Clarifications regarding e-tender 2014 for empanelment of HCOs and determination of rates under CGHS


Clarifications regarding e-tender 2014 for empanelment of HCOs and determination of rates under CGHS

Clarifications regarding e-tender 2014 for empanelment of HCOs and determination of rates under CGHS

F. No. S-11045/36/2012 – CGHS (HEC)
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS


Maulana Azad Road,
Nirman Bhawan New Delhi 110 108

Dated: 26th November, 2014


Subject: Clarifications regarding e-tender 2014 for empanelment of HCOs and determination of rates under CGHS.

Following are the clarifications regarding e-tender 2014 regarding fixation of rates:-

1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai rates of 2012: These rates are applicable for Cancer surgeries in CGHS empanelled hospitals. A detailed order regarding applicable rates for Cancer surgeries in CGHS’ empanelled hospitals is available on CGHS website.

2. Annual Health Check-up for group ‘A’ Central Government Officers Aged ’40’ and above and for other categories of CGHS beneficiaries as specified by Government: It is clarified that annual Health checkup would henceforth be conducted by all CGHS empanelled hospitals. The relevant clause of MoA signed by empanelled hospitals is reproduced below:-


The Hospital shall agree for conducting all investigations/ diagnostic tests / consultations etc. of the Central Civil Services Group ‘A’ officers of above 40 years of age and other categories of CGHS beneficiaries as specified by government from time to time as per the prescribed protocol , subject to the condition that the hospital shall not charge more than Rs.2000/ – for conducting the prescribed medical examination of the male officers and Rs.2200/ – for female officers of Central Government who come to the hospital/ institution with the requisite permission letter from their Department / Ministry/competent authority.

3. Beneficiaries undergoing IOL implantation: It is clarified that the cost of lens (IOL) would be reimbursable in addition to package charges for treatment procedures (sr. No. 154 to 159). With respect to order dated 21.8.2014 regarding IOL, it is clarified that if a beneficiary had been implanted Hydrophilic IOL in one eye earlier and now requires IOL in other eye, then in such a case Hydrophilic IOL would be permitted as per old rates of 2008. In all such cases prior permission by competent authority permitting use of Hydrophilic IOL based on advice of specialist would be required .

4. Package rates as mentioned in CGHS approved rate list for various treatment procedure are for semi-private ward. If the beneficiary is entitled for general ward there will be a decrease of 10% in these rates; for private ward entitlement there will be an increase of 15%. However, for investigations the rates as mentioned in CGHS list would apply irrespective of entitlement of the beneficiary.

Extension of Tele Consultation services to all the CGHS cities using eSanjeevani Application – See Flow Chart for users

5. The rates of whole Blood/ Blood Components would be as follows:-

Sr. No. Blood Components Rates
1 Whole Blood 1450/ – Per Unit
2 Packed Red Cell 1450/ – Per Unit
3 Fresh Frozen Plasma 400/ – Per Unit
4 Platelet Concentrate (RDP) 400/ – Per Unit
5 Cryoprecipitate 200/ – Per Unit
6 Platelet Concen trate – Apheresis Should not exceed
11000/ – Per Unit

6. Following are also approved investigations and rates

Sr. No. Investigations Non- NABL Rates NABL Rates
1 Dengue Serology 510 600
2 FT3 106 125
3 FI’4 106 125
4 Widal Test 60 70

Dr. (Mrs.) Sharda Verma
Director (CGHS)
Tel. No. 011-23062800


1. All Ministries/Departments , Government of India
2. All Additional Directors /Joint Directors of CGHS cities outside Delhi
3. All Pay & Accounts Officers under CGHS
4. Additional Director (Hqrs) I Additional Director (SZ), CGHS, New Delhi
5. JD (Gr.)/JD(R&H), CGHS Delhi
6. CGHS Desk-1/Desk-II/CGHS-I/CGHS-II, Dte.GHS, Nirman Bhawan. New Delhi
7. Estt.I/ Estt.II/ Estt.III/ Estt.IV Sections, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
8. Admn.II Admn.II Sections of Dte. CGHS
9. Rajya Sabha / Lok Sabha Secretariat
10. Registrar, Supreme Court of India /Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh
11. U.P.S.C.
12. Finance Division
13. Deputy Secretary (Civil Service News), Department of Personnel & Training, 5th Floor, Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Delhi.
14. PPS to Secretary (H&FW)/ Secretary (AYUSH)/ Secretary (HR)/ Secretary(AIDS Control), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
15. PPS to DGHS / AS&FA / AS & DG / AS(H) / AS&MD, NRHM
16. PS to Director (CGHS), Niran Bhawan, New Delhi.
17. Swamy Publishers (P) Ltd., P. B. No. 2468, R. A. Puram, Delhi & NCR 600028.
18. Shri Umraomal Purohit, Secretary, Staff Side, 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi
19. All Staff Side Members of National Council (JCM) (as per list attached)


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