Special Allowance @ 10% of Basic Pay to Teaching Staff of Oak Grove School : Ministry Railways


Special Allowance @ 10% of Basic Pay to Teaching Staff of Oak Grove School : Ministry Railways

Special Allowance @ 10% of Basic Pay to Teaching Staff of Oak Grove School : Ministry RailwaysGrant+of+special+allawance

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOAR

No. E(P&A)I-2008/PS-5/PE-4

RBE No. 01 /2020
New Delhi, dated 06.01.2020

The General Manager (Ales),
Northern Railway,
New Delhi.

Sub: Grant of Special Allowance @ 10% of Basic Pay to Teaching staff of Oak Grove School, Jharipani.

In pursuance of the decision taken by the Government, the issue was consulted with Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance and it has been decided to restore the Special Allowance @ 10% of the Basic Pay to teaching staff of Oak Grove School, Jharipani with effect from 1st July, 2017. This allowance is not admissible to non-teaching staff.

2. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

3. Please acknowledge receipt.

Jt. Director/E (P&A)
Railway Board.

No.E(P&A)I-2008/PS- 5/PE-4

New Delhi, dated 06 .01.2020

Copy to the Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General of India (Railways), Room No.224, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi (with 40 spares).

for Financial Commissioner/Railways

No. E(P&A)I-2008/PS-5/PE-4

New Delhi, dated 06.01.2020

Copy forwarded to:-
1. . The General Secretary, AIRF, R.No.253, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.(with 35 spares).

2. The General Secretary, NFIR, R.No.256-E, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.(with 35 spares).

3. The Members of the National Council, Departmental Council and Secretary, Staff Side, National Council, 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi.(with 60 spares).

4. The Secretary General, FROA, R.No.256-A, Rai l Bhawan, New Del hi.(with 5 spares).

5. The Secretary, RBSS, Group ‘A’ Officer Association, R.No.402, Rail Bhawan (with 5 spares).

6. The President, Railway Board Class II Officers’ Association.

7. The Secretary General, IRPOF, Room No.341-C, Railway Board.

8. The President, Indian Railway Class II Officer Association.

9. The Secretary, Railway Board Ministerial Staff Association.

10. The Secretary, Railway Board Class IV Staff Association.

1 1. The Secretary General, AIRPF Association.

12. The General Secretary, All India SC/ST Railway Employees Association, R.No.8, Ground Floor, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi- 110001 .

13. All India OBC Railway Employee’s Association.

14. The General Secretary, Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association (Regd.), 490A/16, Gurudwara Raod, Gurgaon.

15. The Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety, 16, Ashok Road, Lucknow.

for Secretary, Railway Board

Copy to :PSOs/Sr.PPSs/PPSs/PSs/PAs to :-
MR, MSR{A), CRB, FC, ME, ML, MM, MS, MT, DG(RHS), DG(RPF), DG(S&T), DG(S), DG(P), Secretary, AM(B), A M(CE), AM(Staft), AM(C), AM(C&IS), AM(Elec), AM(F), AM(Plg), AM(Projects), AM(Sig), AM(MS), AM(Mech.), AM(PU), AM(RS), AM(T&C), AM(Telecom), AM(T), AM(Vig), AM(Works), Adv(AR), Adv(F), Adv. (Safety), Adv(IR), ED(Plg.), ED(A), EDF(BC), EDCE(B&S), EDCE(G), EDCE(Plg.), ED(Chg .), ED(CC), ED(C&IS), ED(E&R), EDEE(Dev .), EDEE(G), EDEE(RS),EDE,EDE(RRB), EDE(N), EDE(Res.), EDF(C), EDF(E), EDF(S), EDF(B), EDF(RM), EDF(X)I, EDF(X)ll, ED(H), ED(LM), ED(MIS), EDE(GC), EDT(MPP), EDME(Chg.), EDME(FR), EDME(Tr.), EDME(TOT), EDM E(Dev.), EDM E(W), EDPC-1, EDPC-ll, ED(PP), ED(Proj.), ED(Proj.)­
DMRC, ED(RE), EDRE(S&T), EDR E(S), ED(Safety), ED(Sig.), ED(S&E), EDRS(C), EDRS(G), EDRS(P). EDRS(S), EDRS(W), ED(TD), EDTrack(M), EDTrack(MC), EDTrack(P), ED(T&C), ED(CP), ED(PM), ED(PG), EDT(R), EDTC(FM), EDTT(M), EDTT(FM), EDTT(M), EDTT(S), EDV(A), EDV(E), EDV(S), EDV(T), ED(W), IG/RPF(HQs), IG/RS, JS, JS(C), JS(D), JS(E), JS(G), JS(P), DPC-1, DPC-11, DE(N), DF(A/Cs), DE(G), DE(N), DPR, JDE(G), JDE(L), JDE(LL), JDE(W), JDF(B), JDF(E), JDE(N), JDE(Res.),DS(G), DS(Parl.), US(A), DDE(D&A), DDE(P&A), DDE(LR)l , DDF(E)I, DDF(E)ll , DDF(E)llI , DDE(R)I (with 2 spares), DDE(W), DDPC-V , VI & VII, DOE(Trg.) & PAO,

Branches :Accounts III (with 10 spares), Budget, Budget(Com)I , Cash- I, II, Ill, Chasing C&IS, E(P&A) 11, ERB-I. ERB-II , ERB-III, ERB -IV, ER B -V & ERB -VI, E(LR)l/11/111, E(RRB), E(Rep)I, II, III, E(MPP), E(W ), E(G), E(NG)I & II , E(Coop), E(LL), E(Sports), E(ML), E(SCT)I , II, E(D&A), E(GC), E(GR)I & II E(O) I , II, III & E(O)IJl(CC), , F(E)-1, II & Ill, F(E) Spl, G(Pass), G(Acc.), lssue(D), M(L), Parl.), PC-Ill, IV & Y, PC-VI, PC-VII, Project Cell, PR, Sec.(E) & Sec.(ABE) Railway Board.

(Authority: Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure)’ s letter No. A-27023/10/2017IE.II(71 CPC)/Pt dated 09.09.201 9)

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