Welfare of Pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodies of Central Government – BPS


Welfare of Pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodies of Central Government – BPS

Welfare of Pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodies of Central Government – BPS

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No BPSAG/AB &SB/Pensnrs/022/1

Dated 23.02.2022


GOI Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions-DOP & PW

Sub: Welfare of Pensioners of Autonomous/Statutory Bodies of Central Government


On behalf of Bharat Pensioners Samaj and its affiliates, we extend warm welcome to you as Secretary GOI M/O Personnel, PG & Pensions-DOP &PW. We were also glad and thankful to you for convening virtual meetings with the representatives of Pensioners Associations in order to know each of the Associations and the activities undertaken by them. You were also kind enough to inform us that, though the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare is interacting with pensioners and their associations through various platforms and WhatsApp Group, if any issue merits your intervention, the same be brought to your notice.

Sir, it is very unfortunate that the pensioners retiring from the Autonomous/Statutory Bodies of Central Government, which have been established by an Act of Parliament and which are functioning under the administrative control of the various Ministries of Central Government are given discriminatory treatment. The retired employees of these organisations are drawing pension and other benefits in terms of CCS (Pension Rules) as amended from time to time and they are getting their pension also from the grants sanctioned under the Consolidated Fund of India to their respective organisations. They have to wait for separate orders by their respective Ministries for implementation of the orders relating to pension, DR etc. issued by the Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions-DOP&PW. When the 7th CPC orders were issued, the retired employees of these organisations had to not only run from pillar to the post at their old age, but also wait for nearly 2 years for getting those orders implemented. For all practical purposes, these organisations also serve the Central Government for promoting its schemes and programmes, the orders issued by the Government through DOP & PW need to be extended simultaneously to them also as they too are part of homogenous undivisive category Government pensioners. It may not be fair on the part of the Government to make these pensioners, who are all senior citizens, to run from pillar to post to get their legitimate rights such as pension and other benefits like Dearness Relief, etc. Earlier also vide our letter dated 12.1.20221 DOP & PW was approached to redress this issue. But no action appears to have been taken in this connection.

While we are thankful to DOP &PW for identifying the JIPMER PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION, PUDUCHERRY, which is also Autonomous Body Pensioners Association, we request you to kindly consider Pensioners Associations of ABs/SBs of Central Government for the invite to the meetings of the Pensioners Associations as when and convened.

BPS strongly feels that it merits your intervention to obviate the difficulties faced by the pensioners/family pensioners of these organisations,

Thanking you and regards.
Yours sincerely,

Secy. Genl Bharat Pensioners Samaj

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Source: Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj


  • Konduparti Venkata Murarji 2 years ago

    As per Gauhati High Court decision that additional quantum of pension of 20% to be given after completing 79 years but not after completing 80 years as followed at present. Is there any order from Central Government to this effect.