Monday, November 19, 2012

CGEWHO Hyderabad Ph-III: Draw of lots will be held on 29th & 30th November

Subject : Draw of lots (Manual) for allotment of specific flat/floor and Car Parking in CGEWHO’s Hyderabad (Phase-III) Housing Scheme : reg.

Please refer to our letter of even reference dated 22/08/2012 seeking car parking option from each beneficiary with the last date as 12/10/2012. On request of the PMC members and for convenience of large numbers of beneficiaries at Hyderabad (151), Secunderabad (20) and in AP State (65), it is decided that raw of lots will be held at Hyderabad Project Office adopting manual method since computerized draw at project office can’t be conducted by CGEWHO with its in-house facilities. The draw of lots for allotment specific flat/floor will be held at Hyderabad, by a Committee of Officer(s) {CoO} as mentioned below. The allotment committee may bring any changes in the draw procedure as stated, i f required, at any point of time and authorized to take help of any member-beneficiary in attendance for conducting the draw in smooth, transparent and independent manner.
(a) Shri M K Maity Dy Director-Administration Presiding Officer
(b) Shri A N Jha Rep. from M/o HUPA Under Secretary to GoI Member
(c) Shri K C Ghai Project Manager-Hyderabad Member
(d) Shri Arun Kumar Singh Asst. Director-Administration Member
(e) Shri Varender Beri Senior Office Assistant Member
(f) Shri Rajesh Katoch Senior Office Assistant Member

2. The detailed draw procedure has been web-published for information. Since, there is less demand for car parking than actually provisioned; the draw for allotment of car parking is not required. However, allotment of specific Parking No(s) will be done at CGEWHO’s Head Office, considering beneficiary’s priority (established in the draw of lots) and location of block (of allotted flat) in order to keep the satisfaction and convenience level optimum for beneficiary. The Venue, Date and Time of manual draw will be held as per schedule given in the Table below:

Total DUs (in No)
Venue, Day & Session
D(4 BHK)
{One allotment to PwD}

Project Site of CGEWHO-Hyderabad Pre-lunch Session of 29th November 2012 at 10: 00 Hrs
Parking draw is not required to be done since demand is less than actually provisioned; considering the one car parking for each beneficiary. The allotment of specific Parking No will be done at CGEWHO’s Head Office, considering beneficiary’s seniority (in the draw of lots) and location of block (of allotted flat) in order to keep the satisfaction level optimum for convenience of beneficiary.

C(3 BHK)
Project Site of CGEWHO-Hyderabad Post lunch Session of 29th November 2012 after 4: 00 Hrs
B(2 BHK)
Project Site of CGEWHO-Hyderabad Pre-lunch
Session of 30th November 2012 at 10:00 Hrs
A(1 BHK)

To read full letter & see more DRAW PROCEDURE for HYDERABAD-III HOUSING SCHEME click here

[Click here: List of beneficiaries for parking options].

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