Monday, November 12, 2012

Fixation of Pay on Promotion: The pay of the promotees should not be less than the direct recruits

Confederation has written a letter to DoPT to issue formal order regarding minimum level of fixation of pay of any promotee equal to direct entry pay in grade pay as agreed in National Anomaly Committee held on 17th July, 2012. At present the minimum of Pay Band (i.e. 5200, 9300 etc.) is given on promotion to the promotees whose pay fixation on promotion didn't cross over minimum of Pay Band.  After formal order of DoPT entry pay prescribed to direct recruitee  will be prescribed as minimum of pay on promotion.

D/16/2012 Dated: 10th November, 2012.

The Secretary (Personnel)
Department of Personnel and Training,
Government of India
North Block,
New Delhi. 110 001

Dear Sir,

Sub: Fixation of pay on promotion:

It was agreed in the meeting of the National Anomaly Committee held on 17th July, 2012 that wherever there is a provision of direct recruitment in the Recruitment Rules, pay on promotion would be fixed at the prescribed minimum of the entry pay as provided for the direct entrants in the revised pay rules.   However a formal order in implementation of this order is yet to be issued.

We shall be grateful if necessary directions are issued for the issuance of formal orders in the matter.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.


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  1. Same Grade Pay in Promotional Hierarachy should be omitted by Ministries/Department w.e.f. 2006, DoPT/FinMin must be review this for a successful Sixth Pay Commission.

  2. The Finance Ministry has rejected the proposal of giving entry pay to the promotee. It is very sad news for the departmental promotee. We should fight against it as it is creating anomaly and also discrimination between direct recruit and promotee. As per fundamental rule the junior should not draw more pay than senior, because of the new concept of giving entry pay to DR and not allowing promotee to get the entry pay on promotion is highly injustice.
    Further, not accepting the recommendation of NAC in which one of the member is finance secretary shows the failure of claim of government to setterate the anomaly cases. It creates frustration among deptt. promottee.

  3. Where it is published, have u any MOF letter regarding this

  4. From where u find this news, is MOF issued any order regarding this. Please clarify

  5. We are eagerly waiting for orders from finance ministry in this regard. Why is there so much delay..........???

  6. It means it was not rejected. Please clariry. Is it only rumur that finmin had rejected proposal, then kindly dont publish unauthentic information. If u have any documentary proof regarding this than please quote, otherwise dont frustrate us

    1. There is no any authenticate news about it. Govt has already agreed for positive initiative in NAC meeting

  7. u publish information after some verification, then how an anonymous write that Ministry of finance rejected the proposal. Please carefully verified, we see ur site with belief that it is 100% correct and authentic.

  8. U publish information after some verification, then how an anonymous write that Ministry of finance rejected the proposal. Please carefully verified, we see ur site with belief that it is 100% correct and authentic.

  9. Mr X has join in grade pay of Rs.2400 in may 2010, he applied for grade pay of 4600, 4200 of ssc post. NOC was given by the dept at that time, meanwhile he had passed Subordinate Audit Service examination and promoted to the grade pay of 4800, now he got selection for the post of grade pay of 4600/4200, can he get technical regisnation to join his new post, please clarify, if any dopt or ccs rule regarding this then kindly give link, eagerly waiting for reply

  10. as per the reply given by DOPT to me on yesterday, the matter is pending with MO expenditure and NO order issued till now.

    1. But, I have seen Note order (RTI reply) in which Joint Secretary/finance has not approve entry pay to promotee,Whether it is rejected or pending, kindly any body clarify

    2. Such RTI reply is in hand, text of total 12 pages document will be uploaded on this site for our readers, please give one or two days more. I have received photo copies of RTI Reply [from my friend working in Accounts Organisation] by Finance Ministry on Shri Radhe Shyam Sing appeal regarding photo copy of note portion of DoE's file relating to point 8.3 of the minutes of the NAC meeting held on 17.7.2012. I have scanned these pages and reproducing the text of RTI Reply of FinMin.

  11. RTI reply by Department of Expenditure regarding note portion of DoE's file relating to point 8.3 [proposal of giving entry pay to the promotee] of the minutes of the NAC meeting held on 17.7.2012 uploaded on this site

    1. NAC should take up this issue again with Min of Finance because this is very unjustice with promotee employee who really got very less salary when compare to DR. Whether NAC have taken any action on this,please clarify

  12. can we go to ho'able supreme court for this decision or not, bcz constitution give as the right of equality and same wage for same work also, thanks. i promoted soon and my pay difference is Rs-4000 against a DR employee

  13. We must unite and fight for equal pay for equal work

  14. Myselg also waiting orders for the same since last few yeas . I also dont know wht there is so much of delay in this order.

  15. I also dont know why this order is getting so much delayed? what is the trouble in this?

  16. Govt had actually rejected the proposal. Now it's our LCM leaders who are capable to resolve this. Thanks to RADHEY SHAYAM SINGH for fighting for this.

  17. any GO/CAT/Court orders on non issuence of orders of NAC on point 8.3 held on 17/7/2012

  18. Please furnish latest update on this issue..


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