Process of availing e-Privilege Pass/PTO in HRMS Module-e-Privilege Pass/PTO: Step-wise instructions – How to apply for and Cancel e-pass


Process of availing e-Privilege Pass/PTO in HRMS Module-e-Privilege Pass/PTO: Step-wise instructions – How to apply for and Cancel e-pass

Process of availing e-Privilege Pass/PTO in HRMS Module-e-Privilege Pass/PTO: Step-wise instructions – How to apply for and Cancel e-pass

(e-Pass Instructions)

Office of the
Principal Chief Personnel Officer
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Date: 06.10.2020



Sub: e-Privilege Pass/PTO in HRMS Module-e-Privilege Pass/PTO.

Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. PC-VII/2020/HRMS/6 dated-14/08/2020.

Indian Railways have launched e-Privilege Pass/PTO Module on the 24th of August 2020 through Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Portal, which is being rolled out all over Indian Railways from 01/10/2020. Privilege Passes and PTOs have to be applied and availed online. The instructions pertaining to process of availing e-Passes/PTOs are as follows:-

1.0 Step-wise instructions Login to the HRMS portal i.e. login ID (HRMS ID) and password. This facility is available on Personal Computer (PC).

a) HRMS ID is available via:-

i) Message received from HRMS portal on registered mobile number registered in IPAS.

ii)Access the following website on ‘Need Help for Login’. Enter 11 digit PF/Employee number as IPAS ID and click ‘Go’. Details will be displayed including HRMS ID and Registered Mobile No.

iii) Click on ‘Register Now’ on HRMS Mobile app, then enter 11 digit PF/Employee Number as IPAS ID.

iv) Contact Personnel Branch Dealing Clerk (DC of Bill Section).

b) On availability of HRMS ID as user ID and default password “Test@123”, employees can login to HRMS portal. Employees will be directed to change the password after first login.

c) An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number with validity for one week.

d) Enter the OTP.

e) Click ‘e-SR’. Then click on ‘My e-SR’ on the drop down menu. Details may be checked regarding designation, family particulars. If there is any discrepancy, click on ‘Remarks Tab’ and submit the same mentioning correct particulars. On verification of the same, concerned Approving Authority will update the same.

f) If all particulars are correct, following steps may be followed to process e-Pass Application.

g) Click on the “Pass” tab on the left drop down menu.

h) Select “Pass Set List”. Availed manual passes and PTOs for the years 2020-21 will be displayed.

i) If the pass account details are correct, type OK in the “Remarks” tab and press “Confirm”.

j) If there is any error, type the nature of error in the remarks tab and press “Return to Clerk” tab.

k) Press “Yes” in the pop-up menu.

l) Next check the “Family Declaration” tab on the left drop down menu.

m) The screen containing the list of family members and the dependents will be displayed.

n) If all particulars regarding family and dependents of the employee are correct, tick the declaration and click ‘Submit’.

o) If there are any changes/updation, relevant documents e.g. Bonafide certificate etc.may be uploaded.

p) For uploading a document, click on the “Choose” tab displayed on the screen against the dependents and the upload the same. This will be sent to Dealing clerk/Pass clerk for modification.

q) On verification/approval by the Pass Issuing Authority, the employee will once again verify and submit.

r) On completion of the above steps, it will be construed that the family details and Pass/PTO details have been verified by the employee.

2.0 How to apply for a Digital Pass?

1. Click on the Pass Tab, then on “Pass Set List” tab of the drop down menu.

2. Select the ‘Type of Pass’ from drop down menu (privilege pass or PTO) and Click“Go”.

3. Year and entitlement of Passes will be displayed.

4. Click on the number displayed in the Available column for full set (PP) or half set Passes(PP/PTO), as required. You will be redirected to pass application page. If there are any previous existing applications (not submitted yet) for this year, they will appear in the list. They can be edited, clicking edit icon.

5. To create fresh application, Click on the “New Application” tab.

6.Enter STATION FROM and STATION TO. If you are not aware of the station code, mention name of the station in the “Station Description”.

7. Menu containing Family Details will be available on the screen, members may be clicked as and when needed to be included in the Pass.

8. Enter the break journey details(PP), if required.

9. If eligible for an Attendant and intend to take an attendant, then click the Tick box available in the screen for attendants.

10. Click “Submit”. On successful submission, the Pass application shall be forwarded to Pass Clerk. The applicant will receive following message on the registered mobile i.e. ‘Your Application No. xxxx has been forwarded to Pass Clerk.’

11. Open the “Pass Application”or “PTO Application” as applied to know the status of Application.

12. The list of Passes applied and their unique numbers with status will be displayed on approval of the same by Pass Issuing Authority.

13. Click on ‘My Issued Pass’ and click on “Generate OTP”as required.

14. An OTP will be generated.

15. Once the OTP is generated,A Unique Pass number will be received on the registered mobile.

16. Reservations for train travel can be made on online IRCTC portal as well as PRS counters at the Railway Stations using this unique Pass Number or Pass and Employee Identity Card.

3.0 How to cancel e-pass?

1. Click on the “My Issued Pass Application” inside Pass tab.

2. List of Passes applied and generated will be displayed.

3. If the Pass has not been yet booked/reserved for journeys, the same can be cancelled.

4. Click on “Cancel the Pass”of the pass required to be cancelled.

5. An OTP is generated.

6. Once the OTP is entered, the Pass cancellation request is submitted.

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