Review the decision of freezing of DA/DR, 20 लाख करोड़ के पैकेज के बाद महंगाई भत्ते के फ्रीज का निर्णय रिव्‍यू करे सरकार

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Review the decision of freezing of DA/DR, 20 लाख करोड़ के पैकेज के बाद महंगाई भत्ते के फ्रीज का निर्णय रिव्‍यू करे सरकार

Review the decision of freezing of DA/DR – 20 लाख करोड़ के पैकेज के बाद महंगाई भत्ते के फ्रीज का निर्णय रिव्‍यू करे सरकार AIRF writes to Finance Minister


नई दिल्ली ! केंद्र सरकार द्वारा 20 लाख करोड़ के पैकेज की घोषणा के बाद AIRF महामंत्री शिवगोपाल मिश्रा ने कहा कि अब केन्द्रीय और राज्य सरकार कर्मचारियों के महंगाई भत्ते को फ्रीज करने के फैसले को भी खत्म करना चाहिए ! चूंकि विपरीत हालातो में भी रेल कर्मचारी पूरी मेहनत से काम कर रहे है, इसलिए उनके भत्ते के आदेश को रिव्यू किया जाना चाहिए ! क. शिव गोपाल मिश्र आज ABP न्यूज पे बात कर रहे थे। पैकेज में मजदूरों के कल्याण के लिए उचित हिस्से की व्यवस्था होनी चाहिए।

All India Railwaymen’s Federation


Dated: May 13, 2020


Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman,
Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Ministry of Finance,
(Government of India),
North Block
New Delhi

Respected Madam,

Sub: Freezing of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief – Reg.

Ref.: MoF(Deptt. of Exp.), Government of India’s O.M. No.1/1/2020–E-II(B) dated 23.04.2020

Kindly refer to our earlier communication dated April 27, 2020 on the above subject matter.

As already explained, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented for situation, not only in our country, but also across the globe. The Central Government Employeess, including Railwaymen, are, however, exerting a lot to combat the situation, and the Railwaymen are working hard 24X7 with full devotion and dedication to maintain uninterrupted supply chain of all the essential commodities and goods, viz. Foodgrains, Sugar, Petroleum, Vegetables, Milk, Medical Items etc. throughout the country, by running large-number of timetabled Goods and Parcel Trains.

You may appreciate that, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India as well as Hon’ble Minister for Railways have repeatedly applauded and praised the contribution of the Railwaymen in this COVID-19 crisis, facing the risk of Coronavirus threat.

While addressing the Nation on 12th May, 2020, Hon’ble Prime Minister has announced a Mega Package for all the sections of the society to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis to boost the economy as well as morale of the country.

Since Railwaymen are performing their duties to transport aforementioned goods as well as Migrant Workers and have further started operating “Special Trains” for common rail users w.e.f. 12.04.2020, they can in no way be treated less than “COVID-19 Warriors”. As already submitted vide our letter dated 27.04.2020, freezing of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief, has proved to be extremely de-motivational rather than boosting their morale by sanctioning some Additional Incentive to them.

I would, therefore, request your goodself that, in the wake of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s announcement of Mega Package of Rupees Twenty Lakh Crore, the orders of freezing Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief be withdrawn to boost the morale of the Railway Employees and other Central Government Employees who are fighting day-and-night against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

Copy to: General Secretaries, all affiliated unions for iformation.



  • narayan chatterjee 4 years ago

    Rly is different from other central govt employees,All staffs and officers are marked as Rly servant, Deference personnel are also servant of public, freeing of DA/DR for the RLY/ army staffs can not be equalize with other departments,so order of freezing DA/Dr needs to with draw immediately ,at the same time govt should realize the employees and pensioners are beggars, solv all anomaly of 6th and 7th CPC, sr technician pay can not be equal with tech nical super visors,govt up lift pay scale of operation theare assistant, radiographer, nurses, station master, and others but ignore the pay scale of technical staffs and supervisor at rly but why unions to take note of it

  • Sachin 4 years ago

    Withdrawal of DA is good decision by the govt. In this crises.
    People should not be greedy to get more and more.

    • KUMAR 3 years ago

      Please note that it’s not greed but hardship faced by all central Govt employees including defence personnel and pensioners .when Govt can dole out more than 20 lacs crores to all sections of society.DA arears is peanut amount I.e approximately 35 thousand crores.Just because Govt employee can’t open there mouth as is done by big corporate houses like ambani, adani and others It indicate Govt employees cannot fund them for elections as is done by big corporate houses.

  • Good they deserve it, ifteds e isque hai ROTA hai kya aage sage dakhiye hits hai kya,tum ne des ki sca ki hai koi ahsasn nahi kiya after retirement you have to think your self this is too early you have a lots of time after that.??

  • Ajay Kumar 4 years ago

    Any DA is compensation for the loss of the in pocket money.This amount which is already out of the pocket will deteriorate the fin condition of an employee who is dependent on the govt commitment to compensate in the form of DA.The govt policy is a breach of the contract and hatreds against the labor class

  • Bajrang 4 years ago

    Freezing DA of defence personnel is unfair. Must be reviewed.

  • Parminder 4 years ago

    Bank employees..officers and workmen their wages have not been revised since 200..some them have expired.. bank people r doing yoemen service in this hour of corona crises putting their lives in danger but various govts have done little for the. Up dation is pensding since 25 years. FM /PM please have mercy…P..k.Abrol. jalandhar pb

  • Birendra Singh 4 years ago

    Freezing of DA/DR is not judicious. The govt should think about all categories of society in balance. The CG employees are also fighting with covid-19 pandemic. Prices of commodities, diesel, petrol etc are going high. Govt should review his decision.

  • Kuldip arora 4 years ago

    Desh ki fikar Karni chahiye na ki apni. Gareebo ke baare mein sochne ki jaroorat hai. Unko sahara dene ki jararrat hai. Seerf apne baare mein hi mat sochiye.

  • kulwant singh 4 years ago

    This is unfair decision taken by modi govt.government should review its decision immediately.

  • Kuldip arora 4 years ago

    Some service personnels are desperately urging to the govt for review of freezing of DA. I totally disagree with these views. I’m a senior citizen and a low paid pensioner but I still think that govt is giving me enough to feed me. So let’s join the government’s efforts to do something for those who needs more urgently. We must not be greedy by demanding more and more.

  • UMESH KUMAR 4 years ago


    • Raj kumar 4 years ago

      To remove the unemployment problem, Retirement age must be reduced to 58 yrs. Further freeze DA immidiatel y should be released, which will boost the employees

  • SRINIVAas 4 years ago

    DA freezing is injustice, because if a Pensioner get 20000 p.m.,he don’t have own house,he should look after her wife .How he will live .He don’t get any other benefits and also he can’t do any other job.More over he should spend for medicines P.M.Rs.5000/- for both Room Rent.10000 in ordinary area i.e limited room ,Rice,vegitables,milk.etc.5000/-electricity,charges.500/- other clothes,if any urgency unexpected events and misc.where he will bring? If he is not an employee or Pensioner he will get more benefits now a days.if white ration card he will get more benefits. I THINK in this circumstances Pensioners may not live longer ,i am so sorry to say that because i have seen so many casese.atleast Da or some other benefits may provide to pensioners.because they are Of citizens. Jai Hind.

  • Lt col P D Singh 4 years ago

    DA/DR of all CG employees and have been frozen by Modi govt.
    It is unfair.Modiji has no problem in giving 20 lakh crore to all .Freezing DA worth 537 crore is injustice to corona worriers and senior citizens.

  • Jai Bhagwan Sharma 4 years ago

    Sir ,
    DA of disabled soldiers (1) paraplegic (2) who need crutches to move and are above the age of 70 years should not be freezed under any circumstances as they need attendant to visit hospital,

  • Subhash Chand Rana 4 years ago

    The decision taken to withdraw the DA / DR should be cancelled forthwith , the army person are devoting thier lives by fighting with antakbadi at LOC . It is not fear.