Pension Processing for BSNL and MTNL VRS 2019 – SAMPANN and FMS

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Pension Processing for BSNL and MTNL VRS 2019 – SAMPANN and FMS

Pension Processing for BSNL and MTNL VRS 2019 – SAMPANN and FMS

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No. 1/Misc/Pen/Issues/BSNL/DDG(Accounts)/2019-Part(l)/ 566 +597

dated 14 /02/2020

The Pension processing for BSNL and MTNL VRS 2019 retirees is being done in SAMPANN and FMS. The progress has been reviewed and in many cases pension papers in BSNL remain to be generated and many cases have not been received in CCA offices physically. In the view of volume of retirees and delay in receipt of physical records, it is anticipated that issue of regular PPO may take time.

2. Therefore, the approval of competent authority is hereby conveyed, as special dispensation, for payment of provisional pension ( 50% of Last Pay Drawn + applicable dearness relief) for all BSNL and MTNL VRS 2019 retirees (combined service optees) starting 1.2.2020 for a period of five months or till issue of PPO, whichever is earlier. Also, all concerned are directed to take necessary action for issuing PPO before 31st May 2020.

3. SOP for effecting the above is enclosed herewith for guidance and necessary action.

Encl: As Above.

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Email: [email protected]


1. All Pr.CCA/CCA -For necessary action.
2. CMD BSNL – For necessary action.
3. CMD MTNL – For necessary action.
4. Additional CGCA -For kind information and monitoring.

Copy to: for kind information

1. PPS to Secretary (T)

SOP for Payment of Provisional Pension to BSNL VRS 2019 Optees

1. There are 2 stakeholders for release of provisional pension as per DoT letter no. 1 /Misc /Pen /Issues/BSNL /DDG (Accounts) /2019-Part (l )/ 566 to 597 dated 14th February, 2020, to Retirees of BSNL VRS 2019 as per cabinet approval.

2. These stakeholders are as under:

a) Circle Office of BSNL.
b) CCA Office of the Circle.

3. The procedure for all the stakeholders is prescribed in the following paragraphs:

A. Circle Office of the BSNL will carry out following functions:

a) Circle office will extract information from ERP/HRMS (required assistance will be provided by BSNL Corporate Office) regarding last pay drawn and bank details and compile information in the XLS format as per Annexure A separately for following categories of employees:

Absorbed employees (Other than having TSM period).
Absorbed employees (having TSM Period).

b) Compiled information will be thoroughly checked and errors and omissions, if any, shall be corrected.

c) Three print outs of corrected compiled sheet will be taken out and duly authenticated. One copy will be retained as office copy and other two copies will be sent to CCA office of the Circle along with corrected XLS file with covering sanction letter as per Annexure B for payment of provisional pension.

d) The Bank details should be salary account only. All VRS Optees may be asked not to close or transfer the Bank Account (Salary) till PPO is issued by CCA office to avoid any failure of e-Payment. Following issue of PPO, the pension shall be paid into the Bank account in which pensioner has sought credit of monthly pension.

B. CCA Office will carry out following functions:

a) On receipt of Annexure A and Annexure B in soft/hard copies from BSNL Circle Office, provisional pension including DR shall be calculated on monthly basis in respect of cases for which e-PPO through SAMPANN is not issued on or before 24th of the respective month and payment shall be made via SBI Local government account. Further, in case any change in amount of pension is noticed on scrutiny of pension case, appropriate action will be taken to recover excess paid pension from future Pension/Provisional Pension as per rules.

b) All records in respect of TDS shall be maintained and IT Returns filed by CCA office separately as per existing orders on the subject.

c) Pension for the current month will be processed through SAMPANN in case PPO is issued on or before 24th of any month. For example, in case PPO is issued on 24th March, pension for March will be processed from SAMPANN only. However, if PPO is issued between 25st to 31st March, Provisional Pension for March will be paid and regular pension from April onwards will be paid through SAMPANN

d) The provisional pension paid shall be fed into the arrear module of SAMPANN on later date for reconciliation in SAMPANN.

e) All field offices should ensure that the ePPO of all VRS Retirees who were scheduled to superannuate in month of February 2020 and beyond are processed through SAMPANN in respective months.


HRMS NO. SSA/HOO NAME PAN Last Pay Drawn As On 31-01-2020 Monthly Provisional Pension Amount (Basic Pension)(Last Pay
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Designated authority

Annexure B

(Letter head)

Provisional Pension Sanction

In accordance with DoT’s letter no.1 /Misc /Pen /Issues /BSNL /DDG (Accounts) / 2019-Part(l)/566 to 597 dated 14th February, 2020, sanction of undersigned is hereby conveyed for payment of provisional pension ( 50 % of Last Pay Drawn) to ………….. BSNL VRS retirees of ……… … BSNL circle as per details in annexure A with applicable dearness allowance (IDA) relief w.e.f. 1/2/2020 for a period of five months or till issue of PPO whichever is earlier.

Designated authority

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