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Guidelines on processing pre-2006 pension revision through e-revision software.

No CPAO/Co-ord/e-revision/Pre-200612016/1060
Central Pension Accounting Office
Departmcnt of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi— 110066
Dated: 30 November, 2011
Office Memorandum

Subject: Guidelines on processing pre-2006 pension revision through e-revision software.

In continuation of this office OM No – CPAO/DCA/e-revision/Pre­2006/2010/828-870 dated 9 November 2010 and Office letter No. PAO/DCA/e­revision/Pre-2006/2010/136-173 dated 26/09/2011, it has been- noticed that guidelines issued earlier are not being followed properly by the PA0s, resulting in erroneous revisions and several iterations of pension cases.
In addition, changes have been made in the software, on 1 November, 3rd November and 22nd November 2011 based on user interaction. The gist of the changes has been indicated on the e-revision portal. The salient features recently added are listed below for ready reference:
1. All the PAOs may kindly ensure that they are using the latest version of software of e-revision as it is updated on a weekly basis by NIC-CGA after incorporating new BSR Codes and from time to time for resolving various issues raised by PAOs.
2 PAOs are cautioned not to tamper with the xml.file to be uploaded on the e- revision website-doing so result in rejection of uploading and ensuing delay.
3 Draft revision authority can only be generated if BSR Code is given. Where BSR Code is not available, FAQ must report the case to CPAO (to Sh. Chaman Kumar, FAO, Data Bank, [email protected]) and wait for the next Monday’s update before processing the case.
4 To reduce the time ‘of re-downloading the pension cases, option is avilable to install the e-revision utility with/without the validation of the BSR code.
5 Dealing with Family Pension Cases-Cases of spouse, the following points may be kept in mind:
a) Date of death has been made mandatory.
b) The date of effect of family pension has been made free and the PAOs are required to adhere to extant rules/instructions correctly.
c) Qualifying service already available in the data base is now visible as a field in the printed authority of the PAO.
d) If the pensioner dies after 1/1/2006 the case will be processed in 2 parts, Life Time Arrears (LTA), if any, for such cases should be calculated manually as earlier required and forwarded to CPAO. E-revision authority will be processed in the name of spouse through e-revision utility to minimize hardship to widow/ widower.
e) The category should he shown as family pension invariably. Any case where death of the pensioner has been reported should not he shown as superannuation pension under category.
6 It is reiterated that where pensioner is alive and category is superannuation/voluntary retirement, the effective date of commencement of family pension should be left blank.
7 Relationship other than spouse is not acceptable in the e-Revision system for family pension cases. Hence such eases should also be done manually. Relation other than spouse is not available in e-revision authority since 22nd Nov 2011.
8 If the pensioner dies before 1/1/2006 PAO may ensure that the date of effect of revised family pension is 1/1/2006 and not from the day or next day from the death of the pensioner.
9 Utility of Automatic calculation of Additional Pension has been frozen in the latest version since errors in entry in PAOs are reported. This field is not reflected in CPAO’s SSA as there are standing instructions to bank to enhance pension based on Date of Birth.
10 Wherever commutation value or differential commutation has been paid by PAO and 15 years are over from the date of payment on 1.1.2006, the case may be reported correctly by FAQ while preparing e-revision authority. Where commuted value of pension is authorized to bank, the exact date of restoration will be implemented by bank for working out revised pension. This is being annotated in the SSA template of CPAO.
1 The case must be verified and approved at Draft Stage level and be ensured that it is correct in all respect before accepting the final authority on The e- revision website. This will commit the authority and cannot be reversed. The final authority should be printed using the print button on the application. It should not be printed using the browser Menu.
2 Once the case has been finalized and uploaded, it can be reset only by CPAO after receiving a request e-mail ([email protected]) with reason from the CA/Dy.CA of the Ministry/Department concerned. The cases which have b-een reset by CPAO would be intimated by CGA—NIC to the CA/DCA. It will have to be downloaded again by the PAOs and re-processed.
3 Year-wise listing of cases is available in ‘REPORT’ tab.
4 If PPO is not appearing in the e-revision software, it may be searched in the ‘Status Rep-ore tab or in amendment details.
5 If status of PPO is not found, such PPOs will be processed outside the software and manual revision authorities shall be sent to CPAO.
6 If some scale of pay does not match with scale as provided in the package, these cases may belong to pre 1990. These may even not have been revised in l990. These cases need to be revised as per 5 CPC and then scales may be matched with existing scales as provided in the software.
7 In case the pensioner dies in harness, date of enhanced of family pension may be correctly worked out and filled in by the PAO in terms of Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare O.Ms. issued from time to time.
8 Account No is shown as ‘XXXX’ in cases pertaining to pension disbursement through Indian Embassy in Nepal.
9 PAO should exercise due diligence in preparation of the revision authority before signing it. For instance, Bank Account No. should be free of errors and failure in such cases may cause immense hardship to pensioners besides being irregular.
10 The following cases are to be revised manually:
a) Cases of pensioners residing abroad;
b) Compulsory retirement;
c) Cases of Supreme Court Judges;
d) Cases of V Pay Commission revision where pension has not been revised as per V CPC earlier.
11 Cases pertaining to pensioners absorbed in PSUs have to be computed based on separate formulation and processed manually in PAOs.
12 The Final revision authority may be printed as many times as desired till such time as PAO has not signed and issued the Special Seal Authority to CPAO. However, editing is not permissible.
Some CCAs have indicated difficulties in accessing data due to the reorganization of PAOs in the past. They are requested to take up the matter with Chief Controller of Pension with details not enable specific solutions.

This issues with the approval of the Chief Controller (Pension).

(Satish K. Jadhav)
Dy. Controller of Accounts