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Monday, January 7, 2013

Grant of one increment in the case of promotion in Same Grade Pay: Finmin Order issued

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
New Delhi, the 7th January, 2013
Subject:—Fixation of pay on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibilities but carrying the same grade pay.
The undersigned is directed to invite an attention to the provisions contained in Rule 13 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, which provides for the method of fixation of pay on promotion on or after 1.1.2006 in case. inter-alia, of promotion from one grade pay to another. The Rule provides for fixation of pay by way of addition of one increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay (rounded off to the next multiple of 10) to the existing pay in the pay band and then fixing the pay in the promotional post as per the procedure prescribed therein.

2. In terms of this Ministry’s OM No. 169/2/2000-IC dated 24.11.2000, dealing with the situation whereby both the feeder and the promotional grades were placed in the identical revised pay scales based on the recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission, it was provided, inter-alia, that only in cases where it was not found feasible to appropriately restructure cadres in question on functional, operational and administrative considerations, extension of the benefit of fixation of pay under FR 22(I)(a)(1) could be considered on the merits of each case, provided all the conditions precedent for the grant of this benefit were fully satisfied and promotion to the post in question actually involved assumption of higher responsibilities.

3. In view of the provisions which existed prior to 1.1.2006, the matter has been considered and the President is pleased to decide that in cases of promotion from one post to another where the promotional post carries the same Grade Pay as the feeder post, the fixation of pay in such cases will be done in the manner as prescribed in Rule 13(i) of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, provided fixation of pay in such cases was done prior to 1.1.2006 in terms of this Ministry’s aforesaid OM No.169/2/2000-IC dated 24 11.2000.

4. In so far as the persons serving the Indian Audit and Account Department are concerned, these orders are issued in consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.

5. The Hindi version of this OM will follow.
(Amar Nath Singh)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India
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Rule 13(i) of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008

13. Fixation of pay on promotion on or after 1.1.2006 - In the case of promotion from one grade pay to another in the revised pay structure, the fixation will be done as follows:-

(i) One increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay will be computed and rounded off to the next multiple of 10. This will be added to the existing pay in the pay band. The grade pay corresponding to the promotion post will thereafter be granted in addition to this pay in the pay band. In cases where promotion involves change in the pay band also, the same methodology will be followed. However, if the pay in the pay band after adding the increment is less than the minimum of the higher pay band to which promotion is taking place, pay in the pay band will be stepped to such minimum.

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  1. Sir, Is this one increment order on Promotion in same Grade pay issued by FinMin applicable to Defence Personnel?

    1. Yes it is the one inrement order on Promotion in the Same Grade Pay issued by Min of Finance to all the CG employees. The bill can be claimed as there is no question of MACP granted/awarded to the employees. This will not affect for drawal of one one increment for carrying higher responsibilities on promotion.

  2. I have been granted Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- under MACP scheme w.e.f. Sept,2008 and now I am going to be promoted as Assistant in the Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- should I get the benifit of one notional increment.

  3. Sir, I was drawing the Pay Band 9300-36400 with Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- by virtue of MACP wef 1-08-2008.
    I was promoted as Accounts officer wef 1-05-2009 which involved assumption of higher responsibility but because the identical Pay Band and Grade Pay I did not had any financial benifit of the Promotion. Am I also entitled to benifit of 3% in light of this order. Kindly clarify.

    Vijay Pandit

  4. Sir, I have been granted 3rd MACP to the grade Nb Sub & GP-Rs-4200/- WEF Oct 11 and from the date PAO (OR) has ceased my Class Pay Rs-300/- Pm. Is this applicable?

  5. sir,
    if if at the time of fifth pay commission i am put in scale of 5500-9000 and promoted thereafter on 1.1.98 if my pay on that was 7250 where should i be fixed on promotion in the same scale carrying a higher responsibility in that post.after one notional increment itis 7425 and as the scale is same the next becomes 7600. where shuld i have been fixed?

  6. sir,
    i was in the scale of 5500-9000 on 1.1.96 and promoted in the same scale in july 98 and optd for fixation on 1.1.98 the date of my increment. if the post carried a higher responsibility and i was drawing 7250 on that date where should i be fixed on 1.8.98 by giving one notional increment it is 7425 and the next stage is 7600 ?

    ashok handa

  7. Sir, I was appointed as Stenographer Gr.III in the year 1990, I got first ACP in the year 2002 and again got IInd MACP in the year 2010 and GP fixed Rs.4600/-. I was promoted in the year 2011 at Stenographer Gr.II. Stenographer Gr.II having the more responsibility than stenographer gr.III. Am I entitled to benefit of 3% increase as one increment. Kindly guide and if available attach supportive documents.
    Jagdish Gupta,


  9. Sir, On 20.05.2003 I was in the post of MCM. On 2008 I was promoted to CM.Though in 6th CPC the MCM & CM are same Grade Pay(4200/-),so whether one additional increment is applicable for me for taking higher responsibility or not?

  10. Sir, While working as Postal Assistant in Department of Posts in GP 2400, I have been granted 1st MACP in 2008 to GP of Rs.2800. I got promotion to the cadre of Inspector, Posts in 2010 January after passing LDCE examination in the Grade pay of Rs.4200/-. The Inspector is a separate cadre in the Department and not in the same hierarchy grade of Postal Assistant. On promotion to Inspector post in PB-2 I have been deprived of the fixation benefit of increment in January 2010 and granted the difference of GP only on the plea that it is a regular promotion after MACPS. Kindly clarify whether I am eligible for benefit of one increment on promotion in January 2010.

    Manojan.K.P, Inspector Posts, Kunnamangalam Sub Division, Kunnamangalam.673 571

  11. Sir,while working as Postal Assistant in Department of Post i got OTBP promotion on 1.7.1999. After this i got promotion in LSG cadre by fast track exam on 1.9.2005 in same cadre. Whether i am eligible for benefite of one increament vide finance ministry orders 2013:Jan 7 2013 om no.10/02/2011.E.III/A

  12. Sir,
    My point is how will the pay be fixed in these two illustrations if promotion involves pay band change rather than merely grade pay change?
    For example:
    CASE 1 promotion(1.12.2010),
    Basic pay on the date of promotion (as on 1.12.2010) : 23730 + 8000 = 31730
    Promoted to : PB4 37400-67000+GP9000
    CASE 2 promotion(1.02.2011),
    Basic pay on the date of promotion (as on 1.02.2011) : 23730 + 8000 = 31730
    Promoted to : PB4 37400-67000+GP9000
    CASE 2 is mine while CASE 1 is that of my friend's. please help.

  13. Sir,

    I Joydip Reservation Supervisor-II Basic-18550/ {9300 - 34800 (GP-4200)} promoted to Console Operator(Ex Cadre)9300 - 34800 (GP-4200) Present Basic 18550/ {9300 - 34800 (GP-4200)} Date of Promotion as per CPO's letter 4/3/2013. The candidates should have passed the aptitude test in Grade 'A' or 'B' conducted by the CRIS and Viva-Voce By Concerned Railway.

    Sir, Shall these candidates get the benefit of 3% hike in basic pay as per your complete judgement. If Yes, what will be the basic.

  14. Sir,I was working as head clerk I scale Rs.5000-8000, in S.Railway.I was promoted as OS/II in scale Rs.5500-9000 (selection grade) during July 2006. Consequent to the implementation of 6th Pay commission the above two grades were merged and I was placed in grade pay Rs.4200/-- with no increment for promotion .Kindly let me know whether I am eligible for 3 % increase as per the above order?Is it applicable for Railway employees?

  15. Sir, I was appointment Attender 1.7.90 to give promotion LDC as on 17.1.2007 the First MACP swithced off
    this order is correct or not
    by M.Mohan

  16. sir
    i joined Indian railway on 2005 as a accounts clerk.. and after successfully passing App-II exam i promoted as a JAA in the year 2007 and after compilation of 3 year i got promotion as a AA in the year 2010 respectively. I passed App-III exam in the year 2011 and i promoted as a Sr.SO in the Nov/11 ie GP 4800/-.
    sir my question is
    1. what is the procedure and rule of fixation where PB is same but GP is different.
    2. As per filament table and direct recruitment , the minimum pay of 4800 GP is 18750/- and 18010/- respectively where as my fixation has been done by our department is 16610/- at present
    3. i want to know is any rule or clarification where we step up to minimum of such GP ie 4800/-

  17. Pushpa Bhaskar ChandanFebruary 19, 2015 at 6:11 PM

    Sir, I joined Atomic Energy Education Society (An autonomous body under DAE) as Stenographer Grade-III on 1.11.1993. I got promoted to Steno (Gr-II) on 1.8.2003 and Steno (Grade-I) on 1.9.2011. As both this Gr.I & Grade -II have same grade pay i.e. 4200/- and I am senior and attached to the Chairman and hold ing more responsibilities than other 2 steno. But I am getting the same grade pay like my Jr. and also I have not received MACP in 1.8.2013. Since I am not getting any reply from our officers. Kindly help. My e-mail i.e. is

  18. I got MACP in the year 2013. Now I have got my regular promotion in February 2016 in the grade pay 4600/-. As per MACP rules there would be no fixation of pay at the time of regular promotion, only grade pay difference is given. My department is giving me the same difference in grade pay of Rs.400/- (4600-4200), however,I am being denied of my annual increment due on 01.07.2016 on earlier grade pay of Rs. 4200/-.A promotion is also for enhancement of salary and better prospectus. But in my case, my department is giving me financial loss. Kindly help

  19. I got MACP in the year 2013. Now I have got my regular promotion in February 2016 in the grade pay 4600/-. As per MACP rules there would be no fixation of pay at the time of regular promotion, only grade pay difference is given. My department is giving me the same difference in grade pay of Rs.400/- (4600-4200), however,I am being denied of my annual increment due on 01.07.2016 on earlier grade pay of Rs. 4200/-. A promotion always results in financial upgradation but my department is giving my financial loss. Kindly help

  20. i am appointed as APP.JE/C&W In railways in 12/02/2011 & sent for 18 months training. Railway board issued orders to reduce training period for 12 months & revised pay to 9300-34800 GP 4200. AS per the orders of railway board my training period was reduced to 12 months .i have completed my training period on 11/02/2012. After completion of training period posted as JE on 18/02/2012 & my basic was fixed at (9300+4200)= 13500 only. After completion of training am i eligible for increment or not.i thought that my would be Rs.13900. please clarify.


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