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Discrimination between GREF and army personnel

Discrimination between GREF and army personnel

General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) engineers are not governed by Army Act and Rules for all purposes. Certain provisions of Army Act 1950 and Army Rules 1954 have been made applicable to GREF personnel for disciplinary purposes.

GREF personnel are governed by Central Civil Service Rules and their pay and allowance are regulated pursuant to these rules at par with other Central Government employees. However, GREF personnel are entitled to free ration, free clothing, single living accommodation, CSD canteen facilities, free remittance of money which otherwise are not entitled to other civilian employees of the Central Government. Benefits recommended by Central Pay Commissions have been extended to GREF personnel.

GREF personnel and Army are provided facilities like single living accommodation HRA, free clothing, free ration and CSD. However, Army personnel are entitled to Military Service Pay, Field Area Allowance, Counter Insurgency Operation Allowance when they are posted to Army Units, Instructional Allowance, Compensation in lieu of quarter, medical leave/sick leave, transport from unit line to rail head on leave, free conveyance when proceeding on medical leave, school bus facility, concession vouchers to which GREF personnel are not entitled. On the other hand, GREF personnel are entitled to Special Duty Allowance in northeast & Leh – Ladakh Region, one additional LTC for one side journey and certain northeast concessions to which Army personnel are not entitled.

There is a lot of difference between GREF personnel and Army with regard to entitlement of leave as Army gets 60 days of annual leave and 30 days of CL whereas GREF personnel get 30 days of EL, 20 days of HPL and 12 days of CL. The reasons for this discrimination is that the service conditions of both the services are different. The parameters of enrolment, recruitment and training are entirely different for these two streams. Personnel of GREF are governed under CCS (leave) Rules whereas Army personnel are covered under separate set of rules and hence the difference.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri Nandamuri Harikrishna and Shri MV Mysura Reddy in Rajya Sabha today.

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