Payment of Travelling Allowance to re-employed persons – Clarification

No. 19030/6/2010-E.IVGovernment of IndiaMinistry of FinanceDepartment of Expenditure North Block, New Delhi Dated the  10th February, 2012 Of

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No. 19030/6/2010-E.IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi
Dated the  10th February, 2012
Office Memorandum
Subject: Concession to persons re—employed in Government Service : Payment of Travelling Allowance- reg.
            References have been received whether the Travelling Allowance (TA) admissible to pensioners re-appointed to Govt. service, under SR 107 of FR & SR Part II (Travelling Allowance Rules) includes TA in respect of family of the pensioner and other TA entitlements which a serving Government official is normally entitled to on transfer.

2.         The matter has been considered and it has been decided that pensioners re-employed to posts, where holding of a post under the Central Government is a pre-requisite for such re-employment or where the Recruitment Rules of the post to which the pensioner is re-employed provides this as one of the qualifications, would be entitled to Travelling Allowance subject to the following:
i)          The entitlement for Travelling Allowance would be with reference to the post last held and the last pay drawn under the Government, at the time of retirement.
ii)         The provisions of SR 116 of the TA Rules, as admissible to Govt. officials on transfer in public interest, would be applicable.
iii)        Unless provided for in the terms & conditions of the post where the pensioner is re-employed, if ‘TA on Retirement’ has already been claimed by the re-employed pensioner from the official/organization from where he has retired/superannuated, no additional TA would be admissible on expiry of the term of his re-employment. If the re-employed pensioner has not claimed ‘TA on Retirement’ within six months of his retirement and he is re-employed under the Central Govt. before the expiry of six months from his date of superannuation/retirement, he can claim ‘TA on Retirement’ after expiry of the term of his re-employment, with reference to the post held at the time of retirement and pay last drawn at the time of retirement, in terms of GoI Order No.2 below SR 147. In such an event, the ‘TA on Retirement’ would be reimbursed by the office/organization from where the re-employed pensioner had retired/superannuated.
3.        Past cases, already settled would not be re-opened.
(Subhash Chand)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India
Source: http://finmin.nic.in