnance / Equipments Factories
3. All Group Controllers & Br. Accounts Offices

Subject: – Deficiencies/ Shortcomings noticed during pre-audit of TA/DA/LTC/PT claims

Of late it is observed that during pre-audit of TA/DA/LTC/PT claims some deficiencies/ shortcomings have been noticed which are summarized at Annexure-A. These not only consumes valuable man days but also results in returning of claims for resubmission with clarification/requisite documents required for processing the claims.
It is therefore enjoined upon all concerned before forwarding the claims for audit and payment purpose to this Office, the requirements listed at Amnexure-A may be complied with all other documents required as per existing rules/regulations.
Please acknowledge receipt.
Dy. Controller of Accounts (Fys.)
Encl: As above 


1. SPECIMEN SIGNATURE: – A list of the Controlling / Self Controlling Officers along with specimen signature may please be forwarded to this office as and when situation arises due to transfer/posting/ any other causes,
2. DELAY IN SUBMISSION OF TA/DA/PT FINAL ADJUSTMENT CLAIM:- As per GOI, Mof F OM No. 19030/1/2017-E.IV dated 13/03/2018, it has been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority that the claim of a Govt. Servant to Travelling Allowances/Daily Allowances on tour / Transfer/Training/Journey on retirement , is forfeited or deemed to have been forfeited if the claim for it is not preferred within sixty days succeeding the date of completion of the journey. Hence time limit for submission of claims for travelling allowances as per GOI, Mo FOM No. mentioned above may be strictly adhered to,
3. COUNTERSIGNING OF CLAIM:- The claims may be countersigned by the Controlling Officer in ink with Office Seal duly mentioning Name, Designation and date,
4. CLAIM SUBMISSION FORMAT:– All claims may be submitted in proper format duly mentioning Name, Designation, GPF NO./ PRAN , Personal No., Pay Level as per 7th CPC etc.,
5. CLAIM SUBMISSION DATE:– Claim submission date may invariably be mentioned by the claimant in the claim,
6. SUBMISSION OF DETENTION CERTIFICATE FOR ATTENDING TRAINING COURSES:- While forwarding of Ty duty claims on account of attending Training Courses, detention certificates issued by the concerned Unit/Establishment/ Training Institute duly mentioning no of days of training attended, whether free/ paid boarding and lodging, transport were provided or not and no. of days for which leave granted , if any may invariably be submitted to determine the TA/DA entitlement of the claimant,
7. SUBMISSION OF FO/PT II OFFICE ORDER:-It is enjoined upon all concerned to ensure that, | the necessary Movement FO/ Completion FO is enclosed , while forwarding personal claim,
8. PRODUCTION OF AIR TICKET AND BOARDING PASS IN ORIGINAL FOR JOURNEY BY AIR:– (A) Air ticket in original duly mentioning journey details, ticket no/ PNR no., Fare, Name of Traveler, issuing agency, sector involved etc may invariably be enclosed with the claim, (B) Boarding Pass in Original as a proof of journey performed may invariably be submitted with the claim,
9. SUBMISSION OF SANCTION OF CONCERNED MEDICAL OFFICER IN CASE OF TA CLAIM PREFERRED ON ACCOUNT OF TREATMENT OBTAINED FROM OUTSIDE FACTORY HOSPITAL:- (A)Sanction of CMO/PMO of the Factory concerned may be submitted in case of TA claim preferred for obtaining treatment from outside Factory Hospital.(B) In case of TA authorized for obtaining medical treatment outside Factory Hospital along with attendant, the FO may be published duly stating that such type of medical facilities are not available in the station alongwith leave details of the claimant,
10. ADDITION / ALTERATION OF ENTRY MADE IN FO:- Any Alteration/ Addition in FO is not acceptable in audit. Whenever such situation arises , necessary action may be taken for amendment through FO only,
11. VERIFICATION OF ADVANCE:-All Branch Accounts Offices are requested to ensure that, before forwarding TA/DA/LTC cases , advance / Nil advance may be invariably be verified duly mentioning amount of advance , with seal and may be signed by the Competent Authority. In cases of Permanent Transfer, it is requested to ensure that copy of LPC vetted by the Local . Accounts office ,is enclosed with the claim,
12. TA CLAIMS IN RESPECT OF OFFICIALS ON ACCOUNT OF RETIREMENT CASES:- While forwarding T&claims on account of retirement cases, it is requested to ensure that copy of last pay slip and FO notifying the casualty regarding station selected by the official after retirement alongwith details of family members may be enclosed alongwith all others required document as per existing rule,
13. F.O. ON ACCOUNT OF LTC CASES:- While publishing FO on account of LTC cases, it is requested to mention clearly the relevant Block Year, type of LTC, leave sanctioned with prefix/ suffix duly mentioning closed holidays, Sundays etc covering the period of journey performed by the official for smooth processing of the cases. In case of conversion of home town LTC, Home Town address of the official may be mentioned and in case of Fresi: Recruit Date of  Appointment/ Joining of the official may be mentioned in the FO.
14. SANCTION OF TY DUTY:- While publishing FO for authorizing Ty Duty, bonafide official duty for which the official has been detailed, should be specified. There should not be any ambiguity in the nature of duty e,g, collection of sweet etc.
15. CANCELLATION CHARGES:- While claiming cancellation charges against train/ air tickets, the details of cancellation charges /refund details from the concerned rail/ air authorities alongwith cancellation F.O. and sanction of Competent Authority may be submitted alongwith the claim,
16. ROAD DISTANCE FOR CLAIMING ROAD MILEAGE ALLOWANCE:- Road distance in kilometers for claiming road mileage allowance form duty point/ residence at HQ to Railway Station/ Airport /Bus Stand and vice versa and from Railway Station/Airport/Bus Stand to duty station and back at ty duty place and distance involved for journeys performed from hotel / place of stay to duty place and back for each day may be invariably mentioned in the claim. If the journey is started from residence at HQ, the address of residence may be mentioned In the claim,
17. CONVEYANCE CHARGES OF OWN CAR ON ACCOUNT OF PERMANENT TRANSFER/ RETIREMENT :- In case of own car is sent under own propulsion on account of permanent transfer/retirement, a copy of registration certificate of the conveyance may be enclosed with the claim,
18. PERSONAL EFFECTS /LUGGAGE CHARGES ON ACCOUNT OF PERMANENT TRANSFER/ RETIREMENT:- GST /Regd No. of the transporting agency may be reflected / mentioned in the challan/ cash receipt issued by the transporting agency when personal effects is transported by truck on account of permanent transfer/ retirement,
19. TIME OF JOURNEY:– Time of journey started at HQ and that of ended at HQ may invariably be mentioned in the claim, 
20. SELF CERTIFICATE FOR CLAIMING ACCOMMODATION CHARGES: -As per TA rule post 7th  CPC, for pay level 8 and below, the self certified claims should clearly indicate the period of Stay, name of dwelling, amount paid etc. for claiming reimbursement of accommodation charges,
21. SELF CERTIFICATE FOR CLAIMING TRAVEL CHARGES AT TY DUTY PLACE: – As per TA rule post 7th CPC, for pay level 8 and below, self certified claims should clearly indicate the period of travel, vehicle no. amount spent etc for claiming reimbursement of travelling charges at ty duty place, .
22. DECLARED PLACE MUST BE VISITED IN LTC:- In case of LTC, complete journey details upto the declared place may invariably be mentioned in the claim, to make the official eligible for claiming LTC
Dy C of A (fys)