BSNL Employee’s demand of 78.2% IDA will be settled – Indefinite strike form 13-06-2012 has been deferred

A Land Mark achievement. 

The call for indefinite strike from 13-06-2012 has been deferred, following an agreement signed
between the Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations and the Management. The long pending demand of the BSNL employees that 78.2% IDA fixation  should be given, has  been settled. This is undoubtedly a land mark  achievement, considering the present week financial position of the company. 
When BSNL Management issued order on 25-05-2012, granting 6th CPC recommended allowances to the unabsorbed ITS officers, the Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations also demanded that the genuine demands of the employees, including 78.2% IDA fixation should be settled. The BSNL Management tried to divert the issue by keeping the order granting allowances to the ITS officers under abeyance. However, the Forum remained firm that the demands of employees should be settled. 

The discussions that took place between the Forum leaders and CMD BSNL on 01-06-2012 and 11-06-2012 did not yield any result. Serious discussions began only on 12-06-2012 between the leaders and the Management.As regards the settlement of the 78.2% IDA fixation, Management told that  Rs. 2619 crore is required for the payment of the arrears and Rs. 650 crore is required to make the current payment. 
Considering the fact that the settlement of 78.2% IDA fixation is very crucial for the employees, the Forum  leaders agreed to defer the payment of the arrears , till the company’s financial position improves. Even for making the payment from current date, Management said that the employees should give “matching savings” by agreeing to surrender the Transport Allowance, Skill Upgradation  Allowance and also to reduce  the limit for payment of outdoor treatment  from 25 days to 15 days. 
But the Forum leaders firmly rejected the proposals of the management for matching savings and surrendering of existing allowances. Instead, Forum leaders proposed that HRA, Skill Upgradation  Allowance and  Medical reimbursement with vouchers for Out door treatment, can continue to be paid based on 68.8% IDA fixation, subject to the condition that this should be reviewed on 01-04-2013. We had to give this proposal, considering the fact that company  is running in heavy loss. 
Finally, the agreement is reached around 20.00 hrs on 12-06-2012 and the strike was deferred. The 78.2% IDA fixation will be implemented after it is approved by the BSNL Board. This settlement will give substantial increase in the salary of the employees. The pensionary benefit of the retirees is also going to increase. 
There is absolutely no doubt that this is a Land Mark achievement. Further, the management has agreed to settle the Child care Leave issue also. As regards the superannuation benefits of the employees who are recruited by BSNL, Management has agreed to form a committee to settle the issue.
We have made a big settlement while the Company is facing difficult times. This has become possible only because of the total unity of the Executives and Non –Executives. The Forum really thanks all the Unions and Associations for ensuring this rock – like unity by setting aside all their differences. It fervently requests that this unity should further be strengthened to save BSNL and to save the future of the employees. Forum also heartily congratulates the entire employees, whose total preparedness for the struggle, has ensured this magnificent settlement.   

New Delhi 110008   

P. Abhimanyu

Source: www.bsnleuchq.com